Puncturella noachina, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam.

Belongs within: Fissurellidae.

Puncturella is a genus of keyhole limpets with the shell perforated anterior to the apex (Knight et al. 1960).

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Conical, with perforation on anterior slope or near apex entering conduit or curved shelly plate within; internal groove and selenizone weak or absent.

<==Puncturella Lowe 1827 P61 [incl. Cemoria Leach 1852 non Risso 1826 KC60, Sipho Brown 1827 non Fabricius 1823 KC60]
|–*P. (Puncturella) noachina (Linné 1758) KC60 (see below for synonymy)
|–P. (Altrix Palmer 1942) [incl. Folia Palmer 1937 non Lohman 1892] KC60
|    `–P. (*A.) altior (Meyer & Aldrich 1886) [=Fissurella altior] KC60
|–P. (Cranopsis Adams 1860) [incl. Rimulanax Iredale 1924] KC60
|    |–P. (*C.) pelex (Adams 1860) [=*Cranopsis pelex] KC60
|    `–‘Cranopsis’ corolla (Verco 1908) MG-H11
|–P. (Fissurisepta Seguenza 1863) KC60
|    `–P. (*F.) papillosa (Seguenza 1863) [=*Fissurisepta papillosa] KC60
`–P. (Rixa Iredale 1924) KC60
`–P. (*R.) watsoni (Brazier 1894) [=Glyphis watsoni] KC60

Puncturella incertae sedis:
P. analoga Martens 1903 P61
P. caryophylla Dall 1914 O27
P. conica (d’Orbigny 1841) RH96
P. cooperi Carpenter 1864 O27
P. cucullata (Gould 1846) O27 [=Rimula cucullata O27; incl. Diadora crucibuliformis Conrad 1855 C64]
P. galeata (Gould 1846) [=Rimula galeata] O27
P. galerita Hedley 1902 H09
P. longifissa Dall 1914 O27
P. major Dall 1891 O27
P. manawatawhia Powell 1937 P61
P. multistriata Dall 1914 O27
P. pseudanaloga Powell 1957 P61

*Puncturella (Puncturella) noachina (Linné 1758) KC60 [=Patella noachina P61, Rimula noachina O27; incl. Pa. fissurella J64, Cemoria flemingii J64, Fissurella graeca J64, Sipho striata J64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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