Pselaphus heisei, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Pselaphitae.

Pselaphus is a cosmopolitan genus of pselaphines bearing long maxillary palps with the terminal segment clubbed at the end (Raffray 1904a).

Characters (from Raffray 1904a): Head ventrally gibbous behind mentum. Maxillary palps very long, simple; second segment very long, slender, briefly swollen at tip; third segment small, more or less globular; fourth segment thin and pedunculate at base, strongly club-shaped at top, this club occupying no more than half the length. Fore and mid trochanters long, mid trochanter more or less club-shaped, base of femur distant from coxa. Tarsi simple, segments not bilobed. First tergite and second sternite very large.

<==Pselaphus Herbst 1792R04a
    |--P. acuminatus [incl. P. hirtus Reitter 1881]R04a
    |--P. algericus Raffray 1896R04a
    |--P. algesiranus Saulcy 1870R04a
    |--P. antipodum Westwood 1856R04a
    |--P. argutus Reitter 1881R04a
    |--P. articularis Schaufuss 1877R04a
    |--P. bellax Casey 1893R04a
    |--P. bifoveolatus Schaufuss 1877R04a
    |--P. biocellatus Reitter 1883NG05
    |--P. bistriolatus Reitter 1884R04a
    |--P. bizonatus Schaufuss 1886R04a
    |--P. breviceps Schaufuss 1882R04a
    |--P. brevicornis Reitter 1883R04a
    |--P. brevipalpis [incl. P. squamiceps Schaufuss 1886]R04a
    |--P. calopygaeus Schaufuss 1887NG05
    |--P. canaliculatus Schaufuss 1877R04a
    |--P. caspicus Reitter 1881 [incl. P. caucasicus Motsch. 1845 (n. n.)]R04a
    |--P. cavelli Broun 1893R04a
    |--P. caviventris Reitter 1884R04a
    |--P. chobauti Normand 1903R04a
    |--P. citimus Broun 1893R04a
    |--P. clavigeroides Reitter 1881R04a
    |--P. coecus Broun 1886R04a
    |--P. crassus Raffray 1900R04a
    |--P. debilis Sharp 1883R04a
    |--P. delicatus Broun 1886R04a
    |--P. diecki Saulcy 1870 [incl. P. saulcyi]R04a
    |--P. dresdensis Herbst 1792 [incl. P. hejssi Paykull 1798, P. longicollis Reichenbach 1816]R04a
    |--P. elegantissimus Schaufuss 1886R04a
    |--P. elongatus Raffray 1900R04a
    |--P. erichsoniR04a
    |--P. filipalpis Reitter 1882R04a
    |--P. fiorii Raffray 1904 [=P. reitteri Fiori 1894 non Raffray 1892]R04a
    |--P. fuscopilosus Broun 1886R04a
    |--P. fustiferR04a
    |--P. ganglbaueri Reitter 1881R04a
    |--P. geminatus Westwood 1856R04a
    |--P. gestroi Schaufuss 1882R04a
    |--P. heisei Herbst 1792 [incl. P. eurygaster, P. herbstii Reichb. 1816]R04a
    |--P. heydeni Saulcy 1870R04a
    |--P. insignis Schaufuss 1886 [incl. P. bipunctatus Schaufuss 1886]R04a
    |--P. kiesenwetteri Reitter 1881R04a
    |--P. laeviceps Raffray 1904 [=P. longiceps Sharp non Raffray 1887]R04a
    |--P. laevicollis Reitter 1883R04a
    |--P. lativentris Reitter 1882NG05
    |--P. leanus Raffray 1900R04a
    |--P. lewisi Sharp 1883R04a
    |--P. lineatus King 1863 [incl. P. frontalis Schaufuss 1886]R04a
    |--P. longepilosus Schauf. 1886M96
    |--P. longiceps Raffray 1887R04a
    |--P. longiclavusR04a
    |--P. longicornis Saulcy 1863R04a
    |--P. longipalpis Kiesenw. 1850R04a
    |--P. mehadiensis Frivaldsky 1887R04a
    |--P. meliusculus Broun 1893R04a
    |--P. multangulus Schaufuss 1877R04a
    |--P. mundus Sharp 1874R04a
    |--P. opacus Schaufuss 1886R04a
    |--P. parvipalpis Reitter 1882 [incl. P. bivestitus Schaufuss 1887]NG05
    |--P. pauper Sharp 1874 [incl. P. caviceps Schaufuss in Raffray 1904 (n. n.)]R04a
    |--P. pentagonus Saulcy 1878R04a
    |--P. pilicollis Reitter 1882R04a
    |--P. pilipalpisR04a
    |--P. pilistriatus Broun 1880R04a
    |--P. pilosus Raffray 1900R04a
    |--P. piochardi Saulcy 1870R04a
    |--P. pubescens Raffray 1904R04a
    |--P. quadricostatus Reitter 1884R04a
    |--P. reitteri Raffray 1892R04a
    |--P. revelierei Reitter 1881R04a
    |--P. sanguineusL02
    |--P. sexstriatus Reitter 1883NG05
    |--P. sencieri Coquerel 1858 [incl. P. simoni Reitter 1881]R04a
    |--P. squamosus Raffray 1904R04a
    |--P. stussineri Saulcy 1881R04a
    |--P. sulcicollis Broun 1893R04a
    |--P. sulcifrons Raffray 1883R04a
    |--P. sylvestrisR26
    |--P. tenuis Sharp 1874R04a
    |--P. tripunctatus Schaufuss 1886R04a
    |--P. trossulus Schaufuss 1886R04a
    |--P. tuberculifrons Raffray 1900R04a
    |--P. tuniseus Normand 1901R04a
    |--P. unipunctatus Reitter 1883NG05
    |--P. ventralis Broun 1895R04a
    `--P. vestitus Raffray 1904R04a
Nomen nudum: Pselaphus elegans Motschulsky 1851R04b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[NG05] Nomura, S., & I. Abd Ghani. 2005. Faunistic notes on the pselaphine species of the supertribes Goniaceritae, Pselaphitae and Clavigeritae from Malaysia and Singapore (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae). Serangga 10 (1–2): 1–36.

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