Stellatochara, from Lucas (2018).

Belongs within: Charopsida.

The Porocharaceae are a family of charophytes known from the mid-Carboniferous to the Triassic (Edwards et al. 1993). Members are characterised by gyrogonites with an apical pore that is always open.

| i. s.: Stomochara moreyi (Peck 1934) Grambast 1962EB93
| |--PorocharaWH78
| `--‘Porosphaera’ Wang & Huang 1978 nec Dumort. 1822 nec Steinmann 1878 (ICZN) nec Haeckel 1887 (ICZN)WH78
| |--*P. globosa (Saidakovsky) Wang & Huang 1978 (see below for synonymy)WH78
| |--‘Chara’ karpinskyi Demin 1956WH78
| |--P. maxima Wang & Huang 1978WH78
| `--‘Sphaerochara’ wetlungensis Saidakovsky 1962WH78
| |--Maslovichara rotunda Saidakovsky 1966WH78
| `--Stellatochara Horn af Rentzien 1954WH78
| |--*S. sellingii Horn af Rentzien 1954WH78
| |--S. donbassica (Demin) Saidakovsky 1966WH78
| |--S. hangchengensis Wang & Huang 1978WH78
| |--S. hoellvicensis Horn af Rentzien 1954WH78
| `--S. subsphaerica Kozur & Reinhardt 1969WH78
|--Latochara Mädler 1955WH78
|--Stenochara Grambast 1962WH78
| |--*S. maedleri (Horn af Rantzien) Grambast 1962WH78
| `--S. ovata (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky 1966 [=Praechara ovata Saidakovsky 1962]WH78
`--Cuneatochara Saidakovsky 1962WH78
|--*C. acuminata Saidakovsky 1962WH78
|--C. angusta Saidakovsky 1968WH78
`--C. tongchuanensis Wang & Huang 1978WH78

*Porosphaera globosa (Saidakovsky) Wang & Huang 1978 [=Tolypella globosa Saidakovsky 1960, Sphaerochara globosa (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky 1966]WH78

*Type species of generic name indicated


[EB93] Edwards, D., J. G. Baldauf, P. R. Brown, K. J. Dorning, M. Feist, L. T. Gallagher, N. Grambast-Fessard, M. B. Hart, A. J. Powell & R. Riding. 1993. ‘Algae’. In: Benton, M. J. (ed.) The Fossil Record 2 pp. 15–40. Chapman & Hall: London.

[WH78] Wang Z. & Huang R.-J. 1978. Triassic charophytes of Shaanxi. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 17 (3): 267–276.

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