Brown-backed parrotlet Touit melanonotus, copyright Dario Sanches.

Belongs within: Psittaciformes.
Contains: Poicephalus, Psittacus, Androglossini, Brotogeris, Forpus, Arini.

The Psittacidae are a group of parrots that were treated by Joseph et al. 2012 as uniting the African Psittacinae with the Neotropical Arinae. Earlier authors had commonly used ‘Psittacidae’ in a broader sense covering most or all of the living parrots. The Psittacinae have also included many of the more ‘generalised’ parrot species but such a grouping has not been supported phylogenetically. The Arinae are morphologically diverse but biogeographically distinct, being the only clade of parrots native to the Neotropics.

<==Psittacidae [Psittacea, Psittacini]JoTo12
    |    |--Amoropsittaca aymaraRN72
    |    |--Gypopsitta vulturinaRN72
    |    |--PoicephalusJoTo12
    |    |--PsittacusBKB15
    |    |--Xenopsitta Mlíkovský 1998MG04
    |    |    `--*X. fejfari Mlíkovský 1998M02
    |    |--Microsittace ferrugineaRN72
    |    |    |--M. f. ferrugineaRN72
    |    |    `--M. f. minorRN72
    |    `--ConuropsisRN72
    |         |--C. carolinensisRN72 [=Conurus carolinensisSWK87]
    |         |    |--C. c. carolinensisD81
    |         |    `--C. c. ludovicianaD81
    |         `--C. fratercula Wetmore 1927U93
    `--Arinae [Arainae]JoTo12
         |    |--P. aurifronsBKB15
         |    |    |--P. a. aurifronsRN72
         |    |    |--P. a. robertsiRN72
         |    |    `--P. a. rubrirostrisRN72
         |    `--P. aymaraBKB15
            |  |  `--+--BrotogerisBKB15
            |  |     `--Myiopsitta monachusBKB15
            |  |          |--M. m. monachusRN72
            |  |          |--M. m. calitaRN72
            |  |          |--M. m. cotorraRN72
            |  |          `--M. m. luchsiRN72
            |  `--+--ForpusBKB15
            |     `--+--AriniBKB15
            |        `--+--Deroptyus accipitrinusBKB15
            |           |    |--D. a. accipitrinusRN72
            |           |    `--D. a. fuscifrons Hellmayr 1905RN72
            |           `--Pionites Heine 1890BKB15, B94 [Pionitini]
            |                |--P. leucogasterBKB15
            |                |    |--P. l. leucogasterRN72
            |                |    `--P. l. xanthomeriaRN72 [incl. P. xanthurusC88]
            |                `--P. melanocephalusBKB15
            |                     |--P. m. melanocephalusRN72
            |                     `--P. m. pallidaRN72
            `--+--‘Touit’ batavicusBKB15
                  |    |--T. costaricensisJeTh12 [=T. dilectissima costaricensisRN72]
                  |    |--T. dilectissimusJeTh12
                  |    |--T. huetiiJeTh12
                  |    |--T. melanonotusJeTh12
                  |    |--T. purpuratusBKB15
                  |    |    |--T. p. purpuratusJeTh12
                  |    |    `--T. p. viridicepsJeTh12
                  |    |--T. stictopterusJeTh12 [incl. T. emmaeRN72]
                  |    `--T. surdus (Kuhl 1820)JeTh12, RN72
                       |--N. panychlora (Salvin & Godman 1883)BKB15, RN72
                       `--+--N. dachilleaeBKB15
                               |--B. andicolusRN72
                               |--B. ferrugineifronsJeTh12
                               |--B. lineolaBKB15
                               |    |--B. l. lineolaRN72
                               |    |--B. l. maculatusRN72
                               |    `--B. l. tigrinusRN72
                               `--B. orbygnesiusJeTh12 (see below for synonymy)
Psittacidae incertae sedis:
  Necropsittacus Milne-Edwards 1874FS01, JoTo12
    |--N. borbonicusFP64
    `--N. rodericanusFS01
  Lophopsittacus Newton 1875FS01, JoTo12
    |--L. bensoniFS01
    `--L. mauritianusFS01
  Pyrrhulopsis personatusMS55
  Pararallus Lambrecht 1933MG04, M02
    |--*P. dispar (Milne-Edwards 1869)M02, MG04, M02 (see below for synonymy)
    `--P. hassenkampi Martini 1967M02
  Caica barrabandiSS66
  Eupsittula ocularisS18

Bolborhynchus orbygnesiusJeTh12 [=Psilopsiagon aurifrons orbygnesiusRN72; incl. P. aurifrons margaritaeRN72]

*Pararallus dispar (Milne-Edwards 1869)M02, MG04, M02 [=Rallus disparM02; incl. Psittacus lartetianus Milne-Edwards 1872MG04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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