Veined rapa whelk
Rapana venosa, copyright Holger Krisp.

Belongs within: Muricidae.
Contains: Lepsiella, Nassa, Acanthina, Morula, Drupa, Thais.

The Rapaninae, including purples and drupes, are a group of muricid gastropods with thick and solid, often strongly sculptured shells that lack true varices, and a horny operculum with a lateral nucleus. Most species feed on barnacles, bivalves and other molluscs, often by boring a hole through the prey’s shell (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

<==Rapaninae (see below for synonymy) ZLK11
|–Cronia Adams & Adams 1853 ZLK11, WG71
|    |–*C. amygdala (Kiener 1835) [=Purpura amygdala] RA75
|    |–C. avellana Reeve 1846 WG71
|    `–C. pseudamygdala Hedley 1903 WG71
`–+–Morula ZLK11
`–+–Drupa ZLK11
`–+–‘Thais’ gradata ZLK11
`–+–Stramonita Schumacher 1817 ZLK11, RA75
|    `–*S. haemastoma (Linné 1867) [=Buccinum haemastoma] RA75
`–+–Thais ZLK11
`–Rapana Schumacher 1817 ZLK11, BR05
|  i. s.: R. neozelanica A27
|         R. tomasiana G31
|         R. waihaoensis A27
|–R. venosa (Valenciennes 1846) ZLK11, BD86 (see below for synonymy)
`–+–R. bezoar (Linnaeus 1758) ZLK11, RA75 (see below for synonymy)
`–R. rapiformis (Born 1778) ZLK11, BD86

Rapaninae incertae sedis:
Lepsiella WG71
Nassa WG71
Agnewia Tenison-Woods 1878 P61 [=Adamsia Dunker 1857 non Forbes 1840 RA75]
`–A. tritoniformis (Blainville 1832) P61, RA75 (see below for synonymy)
‘Purpurella’ Bellardi 1882 nec Robineau-Desvoidy 1853 nec Dall 1871 BR05
`–*P. canaliculata Bellardi 1882 RA75
Taurasia Bellardi 1882 BR05
`–*T. subfusiformis (d’Orbigny 1952) (see below for synonymy) BR17
Concholepas Lamarck 1801 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
`–C. concholepas (Bruguière 1789) GO78 (see below for synonymy)
Vexilla Swainson 1840 WG71, RA75 [=Provexillum Hedley 1918 RA75]
|–V. vexillum (Gmelin 1791) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
`–V. fuscolineata C64
Preangeria Martin 1921 PH90
`–*P. angsanana Martin 1921 PH90
Neothais Iredale 1912 P61
|–*N. smithi (Brazier 1889) [=Purpura smithi] RA75
|–N. clathrata (Adams 1854) HS01
`–N. lacunosa F27
Mancinella Link 1807 WG71
|–*M. mancinella (Linnaeus 1758) RA75 (see below for synonymy)
|–M. bufo M54
`–M. tuberosa Röding 1798 [incl. Thais pica Blainville 1832] WG71
Dicathais Iredale 1936 WG71
|–*D. orbita (Gmelin 1791) RA75 [=Buccinum orbita RA75, Neothais (*Dicathais) orbita P61]
|–D. baileyana Tenison Woods 1881 WG71
|–D. scalaris Menke 1829 WG71 [=Neothais (Dicathais) scalaris P61]
`–D. textilosa Lamarck 1822 [incl. D. aegrota Reeve 1846] WG71
Purpura Bruguière 1789 BR05
|–*P. persica (Linnaeus 1758) RA75 [=Buccinum persicum RA75, Haustrum persicum F27, Thais persica H09]
|–P. aperta C64
|–P. auriculata [incl. Buccinum coromandelianum] G79
|–P. bicostalis [incl. P. haemastoma] G79
|–P. biserialis [incl. P. bufonides] C64
|–P. canaliculata Duclos 1832 [incl. P. analoga, P. attenuata, P. decemcostata] C64
|–P. centiquadra Val. in Duclos 1832 [=P. speciosa Val. 1833] C64
|–P. conoidea H86
|–P. crispata (see below for synonymy) C64
|–P. foliata Martyn 1784 O27 (see below for synonymy)
|–P. freycinetii C64
|–P. gigantea G79
|–P. harpa C64
|–P. lamellosa (see below for synonymy) C64
|–P. melones Duclos 1832 C64
|–P. nuttallii Conrad 1837 O27
|    |–P. n. nuttallii O27
|    |–P. n. aciculiger Valenciennes 1846 O27
|    |–P. n. albescens Dall 1919 O27
|    `–P. n. albofasciata Dall 1919 O27
|–P. ostrina C64
|–P. pansa SF77 [=P. patula pansa EO64]
|–P. patula (Linnaeus 1758) HW78 (see below for synonymy)
|–P. picta [incl. Buccinum assimile, Cantharus (Tritonidea) assimilis] H08
|–P. plicata G79
|–P. rudolphi FP15
|–P. saxicola [incl. P. fuscata, P. lagena (n. n.) C64
|–P. semiimbricata C64
|–P. sphaeridia Duclos 1832 C64
|–P. succincta C64
|–P. textiliosa H86
|–P. trapa [incl. P. deltoidea] G79
|–P. triangularis C64
|–P. triserialis C64
`–P. undata G79 [incl. P. bicarinata G79, Murex nodus Linnaeus 1758 G79, L58, P. nodus G79]
Acanthina S11
Chorus Gray 1847 C64, RA75
`–*C. giganteus (Lesson 1831) [=Monoceros giganteus] RA75

