Popanoceras bowmani, from here.

Belongs within: Gastriocerataceae.

The Popanoceratidae are a group of discoidal to globular ammonoids known from the Upper Carboniferous to the Upper Permian (Miller et al. 1957).

Characters (from Miller et al. 1957): Conch discoidal to globular, umbilicus small. Sutures ceratitic to ammonitic, forming series of subequal lateral lobes.

|--Protopopanoceras sublahuseni (Gerassimov 1937)HK93
|--Epitauroceras soewarnoi Glenister & Furnish 1988HK93
|--Tauroceras Toumanskaya 1938SLE01
| `--*T. scrobiculatum (Gemmellaro 1887) [=Popanoceras scrobiculatum]SLE01
`--Popanoceras Hyatt 1884 [incl. Pamiropopanoceras Leonova 1989]ZL04
|--*P. sobolewskyanus (de Verneuil 1845) (see below for synonymy)ZL04
|--P. antiquum [=Arcestes antiquus]H84
|--P. benedictinumG31
|--P. bowmaniRR79
|--P. daraeG31
|--P. ganti Smith 1903P68
|--*Pamiropopanoceras’ meridionale Leonova 1989ZL04
|--P. perspectivumG31
|--P. tietzeiG31
`--P. walcotti White 1889P68

*Popanoceras sobolewskyanus (de Verneuil 1845) [=Goniatites sobolewskyanus, P. soboleskianum (l. c.); incl. Goniatites kiangianus de Verneuil 1845, P. kiangianum, G. koninckianus de Verneuil 1845, P. koninckianum]ZL04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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