Prognathochromis prognathus, from Boulenger (1907).

Belongs within: Haplochromini.

Prognathochromis is a genus of slender-bodied, large-mouthed cichlids found in Lake Victoria and neighbouring lakes (Greenwood 1980).

Characters (from Greenwood 1980): Body form variable, from shallow to deep (24–45% standard length) but usually relatively slender (body depth 30–34% SL), never markedly compressed. Lower jaw long (41–62% head length) with prominent mental protuberance; premaxilla distinctly beaked or peaked. Overall habitus slender, streamlined, with large, often oblique mouth, head with relatively acute entry angle. Maximum adult size 70–230 mm SL. Neurocranium elongate, slender, shallow, with low supra-occiptal crest, wedge-shaped in lateral outline. Preorbital skull depth 18.6–23% neurocranial length (NL), greatest orbital depth 22–28% NL, depth of otic region 31–42% NL, skull width 42–55% NL. Teeth in outer row of both jaws strong and recurved, mostly unicuspid in fishes >90 mm SL, unequally bicuspid with some unicuspids in smaller fishes; 34–94 outer teeth in premaxilla. Inner teeth uni- or tricuspid, arranged in two or three (rarely one, five or six) rows anteriorly and anterolaterally. Cheek fully scaled, with usually three or four (sometimes five or six, rarely two) scale rows.

Prognathochromis Greenwood 1980 G80
    |–P. (Prognathochromis) G80
    |    |–*P. (P.) prognathus (Pellegrin 1904) [=Paratilapia prognatha, Haplochromis prognathus] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) arcanus (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis arcanus] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) argenteus (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis argenteus] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) bartoni (Greenwood 1962) [=Haplochromis bartoni] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) bayoni (Boulenger 1909) [=Haplochromis bayoni] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) decticostoma (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis decticostoma] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) dentex (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis dentex] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) dichrourus (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis dichrourus] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) estor (Regan 1929) [=Haplochromis estor] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) flavipinnis (Boulenger 1906) [=Haplochromis flavipinnis] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) gilberti (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis gilberti] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) gowersi (Trewavas 1928) [=Haplochromis gowersi] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) longirostris (Hilgendorf 1888) [=Haplochromis longirostris] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) macrognathus (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis macrognathus] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) mandibularis (Green wood 1962) [=Haplochromis mandibularis] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) mento (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis mento] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) nanoserranus (Greenwood & Barel 1978) [=Haplochromis nanoserranus] G80
    |    |–‘Astatotilapia’ nigrescens Pellegrin 1909 G80
    |    |–P. (P.) paraguiarti (Greenwood 1967) [=Haplochromis paraguiarti] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) pellegrini (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis pellegrini] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) percoides (Boulenger 1915) [=Haplochromis percoides] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) pseudopellegrini (Greenwood 1967) [=Haplochromis pseudopellegrini] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) venator (Greenwood 1965) [=Haplochromis venator] G80
    |    |–P. (P.) vittatus (Boulenger 1901) [=Haplochromis vittatus] G80
    |    `–P. (P.) xenostoma (Regan 1922) [=Haplochromis xenostoma] G80
    `–P. (Tridontochromis Greenwood 1980) G80
         |–P. (*T.) tridens (Regan & Trewavas 1928) [=Haplochromis tridens] G80
         |–P. (T.) chlorochrous (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis chlorochrous] G80
         |–P. (T.) crocopeplus (Greenwood & Barel 1978) [=Haplochromis crocopeplus] G80
         |–P. (T.) cryptogramma (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis cryptogramma] G80
         |–P. (T.) dolichorhynchus (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis dolichorhynchus] G80
         |–‘Haplochromis’ eutaenia Regan & Trewavas 1928 G80
         |–P. (T.) melichrous (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis melichrous] G80
         |–P. (T.) plutonius (Greenwood & Barel 1978) [=Haplochromis plutonius] G80
         |–P. (T.) sulphureus (Greenwood & Barel 1978) [=Haplochromis sulphureus] G80
         `–P. (T.) tyrianthinus (Greenwood & Gee 1969) [=Haplochromis tyrianthinus] G80

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G80] Greenwood, P. H. 1980. Towards a phyletic classification of the ‘genus’ Haplochromis (Pisces, Cichlidae) and related taxa. Part II; the species from Lakes Victoria, Nabugabo, Edward, George and Kivu. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Zoology 39: 1–101.

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