Female Lisseurytoma violaceitincta, from Bouček (1988).

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.
Contains: Colotrechninae, Pachyneurinae, Sycophaginae, Miscogastrinae, Otitesellini, Pteromalini.

The Ormocerinae are a group of wasps, most diverse in the Australian region, that are all (so far as is known) either gall-makers or inquilines of other gall-forming insects (Bouček 1988).

The Pteromalinae is a diverse (albeit somewhat poorly defined) group of chalcidoid wasps parasitising a wide range of host insects. The taxa listed below were treated as separate subfamilies by Bouček (1988), but these were not resolved as reciprocally monophyletic by the molecular analysis of Munro et al. (2011).

    |  `--Ditropinotella Girault 1915B88 [incl. Roptrocerella Girault 1929B88; DitropinotellinaeHB13]
    |       |--*D. compressiventris Girault 1915B88
    |       |--D. ciron (Walker 1839) [=Miscogaster ciron, Lamprotatus ciron]B88
    |       `--D. latipennis (Girault 1929) [=*Roptrocerella latipennis]B88
    `--+--Trigonoderinae [Trigonoderini]HB13
       |    |--PlutothrixHB13
       |    |--Trigonoderus Westwood 1832BM22
       |    |    `--T. irvingi Girault 1917G17e
       |    |--Gastracanthus acutusBM22
       |    |--PlatygerrhusBM22
       |    |    |--P. affinisMH11
       |    |    `--P. columbianus [=Panstenon columbianum]B88
       |    |--EuteliscaBM22
       |    |--JanssoniellaBM22
       |    |--Miscogasteriella Girault 1915BM22, B88 [incl. Glyptosticha Masi 1926B88]
       |    |    |--*M. longiventris Girault 1915B88
       |    |    |--M. flavipes [=*Glyptosticha flavipes]B88
       |    |    `--M. sulcata (Kamijo 1963) [=Glyptosticha sulcata]B88
       |    |--Neolelaps Ashmead 1901BM22, D07
       |    |    |--*N. hawaiiensis Ashmead 1901D07
       |    |    `--N. flavipes Ashmead 1901D07
       |    `--OglobliniscaBM22
       `--Pteromalinae [Bruchobiini, Dinarmini, Merisinae, Pteromalina, Sphegigasterinae]HB13
            |  i. s.: ManineuraB88
            |         Neocylus Bouček 1988B88
            |           `--*N. nigraeneus (Girault 1913) (see below for synonymy)B88
            |         Cairnsia Bouček 1988B88
            |           `--*C. stylifera Bouček 1988B88
            |         Briania Bouček 1988B88
            |           `--*B. kukensis Bouček 1988B88
            |         Buloloa Bouček 1988B88
            |           `--*B. bidens Bouček 1988B88
            |         Kratinka Bouček 1988B88
            |           `--*K. brevis Bouček 1988B88
            |         Acanthometopon Ashmead 1904 [=Acanthometapon]B88
            |           `--*A. clavicorne Ashmead 1904 [=A. clavicornis]B88
            |         Trigonoderoides Kamijo 1963B88
            |           |--*T. nigricans [=Glyptosticha nigricans]B88
            |           `--T. niger Bouček 1988B88
            |         Calolelaps Timberlake 1925D07
            |           |--*C. basalis Timberlake 1925D07
            |           `--C. coeruleus Timberlake 1925D07
            |         Mesolelaps Ashmead 1901D07 [=Mesolaelaps Schulz 1906B88; Mesolelapini]
            |           `--*M. cyaneiventris Ashmead 1901D07
            |         Stictolelaps Timberlake 1925D07
            |           |--*S. flaviventris Timberlake 1925D07
            |           `--S. stigmatus Timberlake 1925D07

Pteromalidae incertae sedis:
  Erixestus Crawford 1910 [Erixestinae]BM22
    `--E. winnemanaBM22
  Ormocerinae [Ormoceridae, Ormocerini]BM22
    |--Ormocerus Walker 1834BM22
    |    |--O. bambyce Walker 1839W39
    |    |--O. borges Walker 1839W39
    |    |--O. drymo Walker 1839W39
    |    |--O. latusBM22
    |    |--O. mandrocles Walker 1839W39
    |    |--O. pisuthrus Walker 1839W39
    |    |--O. trasullus Walker 1839W39
    |    `--O. vibulenus Walker 1839W39
    |--Cecidoxenus Ashmead 1904BM22, B88 [incl. Parachrysomalla Girault 1915B88]
    |    |--*C. nigrocyaneus Ashmead 1904 [incl. Parachrysomalla secunda Girault 1917]B88
    |    `--C. aereifemur (Girault 1915) [=*Parachrysomalla aereifemur]B88

*Neocylus nigraeneus (Girault 1913) [=Polycysteloides nigraeneus; incl. Aplastomorpha reticulata Dodd in Girault 1915]B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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