Varied individuals of Propebela turricula, copyright G.-U. Tolkiehn.

Belongs within: Mangeliidae.

Propebela is a genus of conoids with a narrowly fusiform shell bearing tabulated whorls (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell small to medium sized, 8–16 mm, narrowly biconic-fusiform, with a tall tabulated spire, and a long narrow body-whorl, slowly tapered to a short, very shallowly notched anterior canal. Protoconch small, turbinate, of about 2.5 whorls, tip small, smooth and flattened, next whorl smooth also, but becoming weakly subcarinate; final whorl conspicuously bicarinate, crossed by fine axial threads. Adult whorls tabulated by a flat almost horizontal shoulder. Strong vertical axial folds extending from shoulder angle to lower suture and over body-whorl to the neck. Axials also continued weakly over shoulder slope to upper-suture. Spiral sculpture of closely spaced cords extending from suture to anterior end but usually much weaker on shoulder slope. Aperture rather long and narrow; outer lip thin-edged. Sinus a shallow concavity, its apex at about the middle of the shoulder slope. Operculum approaching vestigial, very narrowly ovate, subquadrate, with a terminal nucleus. Radula consisting of bundles of twisted rods.

<==Propebela Iredale 1918BK11 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*P. (Propebela) turricula (Montagu 1803)BW80 (see below for synonymy)
    `--P. (Canetoma Bartsch 1941)BK11
         `--*Canetoma’ tersa Bartsch 1941BW80 [=Nodotoma tersaP66]
Propebela incertae sedis:
  ‘Guraleus (Paraguraleus) abbreviatus Powell 1944 [=Antiguraleus abbreviatus]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ abernethyi Dell 1956P66
  ‘Clathurella’ abnormis Hutton 1885 [=Antiguraleus abnormis]P66
  ‘Mangilia’ adcocki Sowerby 1896P66 [=Antiguraleus adcockiP66, Guraleus adcockiL54]
  ‘Oenopota (Funitoma)’ albrechti (Krauss 1886)P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ alternatus Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus alternatus]P66
  *Funitoma’ areta Bartsch 1941BW80 [=Oenopota (*Funitoma) aretaP66]
  ‘Guraleus (*Paraguraleus) balcombensis Powell 1944 [=Antiguraleus balcombensis]P66
  ‘Pleurotomella’ bathybia Strebel 1908 [=Lora bathybia]P66
  P. candida (Yokoyama 1926) [=Bela candida]P66
  ‘Guraleus’ costatus Hedley 1922P66 (see below for synonymy)
  P. crosio (Makiyama 1927) [=Lora crosio]P66
  ‘Oenopota’ davisi Hedley 1916 [=Lorabela davisi]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ deceptus Powell 1942P66
  ‘Searlesia’ decessor Yokoyama 1928AV03
  P. diomedea Bartsch 1944 [=P. (Turritoma) diomedea]P66
  ‘Oenopota (Funitoma)’ dissoluta (Yokoyama 1926) [=Bela dissoluta]P66
    |--O. d. dissolutaP66
    `--O. d. gosenensis (Itoigawa 1958) [=Granotoma gosenensis]P66
  ‘Mangilia’ emina Hedley 1905P66 [=Antiguraleus eminaP66, Guraleus kingensis var. eminaH22, Paraguraleus eminaL54]
    |--M. e. eminaP66
    `--‘Paraguraleus’ e. brevostium Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus emina brevostium]P66
  ‘Funitoma (*Cestoma)’ eurybia Bartsch 1941BW80 [=Oenopota (Funitoma) eurybiaP66]
  ‘Bela’ excurvata Carpenter 1864P66 [=Lora excurvataO27, Oenopota (Funitoma) excurvataP66]
  P. exquisita Bartsch 1941P66 [=*Turritoma exquisitaBW80, *Turritomella exquisitaBW80]
  ‘Antiguraleus’ fenestratus Powell 1942P66
  ‘Guraleus (Paraguraleus) finlayi Powell 1944 [=Antiguraleus finlayi]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ fusiformis Dell 1956P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ howelli Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus howelli]P66
  ‘Guraleus (Paraguraleus) incisus Powell 1944 [=Antiguraleus incisus]P66
  ‘Mangilia’ infanda Webster 1906 [=Antiguraleus infanda]P66
  ‘Daphnella’ kingensis Petterd 1879P66 (see below for synonymy)
  P. komakahida (Otuka 1949) [=Lora komakahida]P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ lucidus Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus lucidus]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ makaraensis Vell 1954P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ multistriatus Dell 1956P66
  ‘Mangilia’ munda Suter 1909 [=Antiguraleus munda]P66
  ‘Mangilia’ murrheus Webster 1906 [=Antiguraleus murrhea]P66
  P. nazanensis (Dall 1919) [=Lora nazanensis]P66
  P. nipponensis (Onoyama 1938) [=Lora nipponensis]P66
  P. nobilis (Möller 1842) [=Defrancia nobilis]P66
  ‘Mangelia’ obsoleta Harris 1897P66 [=Antiguraleus obsoletaP66, Guraleus obsoletusH22]
  *Antiguraleus’ otagoensis Powell 1942P66
  ‘Bela’ ozawai Yokoyama 1926 [=Oenopota (Funitoma) ozawai]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ pedicus Powell 1942P66
  ‘Bela’ pelseneri Strebel 1908 [=*Lorabela pelseneri]BW80
  ‘Guraleus’ permutatus Hedley 1922P66 (see below for synonymy)
  ‘Bela’ plicatula Thiele 1912 [=Lorabela plicatula]P66
  P. profundicola Bartsch 1944 [=P. (Turritoma) profundicola]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ pulcherrimus Dell 1956P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ rishworthi Vella 1954P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ rossianus Powell 1942P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ serpentis Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus serpentis]P66
  P. smithi Bartsch 1944 [=P. (Turritoma) smithi]P66
  ‘Bela’ striatula Thiele 1912 [=Belalora striatula]P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ subitus Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus subitus]P66
  ‘Antiguraleus’ subtruncatus Powell 1942P66
  ‘Mangilia’ taranakiensis Marwick 1926 [=Antiguraleus taranakiensis]P66
  ‘Paraguraleus’ tepidus Laseron 1954 [=Antiguraleus tepidus]P66
  *Belalora’ thielei Powell 1951BW80
  P. yokoyamai Ozaki 1958P66

