Ponera pennsylvanica, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Ponerinae.

Ponera is a genus of generalised ponerine ants characterised by triangular mandibles, a single large pectinate spur on the hind tarsus, and a subpetiolar process bearing a distinct fenestra anteriorly.

<==Ponera Latreille 1804 [incl. Pseudocryptopone Emery 1900, Pteroponera Bernard 1950, Selenopone Wheeler 1933] Z01
|–P. coarctata (Latreille 1802) [=Formica coarctata; incl. F. contracta Latreille 1802, *Ponera contracta] TB85
|–P. alisana Z01
|–P. andrei Emery 1901 E14
|–P. ceylonensis Mayr 1897 B03
|–P. chihponensis Z01
|–P. clavicornis Emery 1900 TB85
|–P. confinis Roger 1860 [incl. P. confinis var. aitkeni, P. confinis var. wroughtoni] B03
|–P. crassa E89
|–P. eduardi M83
|–P. exotica WW90
|–P. gleadowi Forel 1887 B03
|–P. guangxiensis Zhou 2001 Z01
|–P. leae Forel 1913 (see below for synonymy) TB85
|–P. leeuwenhoecki E89
|–P. oculata Smith 1858 TB85
|–P. paedericera Zhou 2001 Z01
|–P. pennsylvanica Buckley 1866 NT01 [=P. coarctata pennsylvanica WW90]
|–P. selenophora Emery 1900 TB85
|–P. swezeyi (Wheeler 1933) FT08
|–P. taipingensis H03
|–P. trigona E14
|–P. truncata Smith 1861 B03
`–P. yakushimensis Tanaka 1974 I92

Ponera leae Forel 1913 [incl. P. exedra Wilson 1957, P. leae norfolkensis Wheeler 1935, P. leae oculata Wheeler 1927 non P. oculata Smith 1858] TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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