Psychoda alternata, copyright Ivan Stankovic.
Belongs within: Psychodoidea.

The Psychodinae, moth flies, are a group of densely hairy flies whose larvae are most commonly found in moist or semi-aquatic habitats (Wagner & Ibáñez-Bernal 2009).

Characters (from Wagner & Ibáñez-Bernal 2009): Eye reniform with extension towards midline forming eye bridge above antennal insertions; eyes continuous or separated, rarely with eye bridge short and acutely pointed; flagellomeres fusiform, pyriform or nodiform.

<==Psychodinae WI-B09
|–Maruina [Maruinini] WI-B09
|    `–M. hirta WM96
|–Pericomini WI-B09
|    |–Lepidiella WI-B09
|    `–Pericoma (Clytocerus) americana WI-B09, QV81
|–Paramormiini WI-B09
|    |–Clogmia albipunctata WI-B09, WT11
|    |–Telmatoscopus mergacolis WI-B09
|    `–Paramormia [incl. Duckhousiella] WI-B09
|         |–P. furcata WI-B09
|         `–P. ustulata WI-B09
|–Mormiini WI-B09
|    |–Atrichobrunettia alternata WI-B09, CM91
|    |–Bryopharsos WI-B09
|    |–Eugenys clavellata WI-B09
|    |–Mormia O98
|    `–Brunettia [incl. Neobrunettia Bravo & Amorim 1995] WI-B09
|         `–B. dominicana WI-B09
|–Psychodini WI-B09
|    |–Trichopsychoda insulicola WI-B09, QV81
|    |–Threticus WI-B09
|    |–Feuerborniella WI-B09
|    |–Philosepedon WI-B09
|    |    |–P. helicis WM96
|    |    |–P. mauroae Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96
|    |    |–P. opposita WM96
|    |    `–P. quatei WM96
|    `–Psychoda WI-B09
|         |–P. alternata CM91
|         |–P. cinerea WI-B09
|         |–P. harrisi M83
|         |–P. juliae Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96
|         |–P. ocellaris G20
|         |–P. phalaenoides WI-B09
|         |–P. puertoricana Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96
|         |–P. satchelli WM96
|         `–P. spatulata M83
`–Setomimini WI-B09
|–Nemoneura liparotes WI-B09
|–Didicrum pyramidon WI-B09
|–Desmioza WI-B09
|–Didimioza symphilia WI-B09
|–Thrysocanthus WI-B09
|–Valerianna WI-B09
|–Neoarisemus maesi WI-B09
|–Neurosystasis WI-B09
|–Armillipora selvica Quate 1996 WI-B09
|–*Australopericoma caudata [incl. A. wirthi] WI-B09
|–Balbagathis discuspis WI-B09
|–Setomima WI-B09
|–Platyplastinx WI-B09
|–Micrommatos WI-B09
|    |–M. simplex WI-B09
|    `–M. sylvaticum WI-B09
|–Caenobrunettia WI-B09
|    |–C. sarculosa WI-B09
|    `–C. subditicia WI-B09
|–Tonnoira WI-B09
|    |–T. cavernicola WI-B09
|    `–T. rapiformis WI-B09
|–Alepia WI-B09
|    |–A. diocula WI-B09
|    |–A. hirtiventris WI-B09
|    `–A. longinoi WI-B09
`–Arisemus WI-B09
|–*A. boxi WM96
|–A. amydrus WI-B09
|–A. buzbyae Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96
|–A. mariannae Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96
`–A. waidei Wagner & Masteller 1996 WM96

Psychodinae incertae sedis:
Eurygarka helicis QV81
Breviscapus QV81
Neotelmatoscopus O98
Paratelmatoscopus O98
Epacretron O98
Gerobrunettia O98
Notiocharis O98
Peripsychoda O98
Ulomyia RD77
Termitomastus RD77
Termitodipteron RD77
Termitadelphos RD77
Thornburghiella marginalis BW09 [=Pericoma marginalis QV81]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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