Hypselostoma tubiferum, from here.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.
Contains: Vertigininae, Nesopupinae, Strobilops, Bifidaria, Pupoides, Pupilla, Vallonia, Pupisoma, Samoana, Partula, Eninae, Gastrocopta, Gyliotrachela, Cerastus, Elasmatininae, Achatinellinae.

The Pupilloidea is a diverse group of small snails, often with ovoid to cylindric shells and/or lamellae partially closing the shell aperture. Members include the Achatinellidae, an Indo-Pacific group with conical to elongate shells with generally rounded whorls, generally lacking an umbilicus, and with an ovate aperture and simple, non-reflected lip. The Cerastidae are mostly arboreal snails with a thin shell that are found in warmer regions of the Old World. Pupillidae and Gastrocoptidae have pupiform shells less than eight millimetres in height. Apertural barriers are more complex in Gastrocoptidae than Pupillidae with multiple palatal and parietal barriers often being present. The Enidae are found in warmer regions of the Old World; they are characterised by slender tentacles and conical shells with the umbilicus absent or nearly so (Stanisic et al. 2010). Snails of the Partulidae form a diverse radiation of species found on islands of the Pacific; many species have been rendered endangered or extinct by habitat loss or introduced predators. The Holarctic Valloniidae have very small discoidal to turbinate shells with a thickened lip (Stanisic et al. 2010). The Strobilopsidae, found in the northern Neotropics and eastern Asia, have trochiform, dome-shaped or discoidal shells with two or three parietal lamellae.

