Raphidia ophiopsis, copyright Guido Bohne.

Belongs within: Raphidioptera.

The Raphidiidae are a group of snakeflies characterised by the presence of three ocelli and a tube-like pronotum laterally covering the pleural region (Aspöck & Aspöck 1991).

    |–Agulla Navás 1914 VM20, A02
    |    |–A. adnixa K67
    |    |–A. astuta RD77
    |    `–A. bicolor WHW10
    `–+–Mongoloraphidia VM20
       |    |–M. eklipes GE05
       |    |–M. martynovae WHW10
       |    `–M. sororcula VM20
       `–+–+–+–Ohmella VM20
          |  |  |    |–O. baetica VM20
          |  |  |    |    |–O. b. baetica VM20
          |  |  |    |    `–O. b. bolivari VM20
          |  |  |    `–O. coffini Nel 1993 E02
          |  |  `–Atlantoraphidia maculicollis VM20
          |  `–+–Xanthostigma VM20
          |     |    |–X. gobicola VM20
          |     |    `–X. xanthostigma PK17
          |     `–+–Puncha Navás 1915 VM20, S63
          |        |    `–P. ratzeburgi VM20
          |        `–Venustoraphidia nigricollis VM20
          `–+–+–+–Subilla Navás 1916 VM20, S63
             |  |  |    |–S. confinis VM20
             |  |  |    |–S. schneideri S63
             |  |  |    |–S. sericea S63
             |  |  |    `–S. sulfuricosta Steinmann 1963 S63
             |  |  `–Phaeostigma VM20
             |  |       |–P. divina VM20
             |  |       |–P. major VM20
             |  |       `–P. robusta AA91
             |  `–+–Turcoraphidia amara VM20
             |     `–+–Parvoraphidia microstigma VM20
             |        `–Ornatoraphidia flavilabris VM20
             `–+–Dichrostigma flavipes VM20
                `–Raphidia Linnaeus 1758 E02 (see below for synonymy)
                     |–*R. ophiopsis Linnaeus 1758 E02
                     |–R. baltica Carpenter 1956 AA04
                     |–R. creedei Carpenter 1936 E02
                     |–R. elegans (Cockerell 1907) [=*Megaraphidia elegans] E02
                     |–R. euxina Navas 1915 [=R. (*Pretzmannia) euxina] E02
                     |–R. exhumata Cockerell 1909 [incl. R. pulveris Cockerell 1914] E02
                     |–R. flaviceps K01
                     |–R. funerata GE05
                     |–R. mediterranea VM20
                     |–R. mortua Rohwer 1909 E02
                     |–R. notata RD77
                     |–R. nuchensis Aspöck, Aspöck & Martynova 1968 [=R. (*Aserbeidshanoraphidia) nuchensis] E02
                     |–R. oblita A99
                     |–R. palaeoformis Aspöck & Aspöck 1968 [=R. (*Nigroraphidia) palaeoformis] E02
                     |–R. tranquilla Scudder 1890 [=Archiraphidia tranquilla; incl. Inocellia somnolenta Scudder 1890] E02
                     |–R. tumulata (Scudder 1890) (see below for synonymy) E02
                     `–R. veterana (Scudder 1890) [=Inocellia veterana, *Dictyoraphidia veterana] E02

Raphidiidae incertae sedis:
  Succinoraphidia Aspöck & Aspöck 2004 [Succinoraphidiinae] AA04
    `–*S. exhibens Aspöck & Aspöck 2004 AA04
  Lesna Navás 1915 S63
    |–L. adanana S63
    |–L. belinayi S63
    |–L. biroi S63
    |–L. caucasica S63
    |–L. davidi S63
    |–L. hungarica S63
    |–L. laticaput Steinmann 1963 S63
    |–L. longicauda S63
    |–L. lestica Steinmann 1963 S63
    |–L. major S63
    |–L. navasi Steinmann 1963 S63
    |–L. notata S63
    |–L. parnassia S63
    |–L. pilicollis S63
    `–L. stigmata Steinmann 1963 S63
  Glavia Navás 1916 S63
  Alena Navás 1916 S63
  Rhaphidilla Navás 1915 S63
  Navasana Steinmann 1963 S63
    `–*N. perumbrata Steinmann 1963 S63
  Harraphidia Steinmann 1963 S63
    `–*H. harpyia Steinmann 1963 S63

Raphidia Linnaeus 1758 E02 [=Rhaphidia Burmeister 1839 S63; incl. Archiraphidia Handlirsch 1910 E02, Aserbeidshanoraphidia Aspöck & Aspöck 1968 E02, Dictyoraphidia Handlirsch 1910 E02, Megaraphidia Cockerell 1907 E02, Nigroraphidia Aspöck & Aspöck 1968 E02, Pretzmannia Aspöck & Aspöck 1968 E02; Raphidiinae]

Raphidia tumulata (Scudder 1890) [=Inocellia tumulata, *Archiraphidia tumulata; incl. Inocellia eventa Scudder 1890, Archiraphidia eventa] E02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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