Ranella olearium, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Tonnoidea.

The Ranellinae are a group of marine gastropods bearing a solid shell with prominent varices. The radula bears a broad, multicuspid central tooth with a long central cusp, and smooth lateral and marginal teeth.

<==Ranellidae [Ranellacea, Ranellina, Ranellinae]
    |  i. s.: ‘Cancellaria’ dertocrenata Sacco 1894 PH90
    |–Eoranella kiliani Sayn 1932 TTE93
    |–Biplex Perry 1811 WG71
    |    |–B. aculeatum (Schepman 1909) [=Gyrineum (Biplex) aculeatum] WG71
    |    |–B. percum (Perry 1811) [=Gyrineum (Biplex) percum] WG71
    |    |–B. pulchellum (Forbes 1852) [=Gyrineum (Biplex) pulchellum] WG71
    |    `–B. pulchrum (Gray in Sowerby 1836) MG-H11
    `–Ranella Lamarck 1816 BR05
         |–*R. gigantea Lamarck 1816 BR17 [incl. R. gigantea var. atlantica PP64]
         |–R. argus C64
         |–R. australasia HS01
         |–R. caelata C64
         |–R. californica C64
         |–R. cubaniana G79
         |–R. multinodosa (Bucknill 1927) [incl. R. ostenfeldi] P61
         |–R. nitida C64
         |–R. olearium (Linnaeus 1758) [incl. Bursa barcellosi Matthews, Rios & Coelho 1973] BC01
         |–R. producta C64
         |–R. pyramidalis C64
         |–R. triquetra C64
         `–R. ventricosa C64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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