<==Pupilloidea (see below for synonymy)BR17
| i. s.: ‘Pupa’ bigsbii Dawson 1880TTE93
|--Spelaeoconcha Sturany 1901 [Spelaeoconchidae, Spelaeoconchinae]BR05
| `--*S. paganettii Sturany 1901BR17
|--Odontocyclas Schlüter 1838BR05 [OdontocycladidaeBR17, Odontocycladinae]
| `--*O. kokeilii (Rossmässler 1837) [=Pupa kokeilii]BR17
|--Pagodulina Clessin 1876BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| `--*P. pagodula (Desmoulins 1830) [=Pupa pagodula, *Pagodina pagodula]BR17
|--Agardhiella Hesse 1923 [Agardhiellidae]BR17
| `--*A. truncatella (Pfeiffer 1841) [=Pupa truncatella]BR17
|--Cochlicopa Férussac 1821SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*C. lubrica (Müller 1774)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| |--‘Cionella’ funckiG79a
| |--‘Cionella’ gloynii Gibbons 1879G79b
| |--‘Cionella’ lamellataG79a
| |--‘Cionella’ morseanaH68
| `--C. tridens (see below for synonymy)T79c
|--Draparnaudia Montrouzier 1859BR05 [DraparnaudiidaeBR17, Draparnaudiinae]
| `--*D. michaudi Montrouzier 1859BR17
|--Fauxulus Schaufuss 1869 [=Faula Adams & Adams 1855 non Blanchard 1850; Fauxulidae]BR17
| `--*F. capensis (Küster 1841) [=Pupa capensis]BR17
|--Cylindrellina Munier-Chalmas 1884 [Cylindrellinidae, Cylindrellininae]BR05
| |--*C. briardi Munier-Chalmas 1884BR17
| `--C. permaxima Hrubesch 1965TTE93
|--Orcula Held 1837 [Orculidae, Orculinae]BR05
| |--*O. dolium (Draparnaud 1801) [=Pupa dolium]BR17
| `--O. plateaui (Cossmann 1889)TTE93
|--Argna Cossmann 1889BR05 [=Coryna Westerlund 1887 nec Bosc 1802 nec Wolff 1811 nec Billberg 1813BR17; Argnidae, Argninae]
| |--*A. biplicata (Michaud 1831) [=Pupa biplicata, *Coryna biplicata]BR17
| `--‘Pupa (Coryna)’ proexcessiva Sacco 1888BR17
|--Pyramidula Fitzinger 1833 [Pyramiduleae, Pyramidulidae, Pyramidulinae]BR05
| |--*P. rupestris (Draparnaud 1801)BR17 [=Helix rupestrisBR17, Zonites rupestrisG40]
| |--P. cronkhiteiPF15
| `--P. jaenensis (Clessin 1882)NB19
| |--VertigininaeBR17
| `--NesopupinaeBR17
|--Pleurodiscus Wenz 1919 non Lagerheim 1895 (ICBN) [Pleurodiscidae, Pleurodiscinae]SS10
| |--*P. balmei (Potiez & Michaud 1838) (see below for synonymy)SS10
| |--P. falciferusE99
| `--P. falkneri Schlickum 1978TTE93
|--Lauria Gray 1840 [Laurieae, Lauriidae, Lauriinae]BR05
| |--*L. umbilicata (Draparnaud 1801)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--L. anglica (see below for synonymy)G40
| `--L. cylindracea (Da Costa 1778)O03 [=Turbo cylindraceusG40]
| |--Spelaeodiscus Brusina 1886 [Spelaeodiscinae]BR05
| | `--*S. hauffeni (Schmidt 1855) [=Helix hauffeni]BR17
| `--Aspasita Westerlund 1889 [Aspasitinae]BR05
| `--*A. triaria (Rossmässler 1839) [=Helix triaria]BR17
|--Azecidae [Azecinae]BR17
| |--Azeca Fleming 1828BR05
| | `--*A. tridens (Pulteney 1799)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| `--Cryptazeca de Folin & Berillon 1878 [Cryptazecinae]BR05
| `--*C. monodonta (Folin 1877) [=Azeca monodonta]BR17
|--Truncatellinidae [Truncatellininae, Truncatellinini]BR17
| |--Truncatellina Lowe 1852BR05
| | |--*T. linearis (Lowe 1852) [=Pupa linearis]BR17
| | `--T. callicratis (Scacchi 1833)NB19
| `--Columella Westerlund 1878 [Columellinae]BR05
| |--*C. inornata (Michaud 1831) [=Pupa inornata]BR17
| |--C. alticolaBP90
| `--C. edentulaBP90
| |--Carelia Adams & Adams 1855TTE93
| |--Planamastra Pilsbry 1911TTE93
| |--Cyclamastra Pilsbry & Vanatta 1905TTE93
| |--Amastra Adams & Adams 1855 [Amastrinae]BR05
| | `--*A. magna (Adams 1850) [=Achatinella magna]BR17
| `--Leptachatina Gould 1847BR05, BR17 [Leptachatininae, Leptachatinini]
