Psococerastis gibbosa, copyright Christophe Quintin.

Belongs within: Psocinae.

Psococerastis is a widespread genus of relatively large barklice with fore wing veins Rs and M meeting at a point or linked by a short crossvein, and the first portion of vein Cu1a longer than the second portion; the fore wing veins are entirely glabrous, and veins R2+3 and R4+5 diverging basally at an angle of about 60° (New & Lienhard 2007).

<==Psococerastis Pearman 1932L02
| |--*P. gibbosa (Sulzer 1776)L02 (see below for synonymy)
| |--P. albimaculata Li & Yang 1988L02
| |--P. ampullaris Li 1992L02
| |--P. boseiensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. formosa Li 2002L02
| |--P. galeata Li 2002L02
| |--P. huangshanensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. linearis Li 1990L02
| |--P. melanostigma Li 2002L02
| |--P. nigriventris Li 1997L02
| |--P. sangzhiensis Li 1992L02
| |--P. stulticaulis Li 1989L02
| |--P. venigra Li & Yang 1992L02
| `--P. venimaculis Li & Yang 1987L02, L03 [=P. venimacula (l. c.)L03, P. venimaculatus (l. c.)L03, P. venimaculiL03]
| |--P. aurata Li 2002L02
| |--P. baishanzuica Li 1995L02
| |--P. brachyneura Li 2002L02
| |--P. brachypoda Li 1990L02
| |--P. capitulatis Li 2002L02
| |--P. chebalingensis Li 1993L02
| |--P. cuspidata Li 1992L02
| |--P. deflecta Li 2002L02
| |--P. denticuligis Li 2002L02
| |--P. dicoccis Li 1995L02
| |--P. dissidens Li 2002L02
| |--P. duoipunctata Li 2002L02
| |--P. emeiensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. fenestralis Li 2002L02
| |--P. fluctimarginalis Li 2002L02
| |--P. gansuiensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. gracilescens Li 2002L02
| |--P. guangxiensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. hainanensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. huapingana Li 2002L02
| |--P. hunaniensis Li 1992L02 [=P. hunanensisL03]
| |--P. macrotaenialis Li 2002L02
| |--P. malleata Li & Yang 1987L02
| |--P. microdonta Li 2002L02
| |--P. moganshanensis Li 1992L02
| |--P. pandurata Li 2002L02
| |--P. parallelica Li 1992L02
| |--P. pingtangensis Li 1990L02
| |--P. pingxiangensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. platypis Li 2002L02
| |--P. platytaenia Li 2002L02
| |--P. plicata Li 2002L02
| |--P. polygonalis Li & Yang 1987L02
| |--P. psaronipunctata Li 2002L02
| |--P. quadrisecta Li 1993L02
| |--P. quinidentata Li 1999L02
| |--P. scissilis Li 1992L02 [=P. sissilis (l. c.)L03]
| |--P. sexpunctata Li 2002L02
| |--P. shanxiensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. shennongjiana Li 2002L02
| |--P. tianmushanensis Li 2002L02
| |--P. trichotoma Li & Yang 1987L02
| |--P. turriformis Li 2002L02
| |--P. urceolaris Li 2002L02
| |--P. weijuni Li 2002L02
| |--P. zayuensis Li & Yang 1987L02
| `--P. zhaoi Li 1999L02
|--P. baihuashanensis Li 2002L02
|--P. betulisuga Li 2002L02
|--P. bomiensis Li & Yang 1987L02
|--P. curvivalvae Li 1990L02
|--P. exilis Li 2002L02
|--P. pellucidatis Li & Yang 1987L02
|--P. platynota Li 2002L02
|--P. platyraphis Li 1990L02
|--P. polystictis Li & Yang 1987L02
|--P. protractis Li 2002L02
|--P. punctulosa Li 2002L02
|--P. pyriformis Li 1995L02
|--P. spatiosis Li 2002L02
|--P. stipularis Li 1997L02
|--P. tibetensis Li & Yang 1987L02
|--P. trilobata Li & Yang 1987L02
`--P. yunnanensis Li 2002L02

Psococerastis incertae sedis:
P. annae Thornton 1984NL07
P. aspinosa Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
P. bakeri (Banks 1913)NL07
P. bengalensis (Kolbe 1883)NL07 [=P. taprobanes var. bengalensisL02]
P. bispinosa Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
P. callanganusL02
P. collessi Smithers & Thornton 1981NL07
P. cosmoptera (McLachlan 1866)NL07
P. discalis (Navás 1920)NL07
P. fasciata Mockford 1981L02
P. flavistigma (Kolbe 1885)NL07
P. fortunae Mockford 1981L02
P. fuelleborni (Enderlein 1902) [=Psocus fuelleborni]B55
P. ghesquierei Badonnel 1949B55
P. golfita Mockford 1981L02
P. interrupta New 1972L02
P. joannisi (Navás 1934)NL07
P. lifashengi Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
P. lombokensis (Navás 1927)NL07
P. lutoris (Soehardjan & Hamann 1959)NL07
P. luzonensis (Banks 1916)NL07
P. murudensis (Karny 1925)NL07
P. nirvanus (Banks 1914)L02
P. nubilaYS01
P. paraguayana (Ribaga 1908)L02
P. parasinensis New 1975NL07
P. ryukyuensis Tsutsumi 1964L02
P. sinensis Thornton 1960L02
P. taprobanes (Hagen 1858)NL07
P. tokyoensis (Enderlein 1906)L02

*Psococerastis gibbosa (Sulzer 1776)L02 [=Phryganea gibbosaL02, Psocus gibbosusL02; incl. Psocus lineatus Latreille 1799G74, Hemerobius longicornis Fabricius 1777L02, Psocus longicornisL95, Phryganea saltatrix Linnaeus 1746 (pre-Linnean)G74]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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