Pseudoeurycea mystax, copyright Alejandro Calzada.

Belongs within: Plethodontidae.

Pseudoeurycea, the false brook salamanders, is a genus of lungless salamanders found in Mexico and Central America.

<==Pseudoeurycea Taylor 1944 [incl. Ixalotriton Wake & Johnson 1989, Lineatriton Tanner 1950]FG06
| i. s.: P. orchimelas (Brodie, Mendelson & Campbell 2002) [=Lineatriton orchimelas]FG06
|--+--+--P. cephalicaPW11
| | `--+--P. galeanaePW11
| | `--P. scandensPW11
| `--+--+--P. bonetiPW11
| | `--P. maximaPW11
| `--+--P. belliiPW11
| `--+--P. giganteaPW11
| `--P. naucampatepetlPW11
`--+--+--+--P. orchileucos (Brodie, Mendelson & Campbell 2002)FG06 [=Lineatriton orchileucosPW11]
| | `--+--P. lineola (Cope 1865)FG06 [=Lineatriton lineolusPW11]
| | `--+--P. lynchiPW11
| | `--+--P. firscheiniPW11
| | `--P. leprosaPW11
| `--+--+--P. unguidentisPW11
| | `--+--P. ruficaudaPW11
| | `--+--P. juareziPW11
| | `--P. saltatorPW11
| `--+--P. nigromaculataPW11
| `--+--P. mystaxPW11
| `--+--P. conantiPW11
| |--P. obesaPW11
| `--P. werleriPW11
`--+--+--P. rexPW11
| `--+--P. nigra (Wake & Johnson 1989)FG06 [=Ixalotriton nigerPW11]
| `--P. parva Lynch & Wake 1989FG06 [=Ixalotriton parvusPW11]
`--+--+--P. papenfussiPW11
| `--P. smithiPW11
`--+--+--P. tenchalliPW11
| `--+--P. longicaudaPW11
| `--+--P. altamontanaPW11
| `--P. robertsiPW11
`--+--+--P. gadoviiPW11
| `--P. melanomolgaPW11
`--+--+--P. anitaePW11
| `--P. cochranaePW11
`--+--P. exspectataPW11
`--+--P. brunnata Bumzahen & Smith 1955PW11, W08
`--P. goebeliPW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FG06] Frost, D. R., T. Grant, J. Faivovich, R. H. Bain, A. Haas, C. F. B. Haddad, R. O. de Sá, A. Channing, M. Wilkinson, S. C. Donnellan, C. J. Raxworthy, J. A. Campbell, B. L. Blotto, P. Moler, R. C. Drewes, R. A. Nussbaum, J. D. Lynch, D. M. Green & W. C. Wheeler. 2006. The amphibian tree of life. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 297: 1–370.

[PW11] Pyron, R. A., & J. J. Wiens. 2011. A large-scale phylogeny of Amphibia including over 2800 species, and a revised classification of extant frogs, salamanders, and caecilians. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61: 543–583.

[W08] Warburg, M. R. 2008. Temporal variations in body dimensions followed for 25 years in a breeding population of adult salamanders, with a partial review on other Urodela (Amphibia, Urodela, Salamandridae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 88 (1): 81–101.

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