Pseudachorutes sp., copyright Philippe Garcelon.

Belongs within: Neanuridae.

Pseudachorutes is a genus of springtails with a well-developed furca, eight eyes per side, elongate maxillae, and lacking a molar plate on the mandible, or spines or spine-like setae on the sixth abdominal segment (Christiansen & Bellinger 1980).

<==Pseudachorutes Tullberg 1871 [incl. Brachysius MacGillivray 1893, Logacanura Wray 1958]CB80
    |--P. (Pseudachorutes) [incl. Gnathocephalus MacGillivray 1893]CB80
    |    |--*P. (P.) subcrassus Tullberg 1871CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) americanus Stach 1949 [=P. boerneri americanus]CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) aphysus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) aureofasciatus (Harvey 1898) (see below for synonymy)CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) bifidus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) complexus (MacGillivray 1893) [=Gnathocephalus complexus]CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) corticicolus (Schäffer 1896) (see below for synonymy)CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) curtus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) indiana Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) japonicus Kinoshita 1916CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) lunatus Folsom 1916CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) rugatus Wray 1952CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) saxatilis Macnamara 1920CB80
    |    |--P. (P.) simplex Maynard 1951CB80
    |    `--P. (P.) subcrassoides Mills 1934CB80
    `--P. (Pseudachorudina Stach 1949)CB80
         |--P. (*P.) falteronensis Denis 1926CB80
         |--‘Pseudachorudina’ delamareiH83
         |--P. (P.) ignotus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         `--P. (P.) texensis Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
Pseudachorutes incertae sedis:
  P. algidensisW39
  P. brunneusW39
  P. crassus Gama 1964CB80
  *Brachysius’ dilatatus MacGillivray 1893 (n. d.)CB80
  P. dubiusS00
  P. evansi Womersley 1936W39
  P. incertus Schött 1917W39
  P. javanicusW39
  P. kangchenjungae Yosii 1966CB80
  P. murphyiH83
  P. pacificusW39
  P. parvulusCB80
  P. pasurus (Wray 1958) [=*Logacanura pasura]CB80
  P. rhaeticus (Carl 1899) [=Schoettella rhaetica]W39
  P. tasmaniensis Womersley 1936W39
  P. yasumatsuiCB80

Pseudachorutes (Pseudachorutes) aureofasciatus (Harvey 1898) [=*Gnathocephalus aureofasciatus; incl. P. aureofasciatus f. millsi Maynard 1951]CB80

Pseudachorutes (Pseudachorutes) corticicolus (Schäffer 1896) [=Schoettella corticicola; incl. P. corticolus f. globulisetosa Gisin 1944]CB80

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CB80] Christiansen, K., & P. Bellinger. 1980. The Collembola of North America north of the Rio Grande: A taxonomic analysis vol. 1. Introduction; general; families Poduridae and Hypogastruridae. Grinnell College: Grinnell (Iowa).

[H83] Hammen, L. van der. 1983. Contribution to the knowledge of the soil-fauna of New Guinea. Zoologische Verhandelingen 206: 1–36.

[S00] Schäffer, C. 1900. Ueber württembergische Collembola. Jahreshefte des Vereins für vaterländische Naturkunde in Württemberg 56: 245–280, pl. 2.

[W39] Womersley, H. 1939. Primitive Insects of South Australia: Silverfish, springtails, and their allies. South Australian Branch of the British Science Guild: Adelaide.

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