| `--*L. acuminata (Gould 1847) [=Achatinella acuminata]BR17
|--Chondrinidae [Chondrinoidea]BR05
| |--Granopupa granum (Draparnaud 1801)NB19
| |--Chondrina Reichenbach 1828 [Chondrininae]BR05
| | `--*C. avenacea (Bruguière 1792)BR17 [=Bulimus avenaceusBR17; incl. Jaminia septemdentata Risso 1826GN12]
| |--Chaenaxis Pilsbry & Ferriss 1906BP90
| | `--C. tubaBP90
| |--Granaria Held 1837 [Granariinae]BR17
| | |--*G. frumentum (Draparnaud 1801) [=Pupa frumentum]BR17
| | | |--G. f. frumentumNB19
| | | `--G. f. illyrica (Rossmässler 1835)NB19
| | `--G. granum (Draparnaud 1801)NB19
| |--Abida Turton 1831TTE93
| | |--A. frumentumJ63
| | |--A. juniperi [=Pupa (Abida) juniperi, Turbo juniperi]G40
| | `--A. secaleF05 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--A. s. secaleF05
| | `--A. s. meridionalis Martínez-Ortí, Gómez & Faci 2004F05
| `--Rupestrella philippii (Cantraine 1840)NB19
| |--Paleostrobilops menardi (Brongniart 1810)TTE93
| |--StrobilopsBR05
| |--Palaeostrobilops Gu 1988 [=Palaeotrobilops (l. c.)]G88
| | `--*P. antiquus (Wang 1982) [=Giffordius antiquus]G88
| |--Prionolabium Yu 1982G88
| | |--P. decilamellatum Gu 1988G88
| | `--P. polyptychium Yu 1982G88
| `--Discostrobilops Pilsbry 1927G88
| |--D. diploptycha Gu 1988G88
| |--D. incerta Yu & Zhang 1982G88
| |--D. pericarinata Gu 1988G88
| `--D. uniplicatusE99
|--Pupillidae [Pupilladae, Pupillinae]WK13
| |--BifidariaP15
| |--PupoidesBP90
| |--PupillaBR05
| |--Albertanella minuta Russell 1931TTE93
| |--MicrostelePB27
| |--CampolaemusPB27
| |--Nesopuparia Pilsbry 1926SS10
| | `--*N. norfolkensis (Sykes 1900) [=Vertigo norfolkensis]SS10
| `--Glyptopupoides Pilsbry 1926SS10 [incl. Famarinia Iredale 1933 (n. n.)S88]
| |--G. egregia (Hedley & Musson 1892)KKW12 (see below for synonymy)
| `--G. xinyuensis (Gu 1988) [=Pupoides (Glyptopupoides) xinyuensis]G88
| |--ValloniaSS10
| |--PupisomaBR17
| |--Shanghuspira Yu 1977G88
| | `--S. costata Yü 1977TTE93
| |--Zoogenetes Morse 1864BP90
| | `--Z. harpaBP90
| |--Agallospira Yu 1977TTE93, G88
| | `--A. multispiralis Yü 1977TTE93
| |--Acanthinula Beck 1847 [Acanthinulidae, Acanthinulinae]BR05
| | |--*A. aculeata (Müller 1774)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| | `--A. dumasi (Boissy 1848)TTE93
| `--Planogyra Morse 1864BP90
| |--P. asteriscusBP90
| `--P. clappiBP90
|--Partulidae [Partuloinei]BR17
| |--EuaK68
| | |--E. globosa Pilsbry & Cooke 1934LL14
| | `--+--E. expansa (Pease 1872)LL14
| | `--+--E. montana (Cooke & Crampton 1930)LL14
| | `--E. zebrina (Gould 1847)LL14
| `--+--+--SamoanaK68
| | `--+--‘Partula’ calypso Semper 1865LL14
| | `--‘Partula’ thetis Semper 1865LL14
| `--PartulaK68
| | i. s.: Coccoderma Moellendorff 1901S88
| | ApoecusS88
| | |--A. apertus (von Martens 1863)S88
| | `--A. colonus (Moellendorff 1895)S88
| | Mirus Albers 1850S88
| | Pseudochondrula tetrodon (Mortillet 1854)GN12
| |--EninaeBR05
| `--Buliminus Beck 1837 (see below for synonymy)BR05
| |--*B. labrosus (Olivier 1804) [=Bulimus labrosus, *Bulimina labrosa]BR17
| |--B. alepensis (Pfeiffer 1841) [=Bulimus alepensis; incl. Helix (Cochlogena) alepi Férussac 1821]GN12
| |--B. glabratusH84
| |--B. lamprostatusH84
| |--B. mozambicensisG79c
| |--B. negevensisH84
| |--B. punctatusG79c
| |--B. sinaiensisH84
| `--B. therinusH84
|--Gastrocoptidae [Gastrocoptinae]BR17
| |--GastrocoptaWK13
| |--GyliotrachelaTL88
| |--Paraboysidia Pilsbry 1917TL88
| |--Anauchen Pilsbry 1917TL88
| |--Systenostoma Bavay & Dautzenberg 1909TL88
| |--Aulacospira Möllendorff 1890 [Aulacospirinae]TL88
| | `--*A. scalatella (Möllendorff 1888) [=Helix scalatella]BR17
| |--Boysidia Anvey 1881TL88
