Pyrgulina pseudorugata, from Marshall & Murdoch (1921).

Belongs within: Pylopulmonata.
Contains: Syrnola, Pyramidella, Strioturbonilla, Turbonilla, Chemnitzia, Eulimella, Menestho, Chrysallida, Odostomia, Evalea.

The Pyramidellidae are a group of mostly minute marine snails with a heterostrophic protoconch and no anterior canal on the shell aperture. Members of the family lack a radula and live as ectoparasites of other invertebrates such as other molluscs or polychaetes.

|–Syrnolinae [Syrnolidae] BR05
|    |–Syrnola BR05
|    `–Tiberia Jeffreys 1884 [Tiberiinae, Tiberiini] BR05
|         |–*T. minuscula (Monterosato 1880) [=Pyramidella minuscula] BR17
|         `–T. nitidula (Adams 1860) [=Syrnola nitidula] BR17
|–Pyramidellinae BR05
|    |–Sayella Dall 1885 [Sayellinae, Sayellini] BR05
|    |    |–*S. hemphillii (Dall 1883) [=Leuconia hemphillii] BR17
|    |    `–S. crosseana Dall 1885 MP65
|    `–Pyramidellini BR05
|         |–Pyramidella BR05
|         `–Plotia Röding 1798 [Plotiidae] BR05
|              |–*P. lineata Röding 1798 BR17
|              `–P. scabra [=Melania (Plotia) scabra; incl. M. denticulata Lea 1851, M. doreyana, M. spinulosa] TC89
|–Turbonillinae [Chemnitziidae, Chemnitziinae, Turbonillidae] BR05
|    |  i. s.: Strioturbonilla O27a
|    |–Turbonillini BR17
|    |    |–Turbonilla BR05
|    |    `–Chemnitzia BR17
|    |–Cingulina Adams 1860 BR05 [Cingulininae, Cingulinini BR17]
|    |    |–*C. circinata (Adams 1860) BR17
|    |    `–C. isseli (Tryon 1886) [incl. Eulimella cingulata Issel 1869, Odetta cingulata] BD86
|    `–Eulimellini BR17
|         |–Eulimella BR05
|         `–Belonidium Cossmann 1893 non Mont. & Durieu 1846 (ICBN) BR17 [=Anisocycla Monterosato 1880 BR05]
|              `–*B. gracile (Deshayes 1861) [=Aciculina gracilis, *Anisocycla gracilis] BR17
`–Odostomiinae [Odostomiidae] BR05
|–Odostomella Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus 1883 [Odostomellidae, Odostomellinae, Odostomellini] BR05
|    `–*O. doliolum (Philippi 1844) [=Rissoa doliolum] BR17
|–Cyclostremella Bush 1897 [Cyclostremellidae, Cyclostremellinae, Cyclostremellini] BR05
|    |–*C. humilis Bush 1897 BR17
|    |–C. californica Bartsch 1907 O27b
|    `–C. concordia Bartsch 1920 O27b
|–Chrysallidini [Chrysallididae, Chrysallidinae] BR05
|    |–Menestho BR05
|    |–Chrysallida BR05
|    `–Pyrgulina Adams 1864 [Pyrgulininae] BR05
|         |–*P. casta (Adams 1861) [=Chrysallida casta] BR17
|         |–P. gliriella Melvill & Standen 1896 H09
|         |–P. henni (Brazier 1894) [=Odostomia henni] H09
|         |–P. pseudorugata M. & M. 1921 F27
|         |–P. rugata F27
|         |–P. senex Hedley 1902 H09
|         |–P. umeralis Hedley 1902 H09
|         `–P. zea Hedley 1902 H09
`–Odostomiini [Liostomiini, Liostomini] BR05
|–Odostomia BR05
|–Spiralinella pellucida (Dillwyn 1817) BR05
|–Evalea O27a
|–Liostomia Sars 1878 BR05
|    `–*L. clavula (Lovén 1846) [=Turbonilla clavula] BR17
|–Ividella Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27a
|    |–*I. navisa (Dall & Bartsch 1907) P61, O27a [=Odostomia (*Ividella) navisa P61]
|    |    |–I. n. navisa O27a
|    |    `–I. n. delmontensis (Dall & Bartsch 1907) [=Odostomia (Ividella) navisa delmontensis] O27a
|    |–I. maoria Powell 1940 P61
|    `–I. pedroana (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Odostomia (Ividella) pedroana] O27a
|–Miralda Adams 1864 O27a
|    |–M. aepynota (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Odostomia (Miralda) aepynota] O27a
|    |–M. hemphilli (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Odostomia (Miralda) hemphilli] O27a
|    |–‘Parthenia’ quinquecincta [incl. Rissoa notabilis, Cingula turrita] C64
|    |–M. soteloi Rolán 1994 BC01
|    |–M. superba Rolán & Fernandes 1993 BC01
|    `–M. temperata Rolán & Fernandes 1993 BC01
`–Besla Dall & Bartsch 1904 O27a, P61
|–*B. convexa [=Chrysallida convexa] P61
|–B. callimorpha (Dall & Bartsch 1909) (see below for synonymy) O27a
|–B. rossiana Laws 1941 P61
|–B. subrugata (Powell 1927) P61
|–B. vaga Laws 1941 P61
`–B. waitangiensis Laws 1941 P61

