Blue pie-dish beetle Pterohelaeus peltatus, copyright Simon Grove.

Belongs within: Heleini.

Pterohelaeus is an Australasian genus of pie-dish beetles whose larvae may be notable pests of dryland crops (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Colour piceous, rarely brown, without reticulate ridges. Not floccose, but sometimes pruinose. Anterior edge of clypeus not exposing any part of labral hinge membrane. Apical maxillary palpomere variable. Lateral margins of prothorax without setae. Wing (if present) without medial fleck. Protibial spurs about half length of protarsomere. Lower surfaces of tarsi densely tomentose.

<==Pterohelaeus Brême 1842 [=Pterelaeus Gemminger & Harold 1870; incl. Barytipha Pascoe 1869, Pezohelaeus Gebien 1920]MB08
    |--*P. walkeri Brême 1842 [incl. P. riverinae Macleay 1887]MB08
    |--P. acuticollis Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. agonus Pascoe 1866MB08
    |--P. alternatus Pascoe 1869MB08
    |--P. arcanus Pascoe 1870MB08
    |--P. asellus Pascoe 1870MB08
    |--P. assimilis Carter 1922MB08
    |--P. bremei Macleay 1872MB08
    |--P. brevicornis Blackburn 1907MB08
    |--P. broadhursti Lea 1896MB08
    |--P. castaneus Carter 1933MB08
    |--P. cellulosus Carter 1934MB08
    |--P. cereus Macley 1887MB08
    |--P. commixtus Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. confusus Macleay 1872MB08
    |--P. convexiusculus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. cornutus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. costatus Macleay 1887 [incl. P. nigricornis Champion 1894]MB08
    |--P. crenulatus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. cylindricus Carter 1914MB08
    |--P. darlingensis Carter 1919MB08
    |--P. darwini Lea 1896 [incl. Saragus perlaevis Carter 1911]MB08
    |--P. depressiusculus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. dispar Pascoe 1869 [incl. P. abdominalis Lea 1896]MB08
    |--P. dispersus Macleay 1887 [incl. P. fraternus Blackburn 1895, P. ovalis Blackburn 1888]MB08
    |--P. ellipsoides Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. elongatus Macleay 1872MB08
    |--P. geminatus Blackburn 1890 [incl. P. subpunctatus Carter 1911]MB08
    |--P. gilesi Carter 1919MB08
    |--P. gracilicornis Blackburn 1907MB08
    |--P. granulatus Germar 1848MB08
    |--P. granuliger Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. guerini Brême 1842 (see below for synonymy)MB08
    |--P. hackeri Carter 1922MB08
    |--P. hirtus Macleay 1888 [=*Pezohelaeus hirtus; incl. Pt. denticollis Carter 1914]MB08
    |--P. insignis Blackburn 1888MB08
    |--P. insularis Brême 1842 [incl. P. darwiniensis Macleay 1887]MB08
    |--P. interruptus Carter 1920MB08
    |--P. kollari Brême 1842MB08
    |--P. laticollis Pascoe 1869MB08
    |--P. latifolius Carter 1939MB08
    |--P. latus (Carter 1910) [=Encara lata]MB08
    |--P. litigiosus Pascoe 1869MB08
    |--P. minimus Pascoe 1869MB08
    |--P. montanus (Carter 1910) [=Saragus montanus]MB08
    |--P. nigellus Carter 1928MB08
    |--P. nitidissimus Pascoe 1869MB08
    |--P. nitidiusculus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. nodicostis Carter 1920MB08
    |--P. nodulosus Carter 1910MB08
    |--P. obliteratus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. oblongus Carter 1920MB08
    |--P. opacus Carter 1914MB08
    |--P. opatroides Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. orbicularis Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. ovulum Haag-Rutenberg 1878MB08
    |--P. parallelus Brême 1842MB08
    |--P. parvipunctatus Carter 1921MB08
    |--P. peltatus (Erichson 1842) [=Cilibe peltata]MB08
    |--P. persculptus Carter 1922MB08
    |--P. piceus (Kirby 1819) [=Helaeus piceus; incl. P. pascoei Macleay 1872, P. pruinosus Pascoe 1866]MB08
    |--P. planior Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. planus Blessig 1861 (see below for syonymy)MB08
    |--P. politus Carter 1911MB08
    |--P. puncticollis Carter 1910MB08
    |--P. punctipennis Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. pusillus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. raucus Blackburn 1890MB08
    |--P. reichei Brême 1842MB08
    |--P. rubescens Carter 1914MB08
    |--P. septemcostatus Carter 1910MB08
    |--P. sericeus Carter 1915MB08
    |--P. servus Pascoe 1866MB08
    |--P. setosus Carter 1928MB08
    |--P. simplicicollis Blackburn 1907MB08
    |--P. sinuaticollis Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. socialis (Pascoe 1869) [=*Barytipha socialis]MB08
    |--P. solidus Carter 1910MB08
    |--P. spinicollis Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. squalidus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. sternalis Carter 1911MB08
    |--P. striatopunctatus (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)MB08
    |--P. subcostatus Carter 1911MB08
    |--P. subgeminatus Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. sublaevis Carter 1911MB08
    |--P. subsericeus Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. tenuicostis Carter 1933MB08
    |--P. teres Carter 1937MB08
    |--P. thymaloides Macleay 1887MB08
    |--P. tristis (Germar 1848) [=Cilibe tristis; incl. P. memnonius Pascoe 1866, P. tenuistriatus Lea 1897]MB08
    |--P. ‘tristis’ Lea 1896 non Cilibe tristis Germar 1848L96
    |--P. undulatus Carter 1910MB08
    `--P. vestitus Carter 1914MB08

Pterohelaeus guerini Brême 1842 [incl. P. bullatus Pascoe 1866, P. puer Blackburn 1907, P. regularis Blackburn 1907, P. ventralis Blackburn 1907]MB08

Pterohelaeus planus Blessig 1861 [incl. P. bagotensis Blackburn 1896, P. hepaticus Pascoe 1869, P. peltatus Brême 1842 non Cilibe peltata Erichson 1842, P. peltoides Macleay 1887]MB08

Pterohelaeus striatopunctatus (Boisduval 1835) [=Cilibe striatopunctata; incl. P. ater Blackburn 1888, P. glaber Macleay 1887, P. vicarius Pascoe 1869]MB08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L96] Lea, A. M. 1896. Descriptions of new species of Australian Coleoptera. Part III. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 21 (3): 284–319.

[MB08] Matthews, E. G., & P. Bouchard. 2008. Tenebrionid Beetles of Australia: Descriptions of tribes, keys to genera, catalogue of species. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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