Red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii, copyright Greg Peterson.

Belongs within: Astacida.

Procambarus is a North American genus of fairly generalised freshwater crayfish.

<==Procambarus Ortmann 1905H86
|--P. (Austrocambarus Hobbs 1972)H86
| |--P. (A.) cubensisH86
| | |--P. c. cubensisH86
| | `--P. c. rivalis (Faxon 1912)H86
| |--P. (A.) mirandai Villalobos 1954H86
| |--P. (A.) niveus Hobbs & Villalobos 1964H86
| |--P. (A.) oaxacae Hobbs 1973H86
| | |--P. o. oaxacaeH86
| | `--P. o. reddelli Hobbs 1973H86
| |--P. (A.) rodriguezi Hobbs 1943H86
| `--P. (A.) sbordonii Hobbs 1977H86
|--P. (Girardiella) simulans (Faxon 1884)H86
|--P. (Leconticambarus Hobbs 1972)H86
| |--P. (L.) barbatus (Faxon 1890) [=Cambarus barbatus]H86
| `--P. (L.) milleri Hobbs 1971H86
|--P. (Lonnbergius Hobbs 1972)H86
| `--P. (L.) acherontis (Lönnberg 1894)H86
|--P. (Ortmannicus Fowler 1912)H86
| |--P. (O.) acutus (Girard 1952)H86
| | |--P. a. acutusH86
| | `--P. a. cuevachicae (Hobbs 1941)H86
| |--P. (O.) erythrops Relyea & Sutton 1975H86
| |--P. (O.) fallax (Hagen 1870)H86
| |--P. (O.) franzi Hobbs & Lee 1976H86
| |--P. (O.) horsti Hobbs & Means 1972H86
| |--P. (O.) leitheuseri Franz & Hobbs 1983H86
| |--P. (O.) lucifugus (Hobbs 1940)H86
| | |--P. l. lucifugusH86
| | `--P. l. alachua (Hobbs 1940)H86
| |--P. (O.) orcinus Hobbs & Means 1972H86
| |--P. (O.) pallidus (Hobbs 1940)H86
| |--P. (O.) toltecae (Hobbs 1943)H86
| `--P. (O.) villalobosi Hobbs 1969H86
|--P. (Remoticambarus Hobbs 1972)H86
| `--P. (R.) pecki Hobbs 1967H86
|--P. (Scapulicambarus Hobbs 1972)H86
| |--P. (S.) clarkii (Girard 1852)H86
| |--P. (S.) paeninsulanus (Faxon 1914)H86
| `--P. (S.) xilitlae Hobbs & Grubbs 1982H86
`--P. (Villalobosus)H86
|--P. (V.) cuetzalanae Hobbs 1982H86
`--P. (V.) xochitlanae Hobbs 1975H86

Procambarus incertae sedis:
P. leonensisGR98
Spiculifer groupH56
|--P. dupratzi Penn 1953H56
|--P. echinatus Hobbs 1956H56
|--P. natchitochae Penn 1953H56
|--P. penni Hobbs 1951H56
|--P. raneyi Hobbs 1953H56
|--P. spiculifer (LeConte 1856)H56
|--P. suttkusi Hobbs 1953H56
|--P. versutus (Hagen 1870)H56
`--P. vioscai Penn 1946H56

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GR98] Giribet, G., & C. Ribera. 1998. The position of arthropods in the animal kingdom: a search for a reliable outgroup for internal arthropod phylogeny. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 9: 481–488.

[H56] Hobbs, H. H., Jr. 1956. A new crayfish of the genus Procambarus from South Carolina (Decapoda: Astacidae). Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 46 (4): 117–121.

[H86] Holthuis, L. B. 1986. Decapoda. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 589–615. E. J. Brill/Dr W. Backhuys: Leiden.

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