Female Reichenbachia, photographed by Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Pselaphinae.

Reichenbachia is a large cosmopolitan genus of pselaphine beetles, including over 300 species.

Characters (from Park 1942): Ventral surface of head with median longitudinal carina or carinoid swelling; antennae eleven-segmented; maxillary palpi four-segmented; epistomal region generally simple, sometimes slightly expanded laterally or vertically elevated; pronotum with disc simple, evenly convex, three subbasal foveae present with lateral foveae much larger than median fovea; each elytron with distinct dorsal or discal stria and two or three basal foveae; middle coxae contiguous; posterior coxae well separated; abdomen with distinct lateral margin.

<==Reichenbachia Leach 1826NT01 [=Reichenbachius Casey 1906NT01; incl. Dicrobia Thomson 1859R04]
    |--R. abluta Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. abyssinica Raffray 1877R04
    |--R. achillis (see below for synonymy)R04
    |--R. acinosa Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. addahensis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. affinissima Reitter 1883NG05
    |--R. afra Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. akinini Reitter 1891R04
    |--R. albionica Motsch 1845 [incl. R. fundata Casey 1886]R04
    |--R. aliena Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. alluaudi Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. americana Raffray 1904 [=R. albionica Casey 1897 non Motsch. 1845]R04
    |--R. amica Reitter 1892NG05
    |--R. amitta Reitter 1883R04
    |--R. analis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. antennata Aubé 1833 [incl. R. caucasica, R. serrata Gredler 1863, R. serricornis Schmidt 1833]R04
    |--R. apicata Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. appendiculata Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. arabica Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. arciferR04
    |--R. areolata Raffray 1893R04
    |--R. arthritica Brendel 1894R04
    |--R. articularis Raffray 1893R04
    |--R. atlantica Brendel 1866R04
    |--R. aubeana Raffray 1890R04
    |--R. auriculata Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. baumeisteri Schaufuss 1877R04
    |--R. bengalensis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. biclavata Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. bicolorR04
    |--R. bifossa Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. binodifera Casey 1897R04
    |--R. binodulaR04
    |--R. biocellata [=Bryaxis biocellata]R04
    |--R. bironis Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. boliviensis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. borealis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. breviventris Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. budha Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. callosa Raffray 1890R04
    |--R. canadensisR04
    |--R. caseyi Raffray 1904 [=R. articularis Casey 1897 non Raffray 1893]R04
    |--R. castelnaui Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. caudata Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. celata Sharp 1887R04
    |--R. chevrieri Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. chevrolati Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. chiricahuensis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. cicatricosa Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. clavata Peyron 1858R04
    |--R. clavicornis Raffray 1877R04
    |--R. cloueti Guillebeau 1897R04
    |--R. compacta Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. compar [incl. R. franciscana Casey 1886]R04
    |--R. compressipes Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. congener Brendel 1865R04
    |--R. coquereli Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. cordata Schaufuss 1877R04
    |--R. corporalis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. coxalis Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. crassipes Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. cribricollisR04
    |--R. cubitus Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. cucera Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. cultrata Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. curta Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. curvipes Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. cylindrarthrus Brendel 1893R04
    |--R. dama Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. decipiens Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. decursa Raffray 1899R04
    |--R. deformata Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. defossa Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. demissa Casey 1893R04
    |--R. dentipes Baudi 1869R04
    |--R. depressifrons Brendel 1893R04
    |--R. designataR04
    |--R. diffinis Sharp 1883R04
    |--R. dimidiata Raffray 1901R04
    |--R. discreta Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. distans Casey 1897R04
    |--R. divergens Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. diversa Raffray 1887R04
    |--R. diversicornis Sharp 1887R04
    |--R. diversula Raffray 1904 [=R. diversa Sharp non Raffray 1887]R04
    |--R. dorsopunctata [=Bryaxis dorsopunctata]R04
    |--R. ecarinata Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. edithae Reitter 1887R04
    |--R. egena Raffrray 1903R04
    |--R. estebanensis Raffray 1890R04
