Graphipterus serrator, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Harpalinae.
Contains: Adelotopus, Sphallomorpha.

The Pseudomorphini are a group of often flattened ground beetles found living under bark. They are often found in association with ants and larvae of some species are physogastric inquilines in ant nests (Lawrence & Britton 1991). The majority of genera in this group are ovoviviparous (Baehr 2008).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Antennal scape not visible from above; antennae sometimes short and clavate; head with deep antennal sulcus between eye and mandible; legs more or less concealed beneath body, with may be flattened and laterally explanate.

<==Pseudomorphini [Pseudomorphinae]
|  i. s.: Cryptocephalomorpha B08
|–+–Pseudomorpha Kirby 1825 OM08, LM87
|  |    |–*P. excrucians Kirby 1825 LM87
|  |    |–P. angustata OM08
|  |    `–P. confusa Notman 1925 LM87
|  `–Graphipterus Latreille 1802 OM08, L02 [Graphipterini]
|       |–G. circumdatus Raffr. 1885 G89
|       |–G. cordiger OM08
|       |–G. limbatus OM08
|       |–G. minutus B14
|       |–G. serrator (Forskål 1775) [=Carabus serrator] G89
|       |–G. trilineatus [=Carabus trilineatus] L02
|       `–G. variegatus [=Carabus variegatus] L02
`–+–+–Adelotopus OM08
|  |–Paussotropus Waterhouse 1877 B08
|  |    `–P. cylindricus (Chaudoir 1862) (see below for synonymy) B08
|  `–Cainogenion Notman 1925 B08
|       |–*C. ipsoides (Newman 1837) [=Adelotopus ipsoides] B08
|       |    |–C. i. ipsoides B08
|       |    `–C. i. occidentale Baehr 1997 B08
|       |–C. creberrimum (Blackburn 1901) [=Adelotopus creberrimus] LM87
|       |–C. ephippiatum (Newman 1856) [=Adelotopus ephippiatus] LM87
|       `–C. obscurum (Castelnau 1867) [=Adelotopus obscurus; incl. A. subopacus Macleay 1871] LM87
`–+–Orthogonius [Orthogoniinae, Orthogoniini] OM08
|    |–O. brevilabris B55
|    |–O. clarkei B55
|    |–O. davidis B89
|    |–O. duplicatus [incl. O. alternans] B89
|    `–O. profundestriatus B89
`–Sphallomorpha OM08

Paussotropus cylindricus (Chaudoir 1862) [=Adelotopus cylindricus, Cainogenion cylindricum; incl. *Paussotropus parellelus Waterhouse 1877] B08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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