Apparatus elements of Prioniodus, from Sweet (1988).

Belongs within: Prioniodontida.

The Prioniodontidae are a group of conodonts known from the Early and Middle Ordovician that posses seximembrate skeletal apparatus with the two P positions occupied by morphologically identical pastinate elements with three denticulate processes (Sweet 1988).

<==Prioniodontidae [Prioniodidae, Prioniodontinae]
    |--Angulodus Huddle 1934H62
    |    `--*A. demissus Huddle 1934H62
    |--Cardiodella Branson & Mehl 1944 [=Cardiodus Brandon & Mehl 1933 non Trouessart 1881]H62
    |    `--*C. tumida (Branson & Mehl 1933) [=*Cardiodus tumidus]H62
    |--Dichognathus Branson & Mehl 1933H62
    |    `--*D. prima Branson & Mehl 1933H62
    |--Tortoniodus Stauffer 1935H62
    |    `--*T. politus Stauffer 1935H62
    |--Bryantodus Bassler 1925H62
    |    |--*B. typicus Ulrich & Bassler 1926H62
    |    `--B. delicatusH62
    |--Plectospathodus Branson & Mehl 1933H62
    |    |--*P. flexuosus Branson & Mehl 1933H62
    |    `--P. alternatusTC71
    |--Oepikodus Lindström 1955S88
    |    |--O. communis (Ethington & Clark 1964)AS93
    |    |--O. evaePBJ03
    |    |--O. intermediusAB04
    |    `--O. minutus (McTavish 1973)AS93
    `--Prioniodus Pander 1856S88
         |--*P. elegans Pander 1856H62
         |--P. adamiAB04
         |--P. communisS88
         |--P. crassulusPBJ03
         |--P. evaeS88
         |--P. gilberti Stouge & Bagnoli 1988AS93
         |--P. oepikiAB04
         `--P. triangularisJ79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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