Ptycta polluta, photographed by Graham Montgomery.

Belongs within: Psocinae.

Ptycta is a widespread genus of barklice with a particular radiation of species on the Hawaiian islands. The exact limits of the genus are uncertain, however, with a number of species assigned whose relationships require investigation. Males of Ptycta in the strict sense have the phallosome slender and basally tapering, and the epiproct extending over the clunium centrally (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from Mockford 1993): Adults of both sexes macropterous. Nine distal inner labral sensilla. Forewing markings extremely variable: usually a dark mark in pterostigma and dark marks on diagonal from pterostigma base to nodulus, but some species with extensive wing banding. Hypandrium with or without basal sclerites; with asymmetrical median strap based in middle or right, some species with processes at base of strap. Phallosome slightly tapering and rounded anteriorly; distally with pair of semi-membranous (presumed) external parameres and median aedeagal process of varying width, usually bifid at apex. Male epiproct chair-shaped, extending anteriorly over clunium. Male paraproct with distal process long, slender, acuminate; no bulge on shoulder lateral to process; sense cushion near base of paraproct; basal articular region short and broad. Subgenital plate with distal piece short and wide, about as long as its basal width; pigmented arms directed anterolaterally, somewhat widened distally. Ovipositor valvulae: v2 with long, slender distal process; v3 ovoid; median lobe variable, prominent to absent.

<==Ptycta Enderlein 1925SN08
    |--*P. haleakalae [=Psocus haleakalae]SN08
    |    |--P. h. haleakalaeCT72
    |    `--P. h. hualalaiCT72
    |--P. abouchari Badonnel 1986B86
    |--P. acraeaB86
    |--P. afasciata Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. apicanthaCT72
    |    |--P. a. apicanthaCT72
    |    |--P. a. mauiensisCT72
    |    `--P. a. multicanthaCT72
    |--P. apicanthoidesCT72
    |    |--P. a. apicanthoidesCT72
    |    `--P. a. palligenaCT72
    |--P. australis Schmidt & Thornton 1993SN08
    |--P. breuschi Smithers & Thornton 1990NL07
    |--P. buettikeri Badonnel 1982L98
    |--P. caboverdensis Meinander 1966L98
    |--P. campbelli Schmidt & Thornton 1993SN08
    |--P. colei Schmidt & New 2008SN08
    |--P. curvata Li 2002L02
    |--P. dentataB86
    |--P. diadelaCT72
    |--P. diastemaCT72
    |--P. dicrosaCT72
    |--P. discleraCT72
    |    |--P. d. discleraCT72
    |    `--P. d. iaoensisCT72
    |--P. distincta Smithers & Thornton 1990NL07
    |--P. distinguendaCT72
    |--P. drepanaCT72
    |--P. drepanoidesCT72
    |--P. elegantula Li 1999L02
    |--P. emarginata New 1974 [incl. P. cornigera New 1974]SN08
    |--P. episciaCT72
    |--P. expansaB86
    |--P. fittkaui Badonnel 1986B86
    |--P. flavipalpi Li & Yang 1987L03, L02 [=P. flavipalpae (l. c.)L03]
    |--P. floresensis Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. freycineti Schmidt & New 2008SN08
    |--P. frogneriCT72
    |--P. frontalis Thornton 1984NL07
    |--P. furcata Li 1993L02
    |--P. giffardiCT72
    |--P. glossoptera New 1974SN08
    |--P. gynegoniaCT72
    |--P. hardyiCT72
    |--P. heterogamiasCT72
    |--P. hollowayaeSN08
    |--P. incerta Smithers & Thornton 1990NL07
    |--P. incurvata Thornton 1960NL07
    |--P. kaalaCT72
    |--P. kauaiensisCT72
    |--P. krakatau Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
    |--P. lanaiensisCT72
    |    |--P. l. lanaiensisCT72
    |    |--P. l. fuscaCT72
    |    |--P. l. halawaCT72
    |    `--P. l. perscleraCT72
    |--P. leurothoraxCT72
    |--P. lineata Mockford 1974M93
    |--P. lobophoraCT72
    |--P. lugosensis Smithers & Thornton 1990NL07
    |--P. maculifronsCT72
    |--P. merapiensis Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. microctenaCT72
    |--P. microglenaCT72
    |--P. molokaiensisCT72
    |--P. monticolaCT72
    |--P. nadleri Galil 1981L98 [=P. apicantha nadleriCT72]
    |--P. novohibernica Smithers & Thornton 1990NL07
    |--P. oahuensisCT72
    |--P. oligocanthaCT72
    |--P. pallawahensis Schmidt & New 2008SN08
    |--P. paranenseB86
    |--P. pardenaCT72
    |--P. pedinaCT72
    |--P. perkinsiCT72
    |--P. persimilisCT72
    |--P. pikeloiCT72
    |--P. pitallo Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. placophoraCT72
    |--P. polluta (Walsh 1862) [=Psocus pollutus, Psocidus pollutus; incl. Psocus texanus var. submarginatus Aaron 1886]M93
    |--P. precincta Thornton 1984NL07
    |--P. pupukeaCT72
    |--P. revoluta Li 2002L02
    |--P. rhinaCT72
    |--P. sardjani Endang & Thornton 1992NL07
    |--P. schillei (Enderlein 1906)NL07
    |--P. schismaCT72
    |--P. schneideriL98
    |--P. serrata Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. simulatorCT72
    |    |--P. s. simulatorCT72
    |    |--P. s. kilaueaCT72
    |    |--P. s. konaeCT72
    |    `--P. s. stenaCT72
    |--P. sinuatistigmaB86
    |--P. stenomedeaCT72
    |--P. swezeyiCT72
    |--P. sylvestrisCT72
    |--P. symmetricaCT72
    |--P. tapensis Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. telmaCT72
    |--P. timorensis Endang, Thornton & New 2002NL07
    |--P. tsutsumii New & Thornton 1976NL07
    |--P. umbrata New 1974SN08
    |--P. unicaCT72
    |    |--P. u. unicaCT72
    |    `--P. u. hawaiiensisCT72
    |--P. verticalis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991NL07
    |--P. vittipennisCT72
    `--P. zimmermaniCT72

*Type species of generic name indicated


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