Phyllograptus angustifolius elongatus, from here.

Belongs within: Eugraptoloida.
Contains: Isograptus, Bireclinata, Tetragraptinae .

The Reclinata are a clade of graptoloids defined by Maletz et al. (2009) as the smallest clade including Tetragraptus serra and Exigraptus uniformis. Synapomorphies of the clade include the presence of a rutellum on the ventral side of the sicular aperture, serially homologous ventral projections on the proximal thecae (thecal rutellae), and a longer sicula than in outgroup taxa (Maletz et al. 2009).

|--Pan-Bireclinata [Glossograptacea, Glossograptina, Isograptidae]MCM09
| | i. s.: Cardiograptus Harris & Keble in Harris 1916M14
| | |--*C. morsus Harris & Keble 1916B70
| | `--C. crawfordiC73
| | Procardiograptus Xiao, Xia & Wang 1985M14
| | Proncograptus Xiao, Xia & Wang 1985M14
| | Xiushuigraptus Yu & Fang 1983M14
| |--IsograptusMCM09
| `--+--BireclinataMCM09
| `--Parisograptus Chen & Zhang 1996M14
| `--P. caduceus (Salter 1853)M10
`--Tetragraptidae [Pan-Tetragrapta, Tetragrapta]M14
| i. s.: Corymbograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya 1964MCM09, B70
| |--*C. v-fractus (Salter 1863) [=Didymograptus v-fractus]B70
| `--C. retroflexusW04
| Pseudotrigonograptus Mu & Lee 1958MCM09, B70 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*P. uniformis Mu & Lee 1958 [=Tristichograptus uniformis]B70
| |--P. ensiformis (Hall 1859)R93, B70 [=Graptolithus ensiformisB70, *Tristichograptus ensiformisB70]
| `--P. minor Cooper & Fortey 1982R93
| Paratetragraptus Obut 1957M14
| `--*P. approximatus (Nicholson 1873) [=Tetragraptus approximatus]B70
`--+--Pendeograptus Bouček & Přibyl 1951MCM09, B70
| |--*P. pendens (Elles 1898) [=Tetragraptus pendens]B70
| `--P. fruticosus (Hall 1858)MCM09 [=Tetragraptus fruticosusFC86]
`--Phyllograptus Hall 1858MCM09, B70
|--*P. typus Hall 1865B70, M10
|--P. angustifoliusB70
| |--P. a. angustifoliusJ79
| `--P. a. elongatusJ79
|--P. anna Hall 1858R93
|--P. densusJ79
|--P. ilicifolius Hall 1858R93
`--P. loringi White 1874W77

Pseudotrigonograptus Mu & Lee 1958MCM09, B70 [incl. Tristichograptus Jackson & Bulman 1970R93, B70; Pseudotrigonograptidae, Pseudotrigonograptinae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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