| | `--B. (Dasypupa)TL88
| | |--B. (D.) elaphis (Jutting 1949) [=Hypselostoma elaphis]TL88
| | |--B. (D.) megaphona (Jutting 1949) [=Hypselostoma megaphona]TL88
| | |--B. (D.) perigyra (Jutting 1949) [=Hypselostoma perigyra]TL88
| | `--B. (D.) terae (Tomlin 1939) [=Hypselostoma terae]TL88
| `--Hypselostoma Benson 1856 [Hypselostomatidae, Hypselostomatinae]BR05
| |--*H. tubiferum (Benson 1856) [=Tanystoma tubiferum]BR17
| |--H. dayanum Stoliczka 1871TL88
| |--H. holimanae Thompson & Lee 1988TL88
| |--H. latispira Thompson & Auffenberg 1984TL88
| |--H. quadrasi Moellendorff 1896TL88
| |--H. roebeleni Moellendorff 1894TL88
| `--H. sibuyanicum Moellendorff 1896TL88
|--Cerastidae [Cerastuidae]BR17
| |--Zebrinops Thiele 1931S88
| |--Conulinus von Martens 1895S88
| |--Pasamaella Pfeiffer 1878S88
| |--Achatinelloides Nevill 1878S88
| |--Euryptyxis Fischer 1883S88
| |--Edouardia Gude 1914S88
| |--Altenaia Zilch 1972S88
| |--Procerastus dautzenbergi (Cossmann 1907)TTE93
| |--CerastusBR05
| |--Amimopina Solem 1964KKW12
| | `--*A. macleayi (Brazier 1876)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| |--Rhachidina Thiele 1911S88
| | `--R. zonulatus (Pfeiffer 1846)S88
| |--Rhachistia Connolly 1925 [incl. Rachispeculum Iredale 1933]SS10
| | |--*R. rhodotaenia (Martens 1869) [=Bulimulus (Rachis) rhodotaenia]SS10
| | `--R. histrio (Pfeiffer 1855)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| |--Pachnodus Martens 1860BR05, BR17 [Pachnodidae, Pachnodinae]
| | |--*P. velutinus (Pfeiffer 1842) [=Buliminus velutinus]BR17
| | |--P. herbigradusPB27
| | `--P. rutshuruensisPB27
| `--Rachis Albers 1850S88
| |--R. boehmiPB27
| | |--R. b. boehmiPB27
| | `--R. b. delicatusPB27
| |--R. braunsiiPB27
| | |--R. b. braunsiiPB27
| | `--R. b. quadricingulatusPB27
| `--R. punctatus (Anton 1839)S88
`--Achatinellidae [Achatinellacea, Achatinelloidea]BR17
| i. s.: Protornatellina isoclina (White 1895)TTE93
|--Tekoulina Solem 1972 [Tekoulininae]BR05
| `--*T. pricei Solem 1972BR17
|--Auriculella Pfeiffer 1854 [Auriculellidae, Auriculellinae, Auriculellini]BR05
| |--*A. auricula (Férussac 1821) [=Partula auricula]BR17
| `--‘Bulimus’ armatus Mighels 1845 [incl. Auriculella westerlundiana Ancey 1889]J49
| |--Tornatellaria Pilsbry 1910 [Tornatellariini]BR05
| | `--*T. newcombi (Pfeiffer 1857) [=Tornatellina newcombi]BR17
| `--Tornatellides Pilsbry 1910 [Tornatellidini]SS10
| |--*T. simplex (Pease 1865) [=Tornatellina simplex]BR17
| |--T. lordhowensis Shea & Griffiths in Stanisic, Shea et al. 2010SS10
| `--T. (Waimea) rudicostatusTTE93
|--Tornatellininae [Tornatellinidae]BR05
| |--Tornatellina Pfeiffer 1842 [Tornatellinini]BR05
| | `--*T. clausa Pfeiffer 1842BR17
| `--Elasmias Pilsbry 1910 [Elasmiatidae, Elasmiatini, Elasmiatinidae]BR05
| |--*E. aperta (Pease 1865) [=Tornatellina aperta]BR17
| |--E. manilense (Dohrn 1863) [=Tornatellina manilensis]S88
| |--E. subperforata (Suter 1909)P61
| |--E. terrestris (Brazier 1876)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| `--E. wakefieldiae (Cox 1868) [incl. E. schola Iredale 1944]SS10
`--Pacificellinae [Pacificellidae]BR05
|--Lamellidea Pilsbry 1910 [Lamellideinae, Lamellideini]BR05
| `--*L. peponum (Gould 1847) [=Pupa peponum]BR17
|--Pacificella Odhner 1921BR05
| `--*P. variabilis Odhner 1921BR17
`--Tornatellinops Pilsbry & Cooke 1915 [incl. Tornelasmias Iredale 1944; Tornatellinoptini]SS10
|--*T. novoseelandica (Pfeiffer 1852) [=Tornatellina novoseelandica]SS10
|--T. jacksonensis (Cox 1864) (see below for synonymy)SS10
`--T. mastersi (Brazier 1876) (see below for synonymy)SS10

