Mating pair of Atractomorpha sinensis, from here.

Belongs within: Caelifera.

The Pyrgomorphidae are a family of grasshoppers characterised by the presence of a median longitudinal sulcus (groove) extending backwards along the fastigium of the vertex of the head (Rentz 1996). They are diverse in appearance, and some are brightly coloured. The Psednurini are slender, stem-like grasshoppers endemic to Australia that can be found sitting head-upwards on upright monocotyledonous plants (Rentz 1991). Members of the genus Atractomorpha have a conical head with the antennae inserted well in front of the ocelli (Rentz 1996).

<==Pyrgomorphidae [Pyrgomorphoidea]
    |  i. s.: Miopyrgomorpha fischeriZ02
    |         Brunniella [Brunniellini]K72
    |         Phymateus morbillosusK-P91, F92
    |         DesmopterellaK70b
         |  i. s.: Pyrgomorpha conica (Olivier 1791)P05
         |         Omura congrua Walker 1870R18
         |--Desmoptera [Desmopterini]R96
         |    `--D. truncatipennisR96
         |    |--Petasida ephippigeraR96
         |    `--Scutillya verrucosaR96
         |    |--Greyacris profundesulcataR96
         |    |--ParastriaR96
         |    `--Monistria Stål 1873R96, K70a [incl. Cygniterra Rehn 1953K70a, Yeelanna Rehn 1953K70a]
         |         |--M. concinnaR96
         |         |--M. discrepensR96
         |         `--M. pustuliferaR96
         |--AtractomorphaE00 [AtractomorphiniR96]
         |    |--A. aurivilliiB01
         |    |--A. australisR96
         |    |--A. bedeliB01
         |    |--A. crenaticepsK70b
         |    |--A. crenulataB91
         |    |--A. hypoestesR96
         |    |--A. similisR96
         |    `--A. sinensisE00
              |--Psednura Burr 1903 [=Pseudnura (l. c.), Betisca Sjöstedt 1921]K72
              |    |--*P. pedestris (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy)K72
              |    `--P. musgravei Rehn 1953 [incl. P. angustissima Rehn 1953]K72
              `--+--Psedna Key 1972K72
                 |    `--*P. nana (Rehn 1953) [=Propsednura hesperus nana]K72
                 `--Propsednura Rehn 1953K72
                      |--*P. eyrei Rehn 1953 [incl. P. hesperus Rehn 1953]K72
                      `--P. peninsularis Key 1972K72

*Psednura pedestris (Erichson 1842) [=Mesops pedestris, *Betisca pedestris, M. pedestis (l. c.); incl. Psednura collina Rehn 1953, P. lanceolata Rehn 1953]K72

*Type species of generic name indicated


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