‘Daphnella’ kingensis Petterd 1879P66 [=Antiguraleus kingensisP66, Cythara kingensisH22, Guraleus (Marita) kingensisL54; incl. Cythara cognata Pritchard & Gatliff 1899P66]

‘Guraleus’ costatus Hedley 1922P66 [=Antiguraleus costatusP66, G. (Marita) costatusL54, Paraguraleus costatusL54; incl. G. (M.) costatus var. wilesianus Hedley 1922H22]

‘Guraleus’ permutatus Hedley 1922P66 [=Antiguraleus permutatusP66, G. (Marita) permutatusL54, Paraguraleus permutatusL54]

Propebela Iredale 1918BK11 [incl. Antiguraleus Powell 1942BK11, Belalora Powell 1951BK11, Cestoma Bartsch 1941BK11, Funitoma Bartsch 1941BK11, Lorabela Powell 1951BK11, Paraguraleus Powell 1944P66, Turritoma Bartsch 1941 non Ulrich in Ulrich & Scofield 1897BW80, Turritomella Bartsch 1941BK11]

*Propebela (Propebela) turricula (Montagu 1803)BW80 [=Murex turriculaBW80, Mangelia turriculaJ64, Oenopota turriculaBW80; incl. Tritonium mitrula Lovén 1846P66, Fusus plicatilis Wood 1848F27, Pleurotoma robusta Wood 1872P66]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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