Pseudocandona zschokkei, from here.

Belongs within: Candonidae.

Pseudocandona is a genus of freshwater ostracods found in the Holarctic region. About 75 species have been assigned to this genus; however, the inclusion of a number of species (in particular, a group of just under thirty species described from Lake Baikal) requires re-evaluation (Meisch 1996). They differ from the closely related genus Eucandona in being smaller with a straighter hinge margin, narrower inner lamellae and a pitted, reticulate, or tuberculose surface (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Meisch 1996): Carapace of medium length, ca. 0.8-1.2 mm, variously shaped, usually relatively short and stout, more rarely elongate or triangular in lateral view. Surface of adult valves smooth or pitted, usually with long, stiff, conspicuous, perpendicularly attached setae. Left valve overlaps right valve ventrally. Male antennule with penultimate segment subdivided or not, when subdivided then with transformed t2 and t3 setae (male bristles). Mandibular palp with three to five setae in setal group of second segment; externo-distal seta of penultimate segment smooth. Respiratory plate of maxilliped (first thoracopod) with two filaments. Cleaning leg (third thoracopod) with three setae (d1-2 and dp) on cleaning plate (protopodite); distal seta (seta ‘g’) present on penultimate segment; terminal segment with one short seta (h1) and two long setae (h2-3). Zenker’s organ with 5+2 rings of spines. Hemipenis with ‘M’-process flat and proximally only weakly sclerotised.

<==Pseudocandona Kaufmann 1900DH86 [incl. Archicandona Bronstein 1939BB61, Metacandona Bronstein 1930BB61]
    |--*P. pubescens (Koch 1837) [=Candona pubescens]BB61
    |--P. aemonae (Klie 1934)DH86
    |--P. altoalpina (Löffler 1963)DH86
    |--P. belgica (Klie 1937)DH86
    |--P. bilobata (Klie 1938)DH86
    |--P. bilobatoides (Löffler 1961)DH86
    |--P. bispinosa [=*Metacandona bispinosa]BB61
    |--P. breuili (Paris 1920)DH86
    |--P. brisiaca (Klie 1938)DH86
    |--P. caribbeana Broodbakker 1983DH86
    |--P. cavicola (Klie 1935)DH86
    |--P. cubensis Broodbakker 1983DH86
    |--P. delamarei Danielopol 1978DH86
    |--P. dichtliae (Brehm 1953)DH86
    |--P. dispar (Hartmann 1964)DH86
    |--P. eremita (Vejdovsky 1880)DH86
    |--P. gajewskajae Bronstein 1947CC02
    |--P. hertzogi (Klie 1938)DH86
    |    |--P. h. hertzogiDH86
    |    `--P. h. beskidana (Sywula 1974)DH86
    |--P. insculptaB50
    |--P. insueta (Klie 1938)DH86
    |--P. jeanneli (Klie 1931)DH86
    |--P. marengoensis (Klie 1931)DH86
    |--P. mira (Sywula 1976)DH86
    |--P. morimotoi (McKenzie 1972)DH86
    |--P. pretneri Danielopol 1978DH86
    |--P. profundicola (Löffler 1960)DH86
    |--P. pseudoparallela (Löffler 1961)DH86
    |--P. puteana (Klie 1931)DH86
    |--P. rouchi Danielopol 1978DH86
    |--P. schellenbergi (Klie 1934)DH86
    |--P. serbani Danielopol 1982DH86
    |--P. simililampadis Danielopol 1978DH86
    |--P. spelaea (Klie 1941)DH86
    |--P. trigonella (Klie 1931)DH86
    |--P. triquetra (Klie 1936)DH86
    |--P. tuberculataBB61
    |--P. tyrolensis (Löffler 1963)DH86
    |--P. zschokkei (Wolf 1919)DH86
    `--P. zsoecsi (Farkas 1957)DH86
         |--P. z. zsoecsiDH86
         `--P. z. pannonicola (Löffler 1960)DH86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Meisch, C. 1996. Contribution to the taxonomy of Pseudocandona and four related genera, with the description of Schellencandona gen. nov., a list of the Candoninae genera, and a key to the European genera of the family (Crustacea, Ostracoda). Bull. Soc. Nat. Luxemb. 97: 211–237.

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