Nomen nudum: Purpura emarginata Mighels 1841 J49 [incl. P. conradi Nutt. ms C64]

Agnewia tritoniformis (Blainville 1832) P61, RA75 [=Purpura tritoniformis RA75, Thais tritoniformis F27; incl. *Adamsia typica Dunker 1857 RA75, *Agnewia typica RA75]

Concholepas Lamarck 1801 BR05 [incl. Conchopatella Herrmannsen 1847 RA75, Conchulus Rafinesque 1815 RA75; Concholepadidae]

Concholepas concholepas (Bruguière 1789) GO78 [=Buccinum concholepas RA75; incl. *C. peruviana Lamarck 1801 BR17, RA75]

*Mancinella mancinella (Linnaeus 1758) RA75 [=Murex mancinella RA75, Drupa mancinella H09, Purpura mancinella B79; incl. Mancinella aculeata Link 1807 RA75, Drupa carnus Bolten 1798 H08, Purpura elata Blainville 1832 H08, P. martiniana Anton 1839 H08, Ricinula spectrum Reeve 1846 H08]

Purpura crispata [=Buccinum crispatum Chemnitz 1780–1795 (non-binomial), Murex crispatus, M. ferrugineus, Buccinum lactuca, M. lactuca, Purpura lactuca, P. septentrionalis] C64

Purpura lamellosa [=Buccinum lamellosum; incl. B. compositum Chemnitz 1780–1795 (non-binomial), B. plicatum Martyn 1784 non Linnaeus 1758] C64

Purpura patula (Linnaeus 1758) HW78 [=Cymbium tuberosum patulum C64; incl. Perdicea nodosa C64, Haustrum tuberculatum Perry 1811 C64]

Rapana bezoar (Linnaeus 1758) ZLK11, RA75 [=Buccinum bezoar RA75; incl. *R. foliacea Schumacher 1817 RA75]

Rapana venosa (Valenciennes 1846) ZLK11, BD86 [=Purpura venosa BD86; incl. R. bezoar Reeve 1847 non Buccinum bezoar Linnaeus 1758 BD86, R. pontica Nordsieck 1969 BD86, R. thomasiana Crosse 1861 BD86]

Rapaninae [Purpurellinae, Purpuridae, Purpurifera, Purpurinae, Rapananina, Rapanidae, Taurasiinae, Taurasinae, Thaididae, Thaidinae, Thaisidae] ZLK11

*Taurasia subfusiformis (d’Orbigny 1952) [=Purpura subfusiformis, P. fusiformis Michelotti 1847 non Röding 1798] BR17

Vexilla vexillum (Gmelin 1791) WG71 [=Murex vexillum RA75, Strombus vexillum H09; incl. *Vexilla picta Swainson 1840 RA75, *Provexillum pictum RA75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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