Yellow-breasted fruit dove Ptilinopus occipitalis, photographed by Talalak.

Belongs within: Treroninae.

Ptilinopus, the fruit doves, is an assemblage of generally compact, short-tailed, brightly coloured doves found in southeast Asia and Australasia. Fruit doves are diverse in appearance and some authors have divided them between separate genera. Phylogenetic analysis also suggests that the cloven-feathered dove Drepanoptila holosericea of New Caledonia and the blue pigeons Alectroenas of Madagascar and the Mascarenes are nested within Ptilinopus in the broad sense.

Members of the genus include the wompoo pigeon P. magnificus of New Guinea and eastern Australia, which is mostly green in coloration with a paler head, purple breast and yellow bill with red base. Males of the black-chinned fruit dove P. leclancheri of the Philippines have a pale grey head and breast, green belly and wings, and a black band separating grey and green on the underparts; females are more uniformly green.

<==Ptilinopus Swainson 1825CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. magnificusBKB15 [=Carpophaga magnificaT62, Megaloprepia magnificaT62]
    |    |--P. m. magnificusT62
    |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. alarisT62
    |    |--P. m. assimilisM03 [=Megaloprepia magnifica assimilisT62]
    |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. interpositaT62
    |    |--P. m. keriM03 [=Megaloprepia magnifica keriT62]
    |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. poliuraT62
    |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. puellaT62
    |    `--‘Megaloprepia’ m. septentrionalisT62
    `--+--+--P. leclancheriBKB15 [=Leucotreron leclancheriRN72b]
       |  |    |--P. l. leclancheriR62
       |  |    |--P. l. longialis Manuel 1936R62
       |  |    `--P. l. taiwanus Ripley 1962R62
       |  `--P. occipitalisBKB15 [=Leucotreron occipitalisRN72b]
       `--+--P. melanospilusBKB15
          |    |--P. m. melanospilusT62
          |    |--P. m. margarethaT62
          |    `--P. m. xanthorrhoaR02
          `--+--+--P. luteovirensBKB15
             |  `--P. victorBKB15 [=Chrysoena victorRN72a]
             `--+--+--Drepanoptila holosericea (Temminck 1811)BKB15, CC10
                |  `--Alectroenas Gray 1840BKB15, B94 [Alectroenadinae]
                |       |--A. madagascariensisBKB15 [=Ptilopus madagascariensisS66]
                |       |--A. nitidissimaFS01
                |       |--A. pulcherrimaJT12
                |       |--A. rodericanaFS01
                |       `--A. sganziniJT12 [=Ptilopus sganziniS66]
                `--+--+--P. solomonensisBKB15
                   |  `--+--P. rivoliBKB15
                   |     `--P. superbusBKB15 [=Columba superbaCC10, *Lamprotreron superbusCC10, Ptilopus superbusR87]
                   `--+--P. pulchellusBKB15
                      |    |--P. p. pulchellusT62
                      |    `--P. p. decorusT62
                      `--+--*P. regina Swainson 1825CC10, BKB15, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
                         |    |--P. r. reginaT62
                         |    `--P. r. flavicollisT62
                         `--+--P. rarotongensisBKB15
                            `--P. richardsiiBKB15
                                 |--P. r. richardsiiT62
                                 `--P. r. cyanopterusT62
Ptilinopus incertae sedis:
  P. arcanusJT12
  P. aurantiifronsJT12
  P. bernsteiniiJT12
  P. chalcurusJT12
  P. cinctusJT12 [=Leucotreron cinctaA61]
  P. coralensisJT12
  P. coronulatusJT12
  P. dohertyiJT12
  P. dupetithouarsiiJT12
  P. eugeniaeJT12
  P. ewingii Gould 1842WS48 [=P. regina ewingiiM03, *Reginopus ewingiiCC10]
  P. fischeriJT12 [=Leucotreron fischeriRN72a]
  ‘Megaloprepia’ formosaT62
  P. granulifronsJT12
  P. greyiiJT12 [=Ptilopus greyiS13]
  P. huttoniJT12
  P. hyogastrusJT12
  P. insolitusJT12
  P. insularisJT12
  P. iozonusJT12
  P. jambuJT12
  P. layardiJT12
  P. marcheiJT12
  P. mercieriiFS01
  P. merrilliJT12
  P. monachaJT12
  P. nainaJT12
  P. ornatusJT12
  P. pelewensisJT12
  P. perlatusJT12
  P. perousiiJT12
  P. porphyraceusJT12 [=Ptilopus porphyraceusS13]
    |--P. p. porphyraceusS13
    |--‘Ptilopus’ p. clementinaeS13
    `--P. p. fasciatusRN72a [=Ptilopus fasciatusS13]
  P. porphyreusJT12
  P. purpuratusJT12
  P. roseicapillaJT12
  P. subgularisJT12
  P. tannensisJT12
  P. viridisJT12
    |--P. v. viridisJ06
    |--P. v. lewisiiJ06
    `--P. v. pectoralisJ06
  P. wallaciiJT12

Ptilinopus Swainson 1825CC10 [incl. Chrysoena Bonaparte 1854B94, Lamprotreron Bonaparte 1854CC10, Leucotreron Bonaparte 1854B94, Megaloprepia Reichenbach 1853B94, Ptilopus Strickland 1841 non Schoenherr 1823B94, Reginopus Mathews 1913CC10; Chrysoeninae, Leucotreroninae, Megaloprepiinae, Ptilinopodinae, Ptilopodinae]

*Ptilinopus regina Swainson 1825CC10, BKB15, CC10 [=*P. purpuratus var. reginaCC10; incl. P. swainsonii Gould 1842CC10, P. regina yorki Mathews 1922CC10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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