Tall leek orchid Prasophyllum elatum, copyright Doug Beckers.

Contains: Orchidoideae.

The Prasophyllinae are an Indo-Australasian group of terrestrial orchids bearing a single tubular green leaf on the flower stem (Moore & Edgar 1970).

    |--Microtis Br. 1810ME70
    |    |--M. atrataGK00
    |    |--M. biloba Nicholls 1949ME70
    |    |--M. magnadenia Rogers 1930ME70
    |    |--M. mediaG04
    |    |--M. oligantha Moore 1969ME70
    |    |--M. orbicularisGK00
    |    |--M. parviflora Br. 1810ME70
    |    `--M. unifolia (Forst. f.) Reichb. f. 1871 (see below for synonymy)ME70
    `--Prasophyllum Br. 1810 [incl. Genoplesium Br. 1810]ME70
         |--P. affineMM09
         |--P. alpinumH86
         |--*Genoplesium’ baueri Br. 1810ME70
         |--P. brevilabreH86
         |--P. colensoi Hook. f. 1953 [incl. P. pauciflorum Col. 1886]ME70
         |--P. drummondiiGK00
         |--P. elatumGK00
         |--P. fimbriaGK00
         |--P. flavumH86
         |--P. fuscumH86
         |    |--P. f. var. fuscumH86
         |    `--P. f. var. grandiflorumH86
         |--P. gracileOS04
         |--P. macrostachyumGK00
         |--‘Genoplesium’ nigricansG04
         |--P. nudum Hook. f. 1853 [incl. P. tunicatum Hook. f. 1853, P. variegatum Col. 1888]ME70
         |--P. parvifoliumOS04
         |--P. patens Br. 1810 (see below for synonymy)ME70
         |    |--P. p. var. patensH86
         |    `--P. p. var. truncatumH86
         |--P. plumiformeGK00
         |--P. pumilum Hook. f. 1853ME70
         |--P. rogersii Rupp 1928ME70
         |--P. rufum Br. 1810ME70
         `--P. striatumM87

Microtis unifolia (Forst. f.) Reichb. f. 1871 [=Ophrys unifolia Forst. f. 1786; incl. M. banksii Hook. 1835, M. longifolia Col. 1885, M. papillosa Col. 1886, Epipactis porrifolia Swartz 1800, M. porrifolia]ME70

Prasophyllum patens Br. 1810 [incl. Gastrodia hectori Buchan. 1887, P. odoratum Rogers 1909, P. suttonii Rogers & Rees 1912]ME70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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