Ecnomina sp., from here.
Belongs within: Trichoptera.
Contains: Polycentropodidae.

The Psychomyioidea are a clade of caddisflies characterised by flattened larvae with a hydrophobous cuticle (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002).

Synapomorphies (from Ivanova & Sukatsheva 2002): Larval pronotal hind angles joining sternum behind coxa, prelabio-hypopharynx sclerotised dorsally, prementum not distinguishable, spinneret tending to be long; larva flat, larval cuticle hydrophobous; antenna with one basiconic sensilla; adult scutal warts rounded.

|–Dysoneuridae [Disoneuridae] GE05
|    |–Onkovena sharategensis IS02
|    |–Bullvenia grandis IS02
|    `–Utania remissa Sukacheva 1990 RJ93
`–+–+–Xiphocentronidae GE05
|  `–Psychomyiinae [Psychomyidae, Psychomyiidae] IS02
|       |–Psychomyia Latreille 1829 BZ-M04
|       |    |–P. flavida KP19
|       |    `–P. pusilla (Fabricius 1781) BZ-M04
|       |–Lype McLachlan 1878 BZ-M04
|       |    |–L. reducta (Hagen 1868) BZ-M04
|       |    `–L. sericea RJ93
|       |–Metalype Klapálek 1898 BZ-M04
|       |    `–M. fragilis (Pictet 1834) BZ-M04
|       `–Tinodes Curtis 1834 BZ-M04
|            |–T. algiricus McLachlan 1880 BZ-M04
|            |–T. assimilis McLachlan 1865 BZ-M04
|            |–T. baenai González & Otero 1984 BZ-M04
|            |–T. dives (Pictet 1834) BZ-M04
|            |–T. maclachlani Kimmins 1966 BZ-M04
|            |–T. maculicornis (Pictet 1834) BZ-M04
|            |–T. maroccanus Mosely 1938 BZ-M04
|            `–T. waeneri (Linnaeus 1758) BZ-M04
`–+–Dipseudopsidae GE05
`–+–Electrabertidae GE05
|–Polycentropodidae GE05
`–Ecnomidae GE05
|–Archaeotinodes angusta RJ93
|–Ecnomus McLachlan 1864 BZ-M04
|    |–*E. tenellus (Rambur 1842) [=Philopotamus tenellus] N83
|    |–E. continentalis Ulmer 1916 N83
|    |–E. cygnitus Neboiss 1982 N83
|    |–E. deceptor McLachlan 1884 BZ-M04
|    |–E. pansus Neboiss 1982 N83
|    |–E. russellius Neboiss 1977 N83
|    |–E. tillyardi Mosely 1953 N83
|    `–E. turgidus Neboiss 1982 N83
`–Ecnomina Kimmins 1953 N83
|–*E. spinosa Kimmins 1953 N83
|–E. batyle Neboiss 1977 N83
|–E. chorisis Neboiss 1978 N83
|–E. cohibilis Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. irrorata Kimmins 1953 N83
|–E. krokale Neboiss 1978 N83
|–E. legula Neboiss 1977 N83
|–E. merga Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. mesembria Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. scindens Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. sentosa Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. thinotes Neboiss 1978 N83
|–E. trifurcata Kimmins 1953 N83
|–E. trulla Neboiss 1982 N83
|–E. vega Neboiss 1977 N83
`–E. viatica Neboiss 1982 N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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