Pterodactylus antiquus, from Vidovic & Martill (2014), modified by Matthew Martyniuk.

Belongs within: Pterodactyloidea.

Pterodactylus is a genus of medium-sized pterosaurs known from the later Jurassic, representing one of the earlier representatives of the short-tailed pterodactyloids (Wellnhofer 1991).

<==Pterodactylus Cuvier 1809U03 [=Ornithocephalus Soemmering 1812W91]
    |--P. antiquus (Soemmering 1812)K03 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. arningi Reck 1931 (n. d.)W91
    |--P. brancai Reck 1931 (n. d.)W91
    |--P. cerinensis von Meyer 1859W91
    |--P. daviesii Owen 1874 [=Lonchodectes daviesii, Ornithocheirus daviesi, Ornithochirus (l. c.) daviesi]RK13
    |--P. fittoni Owen 1859 (n. d.)RK13 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. grandipelvisW91
    |--P. grandisW91
    |--P. manselli Owen 1874 (n. d.)W91
    |--P. maximus Reck 1931 (n. d.)W91
    |--P. pleydelli Owen 1874 (n. d.)W91
    |--P. sagittirostris Owen 1874 (n. d.) [=Lonchodectes sagittirostris, Ornithocheirus sagittirostris]RK13
    |--P. suprajurensis Sauvage 1873W91
    `--P. woodwardi Owen 1861 (n. d.) [=Criorhynchus woodwardi, Ornithocheirus woodwardi, Ptenodactylus woodwardi]RK13
Nomina nuda: Pterodactylus curtus Owen 1874 [=Ornithocheirus curtus]RK13
             Pterodactylus nobilis Owen 1874RK13

Pterodactylus antiquus (Soemmering 1812)K03 [=Ornithocephalus antiquusW91, P. longirostris Cuvier 1819W91; incl. O. brevirostris Soemmering 1817W91, P. brevirostrisW91, P. kochi von Meyer 1859A08]

Pterodactylus fittoni Owen 1859 (n. d.)RK13 [=Anhanguera fittoniRK13, Coloborhynchus fittoniA08, Ornithocheirus fittoniRK13, Ornithochirus (l. c.) fittoniRK13, Ptenodactylus fittoniRK13]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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