Dorsum (left) and venter of Proprioseiopsis sp., from PaDIL.

Belongs within: Phytoseioidea.

Proprioseiopsis is a genus of phytoseiid mites characterised by the absence of setae z3 and J2, with the setae of the dorsal hexagon being subequal in length or j6 slightly longer than j5 and z5, and three pairs of ventral setae on the ventro-anal shield (Evans & Till 1979). The species P. asetus has been identified as a predator of the rice pest mite Steneotarsonemus spinki (Ramos & Moraes 2007).

<==Proprioseiopsis Muma 1961H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*P. terrestris (Chant 1959)ET79 [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) terrestrisFH93]
    |--P. amotus (Zack 1969) [=Amblyseiulus amotus]FH93
    |--P. amplus (Wainstein 1983) [=Amblyseius (Proprioseiopsis) amplus]FH93
    |--P. asetus (Chant 1959)FH93 [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) asetusFH93, Amblyseiulus asetusRM07]
    |--P. cannaensis (Muma 1962) [=Amblyseiulus cannaensis]FH93
    |--P. carolinianus (Muma in Muma, Metz & Farrier 1967) [=Amblyseius carolinianus]FH93
    |--P. citri (Muma 1962) [=Amblyseiulus citri]FH93
    |--P. clausae (Muma 1962) [=Amblyseiulus clausae]FH93
    |--P. detritus (Muma 1961) [=Amblyseiulus detritus]FH93
    |--P. dorsatus (Muma 1961) [=Amblyseiulus dorsatus]FH93
    |--P. exopodalis (Kennett 1958) [=Amblyseius exopodalis]FH93
    |--P. fragariae (Kennett 1958) [=Amblyseius fragariae]FH93
    |--P. gracilisetae (Muma 1962) [=Amblyseiulus gracilisetae]FH93
    |--P. guatemalensis (Chant 1959) [=Typhlodromus guatemalensis; incl. Amblyseiopsis elongatus Garman 1958]FH93
    |--P. hawaiiensis (Wainstein 1983) [=Amblyseius (Tenorioseius) hawaiiensis]FH93
    |--P. hudsonianus (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius hudsonianus]FH93
    |--P. kogi (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius kogi]FH93
    |--P. lichenis (Chant 1959) [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) lichenis]FH93
    |--P. lindquisti (Schuster & Pritchard 1963) [=Amblyseius lindquisti]FH93
    |--P. marginatus Denmark 1974FH93
    |--P. mauiensis (Prasad 1968) [=Amblyseius mauiensis; incl. A. musaevi Abbasova 1970]FH93
    |--P. messor (Wainstein 1960) [=Typhlodromus messor, Amblyseius messor]H98
    |--P. mexicanus (Garman 1958) [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) mexicanus]FH93
    |--P. mumamacrosetae (Hirschmann 1962) [=Typhlodromus mumamacrosetae; incl. Amblyseiulus macrosetae Muma 1962]FH93
    |--P. neomexicanus (Chant 1959) [=Typhlodromus neomexicanus; incl. Amblyseiopsis reticulatus Garman 1958]FH93
    |--P. okanagensis (Chant 1957) [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) okanagensis]FH93
    |--P. oregonensis (Garman 1958) [=Amblyseiopsis oregonensis]FH93
    |--P. ovatus (Garman 1958) [=Amblyseiopsis ovatus; incl. P. paxi Muma 1965]FH93
    |--P. parasundi (Blommers 1974) [=Amblyseius (Proprioseiopsis) parasundi]B74
    |--P. poculus Tuttle & Muma 1973FH93
    |--P. putmani (Chant 1959) [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) putmani]FH93
    |--P. reventus (Zack 1969) [=Amblyseiulus reventus]FH93
    |--P. rotundus (Muma 1961)FH93 [=Amblyseiulus rotundusFH93, Amblyseius rotundusMU01]
    |--P. solens (De Leon 1962) [=Amblyseiulus solens]FH93
    |--P. sundi (Pritchard & Baker 1962) [=Amblyseius (Proprioseiopsis) sundi]B74
    |--P. temperellus (Denmark & Muma 1967) [=Amblyseiulus temperellus]FH93
    |--P. temperus Tuttle & Muma 1973FH93
    |--P. tubulus (Muma 1965) [=Amblyseiulus tubulus]FH93
    |--P. versutus (Zack 1969) [=Amblyseiulus versutus]FH93
    `--P. weintraubi (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius weintraubi]FH93

Proprioseiopsis Muma 1961H98 [incl. Amblyseiulus Muma 1961FH93, Pavlovskeius Wainstein 1962FH93, Phytoscutella Muma 1961FH93, Phytoseiella Muma 1961FH93, Proprioseiulus Muma & Denmark 1968FH93, Skironodromus Wainstein 1962FH93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B74] Blommers, L. 1974. Species of the genus Amblyseius Berlese, 1914, from Tamatave, east Madagascar (Acarina: Phytoseiidae). Bulletin Zoologisch Museum Universiteit van Amsterdam 3 (19): 143–155.

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[RM07] Ramos, M., & G. J. de Moraes. 2007. Predatory mites associated with Steneotarsonemus spinki (Acari: Tarsonemidae) on rice in Cuba. In: Morales-Malacara, J. B., V. M. Behan-Pelletier, E. Ueckermann, T. M. Pérez, E. G. Estrada-Venegas & M. Badii (eds) Acarology XI: Proceedings of the International Congress pp. 459–462. Instituto de Biología and Faculdad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Sociedad Latinoamericana de Acarología: México.

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