Pyramidellidae incertae sedis:
Myxa Hedley 1903 F27
Kleinella fulva (Adams 1851) [=Monoptygma fulva, Pyrammidella (Actaeopyramis) fulva] BD86
Monoptygma sinuata Gould 1861 BD86
Otopleura mitralis Adams 1855 BW09
Pseudoscilla verdensis Peñas & Rolán 1999 BC01
Agatha Adams 1860 P61
|–*A. virgo [=Pyramidella virgo] P61
`–A. georgiana (Hutton 1885) P61 (see below for synonymy)
Obexomia Laws 1941 [incl. Obex Laws 1940] P61
`–*O. denselirata (Suter 1908) [=Odostomia denselirata] P61
Striodostomia Laws 1940 P61
`–*S. orewa Laws 1940 P61
Gumina Finlay 1928 P61
|–*G. dolichostoma (Suter 1908) [=Odostomia dolichostoma] P61
`–G. minor Laws 1940 P61
Linopyrga Laws 1941 P61
`–*L. rugata (Hutton 1886) [=Odostomia rugata] P61
|–L. r. rugata P61
`–L. r. parva Laws 1941 P61
Siogamaia Nomura 1936 P61
|–*S. fortiplicata [=Tropaeas (*Siogamaia) fortiplicata] P61
`–S. morioria Laws 1941 P61
Puposyrnola Cossmann 1921 P61
|–*P. acicula [=Auricula acicula] P61
|–P. fastigiata (Suter 1906) P61
`–P. missile Laws 1937 P61
Terelimella Laws 1937 P61
|–*T. ototarana P61
|–T. aupouria (Powell 1937) P61
|–T. benthicola Dell 1956 P61
`–T. larochei (Powell 1930) P61
Finlayola Laws 1937 P61
|–*F. finlayi P61
`–F. lurida (Suter 1908) P61
Planpyrgiscus Laws 1937 P61
|–*P. extenuatus [=Turbonilla extenuata] P61
`–P. lawsi Dell 1956 P61
Pyrgiscilla Laws 1937 P61
|–*P. chattonensis [=Turbonilla chattonensis] P61
`–P. otakauica Laws 1937 P61
Striarcana Laws 1937 P61
|–*S. cryptolira Laws 1937 P61
`–S. tauranga Laws 1937 P61
Creonella TTE93
|–C. subangulata Sohl 1964 TTE93
|–C. triplicata Wade 1917 TTE93
`–C. turretiforma Sohl 1964 TTE93

Agatha georgiana (Hutton 1885) P61 [=Odostomia georgiana F27; incl. O. bembix Suter 1908 P61, F27, O. inornata P61, O. stygia P61]

Besla callimorpha (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Odostomia (Besla) callimorpha, Chrysallida pumila Carpenter 1866 non O. pumila Adams 1861] O27a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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