Amphissites alticostatus, (clockwise from top left) left, right, right interior and left interior valves, from Hoare & Merrill (2004).

Belongs within: Palaeocopida.
Contains: Primitiopsidae, Graviidae, Arcyzonidae, Scrobiculidae, Kirkbya, Polytylites.

The Kirkbyoidea are a group of reticulate, straight-backed ostracods known from the Devonian to the Middle Permian. In many examples, including members of the families Kirkbyidae, Amphissitidae and Arcyzonidae, the carapace valves are marked by a large subcentral pit (Benson et al. 1961).

| i. s.: Carnizzia auriculaL05
|--Puncioidea [Punciacea]L05
| | i. s.: PromanawaL05
| |--PunciidaeMD01
| | |--Manawa Hornibrook 1949BB61
| | | |--*M. tryphena Hornibrook 1949BB61
| | | `--M. staceyiL05
| | `--Puncia Hornibrook 1949BB61
| | `--*P. novozealandica Hornibrook 1949BB61
| |--Herrigokella [Herrigokellidae]L05
| `--TriassopunciidaeL05
|--Primitiopsoidea [Primitiopsacea, Primitiopsiomorphinina]L05
| |--PrimitiopsidaeM61a
| |--VentrigyridaeWSB93
| | |--Ventrigyrus sulcatus (Kanygin 1965)WSB93
| | `--Zenkopsis enormis (Zenkova 1975)WSB93
| |--BubnoffiopsidaeWSB93
| | |--Bubnoffiopsis bubnoffi Schrallreuter 1964WSB93
| | `--Lembitites incognitus (Sidaraviciene 1975)WSB93
| |--VenzavellidaeL05
| |--LysogorellidaeL05
| `--GraviidaeL05
`--Kirkbyoidea [Kirkbyacea, Kirkbyocopina]L05
| i. s.: ObotritiaL05
|--Cardiniferella Sohn 1953 [Cardiniferellidae]BB61
| |--*C. bowsheri Sohn 1953BB61
| `--C. ringwoodensis (Harris & Jobe 1956)WSB93
|--Kellettinidae [Kellettininae]HM04
| |--Semipetasus Sohn 1954BB61
| | `--*S. signatus Sohn 1954BB61
| |--Kindlella Sohn 1954HM04
| | |--*K. fissiloba Sohn 1954BB61
| | `--K. proscillata Hoare & Merrill 2004HM04
| `--Kellettina Swartz 1936BB61
| |--*K. robusta (Kellett 1933) [=Ulrichia robusta]BB61
| `--K. vidriensis Hamilton 1942WSB93
|--Kirkbyidae [Kirkbijidae]HM04
| |--KirkbyaHM04
| |--Villozona aspera (Polenova 1974)WSB93
| |--Carinaknightina carinata Sohn 1970WSB93
| |--Coronakirkbya Sohn 1954ZL87
| | `--*C. fimbriata Sohn 1954BB61
| |--Knightina Kellett 1933 [incl. Tenebrion Zanina 1956]BB61
| | `--*K. allorismoides (Knight 1928) [=Amphissites allorismoides]BB61
| |--Strepula Jones & Holl 1886M61b, BB61
| | `--*S. concentrica Jones & Holl 1886BB61
| `--Aurikirkbya Sohn 1950HM04
| |--*A. wordensis (Hamilton 1942) [=Kirkbya wordensis]BB61
| |--A. kellettae (Harlton 1929) [=Kirkbya kellettae, Knightina kellettae]HM04
| |--A. knighti (Harlton 1929)HM04
| `--A. triserata Shaver in Thompson et al. 1959HM04
|--Vitissites comtei Becker 1981WSB93
|--Neoamphissites costatus Becker & Wang 1992WSB93
|--Kegelites Coryell & Booth 1933HM04 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*K. spinosus (Coryell & Booth 1933) [=*Girtyites spinosus]BB61
| |--K. dattonensis (Harlton 1927) [=Amphissites dattonensis]ZL87
| |--K. harltoni (Cooper 1946) [=Ectodemites harltoni]HM04
| `--K. wapanuckensis (Harlton 1929)HM04
|--Shleesha Sohn 1961HM04
| |--S. houae (Chen 1958) [=Amphissites houae]CB86
| |--S. pinguis (Ulrich & Bassler 1906) [=Kirkbya pinguis]HM04
| |--S. pinguoides (Croneis & Gale 1939)HM04
| |--S. simplex (Roth 1929)HM04
| `--S. sullivanensis (Payne 1937)HM04 [=Shleesha sullivanensisZL87, Ectodemites sullivanensisZL87]
`--Amphissites Girty 1910HM04 (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: A. centronotus (Ulrich & Bassler 1906)ZL87 (see below for synonymy)
| A. primus [=*Ectodemites primus]BB61
| A. robertsi Morey 1935ZL87
`--A. (Amphissites)HM04
|--*A. (A.) rugosus Girty 1910BB61
|--A. (A.) alticostatus Bradfield 1935HM05
|--A. (A.) insignis Croneis & Thurman 1939HM04
|--A. (A.) morrowanensis Hoare & Merrill 2004HM04
`--A. (A.) reticulatus Geis 1932HM04

Amphissites Girty 1910HM04 [incl. Albanella Harris & Lalicker 1932BB61, Binodella Bradfield 1935BB61, Brillius Brayer 1952BB61, Ectodemites Cooper 1941BB61]

Amphissites centronotus (Ulrich & Bassler 1906)ZL87 [=Kirkbya centronotaZL87; incl. A. blumenstengeli Gründel 1962S82, A. mosquensis Posner 1951S82]

Kegelites Coryell & Booth 1933HM04 [=Girtyites Coryell & Booth 1933 non Wedekind 1914BB61; incl. Kirkbyites Johnson 1936BB61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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