Ptilota serrata, copyright Lauriane B-I.

Belongs within: Ceramiales.

Ptilota is a genus of red algae bearing feathery fronds.

Characters (from Womersley 1998): Thallus erect, complanately branched, with main axes bearing indeterminate laterals for three or four orders, with opposite branches but one of each pair strongly developed and the opposite one short; determinate branches with opposite, shorter, branchlets; branches becoming corticated by closely appressed filaments from close to apices and oval in section; holdfast discoid, rhizoidal. Structure. Apical cells of indeterminate branches dividing obliquely, with first alternate laterals and later a smaller opposite branch. Periaxial cells producing ascending and descending branched cortical filaments forming a cortex of small cells, with rhizoids developing around the axial cells. Cells uninucleate. Gametophytes dioecious. Procarps subterminal on indeterminate branches, with the axial cell bearing 4 periaxial cells, one (the supporting cell) with a sterile group and a lateral 4-celled carpogonial branch; the apical cell, sterile group and the 3 vegetative periaxial cells all produce short filaments with terminal hair cells. Auxiliary cells developing post-fertilization a gonimoblast of 2–3 successive globose lobes, with a basal fusion cell. Involucral branchlets develop from periaxial cells of the next lower segment. Spermatangia borne in clusters around cells of uniseriate filaments. Tetrasporangia occur terminally in clusters on ultimate uniseriate filaments, pyriform, tetrahedrally divided.

<==Ptilota (nom. cons.)C03
    |--*P. gunneriC03
    |--P. asplenioides (Esper) Agardh 1822 [=Plumaria asplenioides]S57
    |--P. californica Ruprecht ex Harvey 1853 [=Plumaria californica]S57
    |--P. densaH04
    |--P. elegans [incl. P. sericea]G64
    |--P. filicina (Farlow) Agardh 1876 [=Plumaria filicina]S57
    |--P. hypnoides Harvey 1833 [=Plumaria hypnoides]S57
    |--P. pectinata (Gunner) Kjellman 1889S57
    |--P. plumosaWN00
    |--P. serrataP01
    `--P. tenuis Kylin 1925 [=Plumaria tenuis]S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


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