Water rail Rallus aquaticus, photographed by Do Van Dijck.

Belongs within: Rallidae.

The genus Rallus contains the Eurasian and Neotropical long-billed rails (Livezey 1998). Many authors have also included various species of the Pacific rails in Rallus but others have placed them in separate genera such as Gallirallus. The type species of the genus is the water rail R. aquaticus of the western Palaearctic, characterised by a red bill, olive-brown upperparts, slate-blue underparts, and a white undertail.

<==Rallus Linnaeus 1758G-RGT14
    |  i. s.: R. adelus Oberholser 1869 (see below for synonymy)M02
    |         R. bernieriS66
    |         R. gularisS66
    |         R. lariformis Linnaeus 1758L58
    |         R. nigra Miller 1784 (n. d.)L98
    |         R. richmondi Olson 1977 [=R. dubius Portis 1887 non Piller & Mitterpacher 1783]M02
    |--R. wetmori Zimmer & Phelps 1944L98, G-RGT14
    `--+--+--R. elegans Audubon 1834G-RGT14 [incl. R. beldingiL98, R. longirostris levipesUSDI77, L98]
       |  |    |--R. e. elegansS05
       |  |    `--R. e. obsoletus Ridgway 1874S05 [=R. longirostris obsoletusUSDI77]
       |  `--R. longirostris Boddaert 1783G-RGT14 (see below for synonymy)
       |       |--R. l. longirostrisUSDI77
       |       `--R. l. yumanensisUSDI77
       `--+--R. limicola Vieillot 1819G-RGT14
          `--+--R. antarcticus King 1828L98
             |--R. semiplumbeus Sclater 1856L98
             `--+--R. caerulescens Gmelin 1789G-RGT14
                `--+--*R. aquaticus Linnaeus 1758G-RGT14 [incl. R. hibernansL98, R. korejewiL98]
                   `--R. indicus Blyth 1849G-RGT14 [=R. aquaticus indicusVP89]

Rallus adelus Oberholser 1869 [=Ludiortyx adelus, R. intermedius Milne-Edwards 1869 non Hermann 1804, Quercyrallus intermedius, Q. ludianus Brodkorb 1963]M02

Rallus longirostris Boddaert 1783G-RGT14 [incl. R. caribeusL98, R. coryiL98, R. crepitansL98, R. insularumL98, R. pallidusL98, R. wayneiL98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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