Cryptoryctes brittoni, from here.

Belongs within: Dynastinae.

Cryptoryctes (name preoccupied) has been recognised as a genus of Australasian beetles in which males bear elevated processes or horns on the anterior margin and posterolateral corners of the pronotum.

Teinogenys is a genus of dynastine beetles widespread in arid regions of Australia.

Corynophyllus is a genus of dynastine beetles found in eastern Australia.

|--Orthocavonus Carne 1957C57
| `--*O. occidentalis (Blackburn 1888) [=Neocavonus occidentalis]CW92
|--Nephrodopus Sharp 1873C57, CW92
| `--*N. enigma Sharp 1873 [incl. N. enigma niger Lea 1917, N. thauma Prell 1912]CW92
|--Pseudocavonus Blackburn 1890C57, CW92
| `--*P. antennalis Blackburn 1890CW92
|--Phylliocephala Blackburn 1890C57, CW92
| `--*P. nigrohirta Blackburn 1890CW92
|--Xynedria Blackburn 1894C57, CW92
| `--*X. interioris Blackburn 1894 [incl. Novapus bidentatus Blackburn 1895]CW92
|--Neatocnemis Prell 1936C57, CW92 [=Neocnemis Sharp 1875 non Crotch 1867CW92]
| |--*N. punctata (Sharp 1875) [=*Neocnemis punctata]CW92
| `--N. minor Carne 1957CW92
|--Epironastes Carne 1957C57
| |--*E. nigrisetosus Carne 1957CW92
| |--E. abruptus Carne 1957CW92
| `--E. limbatus Carne 1957CW92
|--Cavonus Sharp 1875C57, CW92 [incl. Coelothorax Ancey 1880CW92, Neocavonus Blackburn 1888CW92]
| |--*C. armatus Sharp 1875 [incl. *Coelothorax oberthuri Ancey 1880]CW92
| |--C. acutifrons Lea 1917CW92
| |--C. bidens (Blackburn 1896) [=Neocavonus bidens]CW92
| |--C. leai Carne 1957CW92
| |--C. niger (Blackburn 1888) [=*Neocavonus niger]CW92
| |--C. sculpturatus Blackburn 1888CW92
| `--C. sharpi Blackburn 1888 [incl. C. parvus Blackburn 1888]CW92
|--Pseudoryctes Sharp 1873CW92
| |--P. dispar Sharp 1875 [incl. *P. mullerianus Sharp 1873 non Oryctes mullerianus White 1859]CW92
| |--P. bidentifrons Lea 1926CW92
| |--P. etunus Carne 1957CW92
| |--P. mullerianus (White 1859) [=Oryctes mullerianus]CW92
| |--P. semicrudus Lea 1917CW92
| |--P. storeyi Carne 1980CW92
| |--P. turritus (Macleay 1888) [=Cavonus turritus; incl. P. divisus Arrow 1941]CW92
| |--P. validus Lea 1917CW92
| `--P. wilsoni Carne 1957CW92
|--‘Cryptoryctes’ Carne 1957 non Reed 1954C57, CW92
| |--*C. tectus (Blackburn 1892) [=Pseudoryctes tectus]CW92
| |--C. ater (Lea 1917) [=Pseudoryctes ater]CW92
| |--C. brittoni Carne 1957CW92
| |--C. griseopilosus (Lea 1917) [=Pseudoryctes griseopilosus]CW92
| |--C. minchami Carne 1981CW92
| |--C. monstrosus (Blackburn 1895) [=Pseudoryctes monstrosus]CW92
| |--C. nigripennis (Lea 1917) [=Pseudoryctes nigripennis]CW92
| |--C. pimbus Carne 1957CW92
| |--C. psilus Carne 1957CW92
| |--C. semiclavus (Lea 1917) [=Pseudoryctes semiclavus]CW92
| |--C. sulcatus (Arrow 1914) [=Pseudoryctes sulcatus]CW92
| |--C. trifidus (Blackburn 1895) [=Pseudoryctes trifidus]CW92
| |--C. truncatus Carne 1957CW92
| `--C. wingarus Carne 1957CW92
|--Teinogenys Sharp 1873C57, CW92 [incl. Aneurystypus Blackburn 1888CW92]
| |--*T. nitidus Sharp 1873 [incl. T. brevis Sharp 1873]CW92
| |--T. annectens Carne 1957CW92
| |--T. aurilegulus (Blackburn 1896) [=Aneurystypus aurilegulus]CW92
| |--T. calvus (Blackburn 1888) [=*Aneurystypus calvus]CW92
| |--T. carinaticeps (Lea 1919) [=Aneurystypus carinaticeps]CW92
| |--T. deceptus Carne 1957CW92
| |--T. demarzi Endrödi 1971CW92
| |--T. dives (Blackburn 1896) [=Aneurystypus dives]CW92
| |--T. inermicollis (Lea 1917) [=Aneurystypus inermicollis]CW92
| |--T. inermis Blackburn 1890CW92
| |--T. jenkinsi Carne 1957CW92
| |--T. laevis (Arrow 1914) [=Aneurystypus laevis]CW92
| |--T. metallicola (Blackburn 1892)CW92 [=Corynophyllus metallicolaCW92, Aneurystypus metallicolaC57]
| |--T. mooniensis Allsopp & Carne 1986CW92
| |--T. paradoxus Carne 1957CW92
| `--T. richardsae (Blackburn 1890) [=Aneurystypus richardsae; incl. A. pauxillus Blackburn 1909]CW92
`--Corynophyllus Hope 1845C57, CW92
|--*C. fortnumi Hope 1845CW92
|--C. andersoni Blackburn 1888CW92
|--C. arrowi Carne 1957CW92
|--C. curvicornis Lea 1919CW92
|--C. debilis Fairmaire 1877CW92
|--C. deserti Carne 1957CW92
|--C. dorrigoensis Carne 1957CW92
|--C. elricus Carne 1957CW92
|--C. haroldi Sharp 1875 [incl. C. melas Fairmaire 1877]CW92
|--C. interocularis Lea 1919CW92
|--C. macdougalli Carne 1957CW92
|--C. major Sharp 1873CW92
|--C. modestus Blackburn 1888CW92
|--C. pygidialis Carne 1957CW92
|--C. teinogenoides Carne 1957CW92
`--C. tulanus Carne 1957CW92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C57] Carne, P. B. 1957. A Systematic Revision of the Australian Dynastinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Division of Entomology, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia: Melbourne.

[CW92] Cassis, G., & T. A. Weir. 1992. Dynastinae. In: Houston, W. W. K. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 9. Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea pp. 383–425. AGPS Press: Canberra.

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