Male (smaller) and female Chloracantha lampra, copyright Ethan Beaver.

Belongs within: Tettigonioidea.

The Pseudophyllinae, true katydids, are a group of often large katydids found in tropical regions, often on the margins of rainforests (Rentz 1996).

Characters (from Rentz 1996): Antennae with bases touching or nearly touching; sockets strongly rimmed, especially on dorsal margins. Thoracic auditory spiracle small, inconspicuous, not hidden by pronotum. Tibial auditory tympana open. Male with stridulatory region at base of tegmen.

    |--Acauloplacella [Phyllomimini]R96
         |--Chloracantha lampraR96
Pseudophyllinae incertae sedis:
  Pterophylla camellifoliaR96
  Acanthodis aquilina (Linnaeus 1758)R18 [=Gryllus (Tettigonia) aquilinusR18, Locusta aquilinaL02]
    |--L. consanguineum (Serville 1839) [=Acanthodis consanguinea]R18
    `--L. maculipenne (Serville 1839) [=Platyphyllum maculipenne]R18
  Bliastes submarginatus (Walker 1870) [=Meroncidus submarginatus; incl. B. limbatus]R18
  Teleutias aduncus Stål 1874R18
  Diophanes salvifolium (Lichtenstein 1796) [=Locusta salvifolia]R18
  Dasyscelis normalisR15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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