Abida secaleF05 [=Chondrus secaleG40, Cochlodonta secaleG40, Pupa secaleG40, Torquilla secaleG40, Vertigo secaleG40; incl. Pupa secale var. boileausianaT79a, P. secale var. edentula Taylor 1879 nec P. edentula nec P. umbilicata var. edentula Gray 1840T79b]

*Acanthinula aculeata (Müller 1774)BR17 [=Helix aculeataBR17, H. (Hygromanes) aculeataG40; incl. H. delectabilisG40, H. spinulosaG40, Teba spinulosaG40]

*Amimopina macleayi (Brazier 1876)SS10 [=Bulimus macleayiKKW12, Bothriembryon macleayiM64, Papuina macleayiM64; incl. Bulimus beddomei Brazier 1880KKW12, Amimopina beddomeiS88]

*Azeca tridens (Pulteney 1799)BR17 [=Turbo tridensBR17, Bulimus tridensG40, Pupa tridensG40; incl. P. britannicaG40, Azeca goodalliG40, P. goodalliG40, A. matoniG40, Carychium menkeanumG40, C. politumG40, Turbo quadridensG40, Pupa tridentataG40]

Buliminus Beck 1837 [=Bulimina Ehrenberg 1831 non d’Orbigny 1826; Buliminuinae, Buliminusidae, Buliminusinae, Buliminusoidea]BR05

Cochlicopa Férussac 1821SS10 [=Cionella Jeffreys 1830SS10, Zua Turton 1831BR05; Cionellida, Cionellidae, CochlicopidaeBR17, Cochlicopinae, Zuidae]

*Cochlicopa lubrica (Müller 1774)SS10 [=Helix lubricaSS10, Achatina lubricaG40, Bulimus lubricusG40, *Cionella lubricaBR17, Lymnea lubricaG40, *Zua lubricaBR17; incl. Turbo glaberG40, Cochlicopa lubrica var. lubricoidesA79]

Cochlicopa tridens [incl. C. tridens var. alzenensis, C. tridens var. crystallina, C. menkeanus, Azeca nouletiana, C. tridens var. nouletiana, C. tridens monstr. sinistrorsa Taylor 1879]T79c

Elasmias terrestris (Brazier 1876)SS10 [=Tornatellina terrestrisS88, E. terrestreS88; incl. T. eucharis Brazier 1876SS10, E. eucharisS88]

Glyptopupoides egregia (Hedley & Musson 1892)KKW12 [=Diplommatina egregiaS88, *Famarinia egregiaS88; incl. Pupoides hedleyi Pilsbry 1926SS10, P. (*Glyptopupoides) hedleyiS88]

Lauria anglica [=Pupa (Lauria) anglica, Turbo anglicus, Vertigo anglica; incl. Pupa bidentata, P. ringens, P. tridentalis]G40

*Lauria umbilicata (Draparnaud 1801)BR17 [=Pupa umbilicataBR17; incl. Pupilla draparnaudiiG40, Pupa (Lauria) umbilicata var. edentula Gray 1840 non P. edentulaG40]

Pagodulina Clessin 1876BR05 [=Pagodina Stabile 1864 non van Beneden 1853BR05; Pagodininae, PagodulinidaeBR17, Pagodulininae]

*Pleurodiscus balmei (Potiez & Michaud 1838) [=Helix balmei; incl. H. erdelii Roth 1839, H. flavida Rössmassler 1839, H. teresae Benoit 1843]SS10

Pupilloidea [Buliminoidea, Cionelloidea, Cochlicopoidea, Dicera, Dicerae, Enoidea, Orculoidea, Orthurethra, Partulacea, Partuloidea, Pupilloidei, Vertiginacea, Vertiginoidea]BR17

Rhachistia histrio (Pfeiffer 1855)SS10 [incl. Bulimus bidwilli Cox 1868SS10, Rhachidina braunsi (von Martens 1869)S88, Papuina folicola Hedley 1893SS10]

Tornatellinops jacksonensis (Cox 1864) [incl. Tornatellina duplicilamellata Preston 1913, Tornatellina inconspicua Brazier 1872, Tornatellina norfolkensis moohuensis Preston 1913, Tornatellina norfolkensis nepeanensis Preston 1913, Tornatellina norfolkensis Preston 1913]SS10

Tornatellinops mastersi (Brazier 1876) [incl. Tornatellina grenvillei Brazier 1876, Tornatellina petterdi Brazier 1876, Tornatellinops pressus Iredale 1940]SS10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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