Ptychodon leioda, from Ponder & Warren (1965).

Belongs within: Punctoidea.

Ptychodon is an Australasian genus of small snails with plates and processes within the aperture (Powell 1961).

<==Ptychodon Ancey 1888 P61
|–*P. (Ptychodon) leioda (Hutton 1883) [=Strobila leiodus] P61
|–P. (Helenoconcha Pilsbry 1892) TTE93
`–P. (Pseudohelenoconcha Germain 1932) TTE93

Ptychodon incertae sedis:
P. aorangi (Suter 1890) P61
P. blacki Dell 1955 P61
P. chiltoni (Suter 1909) P61
P. cryptobidens (Suter 1891) P61
P. davidi Ladd 1968 F71
P. fiordlandica Dell 1955 P61
P. gadus Dell 1954 P61
|–P. g. gadus P61
`–P. g. obscurus Dell 1955 P61
P. hectori (Suter 1890) P61
P. hunuaensis Suter 1894 P61
P. iredalia (Webster 1908) P61
P. jessica (Hutton 1883) P61
P. microundulata (Suter 1890) P61
P. minuta (Suter 1909) P61
P. monoplax (Suter 1913) P61
|–P. m. monoplax P61
|–P. m. hiarara Dell 1954 P61
`–P. m. takahea Dell 1955 P61
P. pseudoleioda (Suter 1890) P61
P. suteri Murdoch & Finlay 1923 P61
P. tau (Pfeiffer 1862) P61
P. ureweraensis (Suter 1899) P61
P. varicosa (Pfeiffer 1853) P61
P. wairarapa (Suter 1890) P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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