Green forester moth Procris statices, copyright Beentree.

Belongs within: Zygaenoidea.

Procris is a genus of metallic-coloured, day-flying moths.

Characters (from Meyrick 1886): Proboscis well-developed. Antenna in male bipectinated, apex simple, sometimes considerably thickened, in female rather thick throughout. Palpi short, porrected, filiform, pointed. Posterior tibiae without middle-spurs. Fore wings with vein 1 furcate at base, 2 from about three-quarters, all veins separate. Hind wings with vein 1c present, 4 absent or present, 3 rarely stalked with 4 or 5, 6 and 7 approximated at base, 8 anastomosing with upper margin of cell from before to beyond middle.

<==Procris [Procridinae]
    |--‘Zygaena’ acharonM86
    |--P. apicalis [incl. Pr. novaehollandiae, Pollanisus sequens]M86
    |--P. cirtana Lucas 1849E12
    |--P. cognata Lucas 1849E12
    |--P. coronias Meyrick 1886M86
    |--P. cuprea [=Pollanisus cupreus]M86
    |--P. cyanota Meyrick 1886M86
    |--P. dolensM86
    |--P. leucopleura Meyrick 1886M86
    |--P. pilosellaeR26
    |--P. pruniR26
    |--P. statices [=Aglaope (Procris) statices]G20
    |--P. subdolosaM86
    |--P. trimaculaM86
    `--P. viridipulverulenta Guér. 1839M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E12] Evenhuis, N. L. 2012. Publication and dating of the Exploration Scientifique de l’Algérie: Histoire Naturelle des Animaux Articulés (1846–1849) by Pierre Hippolyte Lucas. Zootaxa 3448: 1–61.

[G20] Goldfuss, G. A. 1820. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte vol. 3. Handbuch der Zoologie pt 1. Johann Leonhard Schrag: Nürnberg.

[M86] Meyrick, E. 1886. Revision of Australian Lepidoptera. I. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (3): 687–802.

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