Lateral view, dorsal view of aspis, and ventral view of hysterosoma of Prototritia sicula, from Balogh & Balogh (1992, vol. 2).

Belongs within: Cosmochthonioidea.

The Protoplophoridae are a cosmopolitan family of oribatid mites with a ptychoid body form, able to withdraw the legs and close the aspis against the notogaster and ventral region, and with the notogaster divided by three transverse sutures (Balogh & Balogh 1992). A telescoping type L scissure divides the notogaster between the c and d setal rows. Members of the genera Prototritia, Bursoplophora, Cryptoplophora and Aedoplophora have the anal and adanal plates fused (Balogh & Balogh 1992).

<==Protoplophoridae [Protoplophorinae]
    |--Aedoplophora Grandjean 1932G32
    |    |--*A. glomerata Grandjean 1932G32 [=Prototritia glomerataS04]
    |    `--A. grandjeani Mahunka 1977N06 [=Prototritia grandjeaniS04]
    |--Cryptoplophora Grandjean 1932G32
    |    |--*C. abscondita Grandjean 1932G32 [=Protoplophora absconditaA80]
    |    `--C. asiatica Gordeeva, Niemi & Petrova-Nikitina 1998S04
    |--Protoplophora Berlese 1910S04
    |    |--*P. palpalis Berlese 1910S04 [incl. P. grandjeani Bernini 1983S04, P. grandeaniH98]
    |    |--P. bivaginata Grandjean 1932G32
    |    `--P. oglasicola Bernini 1983S04
    |--Arthrhoplophora Berlese 1910 [incl. Neoprototritia Shereef 1978, Triplophora Mahunka 1977]S04
    |    |--*A. paradoxa Berlese 1910S04
    |    |--A. vulpes Berlese 1916S04 [=A. (Prototritia) vulpesG32; incl. A. (*Triplophora) berlesei Mahunka 1977M77, S04]
    |    `--A. zachvatkini (Shereef 1978) [=Neoprototritia zachvatkini]S04
    |--Grandjeanoplophora Balogh & Mahunka 1979S04
    |    |--*G. (Grandjeanoplophora) mauritanica (Grandjean 1932) [=Cryptoplophora mauritanica]S04
    |    `--G. (Tauroplophora Gordeeva, Niemi & Petrova-Nikitina 1998)S04
    |         `--G. (*T.) aureonotata (Gordeeva, Niemi & Petrova-Nikitina 1998) [=Tauroplophora aureonotata]S04
    |--Hauseroplophora Mahunka 1977S04
    |    |--*H. soniae Mahunka 1977S04
    |    |--H. flagellata Mahunka 1987S04
    |    `--H. phitosi Mahunka 1977S04
    |--Bursoplophora Subías & Pérez-Íñigo 1978 [incl. Csibiplophora Mahunka 1984]S04
    |    |--*B. iberica Subías & Pérez-Íñigo 1978S04
    |    |--B. bivaginata (Grandjean 1932)B83
    |    |--B. ethiopica Mahunka 1982S04
    |    |--B. genavensium (Mahunka 1984)S04 [=*Csibiplophora genavensiumM84]
    |    |--B. insularis Kahwash, Subías & Ruiz 1989S04
    |    |--B. madagassica Mahunka 1994S04
    |    |--B. meridionalis Bernini 1983S04
    |    |--B. muraiae Mahunka & Mejía-Recamier 1998S04
    |    `--B. tyrrhenica Bernini 1983S04
    `--Prototritia Berlese 1916S04
         |--P. (Prototritia)S04
         |    |--*P. (P.) armadillo (Berlese 1916)S04 [=Arthrhoplophora (*P.) armadilloS04, Prothoplophora (*P.) armadilloBB92]
         |    |--P. (P.) africana (Mahunka 1977) [=Aedoplophora africana]S04
         |    |--P. (P.) major (Jacot 1933) [=Aedoplophora major]S04
         |    `--P. (P.) palaciosi Mahunka & Mejía-Recamier 1998S04
         `--P. (Siciliophora Bernini 1983)S04
              `--P. (*S.) sicula Bernini 1983S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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