    |--R. expanda Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. facilisR04
    |--R. falli Casey 1897R04
    |--R. falsa Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. fasciculata Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. fulva Schaufuss 1887R04
    |--R. fulviventris Tournier 1859R04
    |--R. furtiva Casey 1893R04
    |--R. fusciventris Casey 1897R04
    |--R. fusticornis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. gemmifer Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. gibbicollis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. globulosa Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. goryi Aubé 1833R04
    |--R. goudoti Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. grabowskyi Reitter 1882NG05
    |--R. gracilicornis Casey 1886R04
    |--R. gracilis Casey 1884R04
    |--R. grenadensis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. grouvellei Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. heterocera Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. hippopotamus [=Bryaxis hippopotamus]R04
    |--R. hova Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. illepida Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. illimis Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. imerinae Raffray 1899R04
    |--R. immodica Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. impedita Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. impressaR04
    |--R. indecora Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. inepta Casey 1893R04
    |--R. infanda Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. infelix Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. informis Casey 1886R04
    |--R. infossa Raffray 1905R05
    |--R. ingrata Reitter 1883R04
    |--R. insolita Casey 1897R04
    |--R. intacta Sharp 1887R04
    |--R. integrostriata Reitter 1883NG05
    |--R. intuscurvata [incl. R. intuscurvata var. aurita]R04
    |--R. invalida Reitter 1882NG05
    |--R. iranicaR04
    |--R. irrita Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. juncorum Leach 1817 [incl. R. insignis]R04
    |--R. kansana Casey 1897R04
    |--R. lacernata Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. laciniosa Raffray 1903F04
    |--R. lamellicornis Reitter 1882NG05
    |--R. laticollis Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. lebasi Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. lippa Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. litoralis Brendel 1890 [incl. R. inopia]R04
    |--R. loti Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. luteola Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. mallicolensis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. mamilla Schaufuss 1877R04
    |--R. manillensis Raffray 1891R04
    |--R. marcida Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. maroccana Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. marshalli Raffray 1901R04
    |--R. mateola Raffray 1899R04
    |--R. mavortia Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. melina Solsky 1869 (see below for synonymy)R04
    |--R. mexicana Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. militarisR04
    |--R. misella Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. moluccana Raffray 1882R04
    |--R. montanaR04
    |--R. morio Reitter 1884R04
    |--R. multifora Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. munda Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. muscorum Raffray 1904NG05
    |--R. nasalis Reitter 1900 [incl. R. nasuta Reitter 1882 (preoc.)]R04
    |--R. nava Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. negligens Reitter 1883NG05
    |--R. nevadensisR04
    |--R. nigriventris Schaum 1859R04
    |--R. nilotica Motsch. 1851 [incl. R. aegyptiaca Motsch. 1851]R04
    |--R. nitella Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. nominataR04
    |--R. notha Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. oberthueri Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. obnubila Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. obstipa Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. obtusa Raffray 1877R04
    |--R. oneili Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. opuntiae Schmidt 1836 [incl. R. opuntiae var. olivieri Raffray 1871]R04
    |--R. orientalis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. ornatissima [=Bryaxis ornatissima]R04
    |--R. papuana Raffray 1882R04
    |--R. parallela Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. parva [incl. R. pulla Raffr. 1882 non Sharp 1874]R04
    |--R. parviceps Sharp 1887R04
    |--R. penita [=Bryaxis penita]R04
    |--R. pentachiroides Schaufuss 1887R04
    |--R. peregrinator Casey 1897R04
    |--R. peringueyi Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. picticornis Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. pilosa Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. pilosellaR04
    |--R. politaR04
    |--R. proceraR04
    |--R. propinquaR04
    |--R. pubescensR04
    |--R. pulla Sharp 1874R04
    |--R. pulvinata Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. puncticollisR04
    |--R. punctipennis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. punctithorax Reitter 1882NG05
    |--R. punctulata Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. pygidialis Raffray 1904R04
    |--R. quedenfeldti Reitter 1881R04
    |--R. radians Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. regularis Schaufuss 1883R04
    |--R. reichei [incl. R. reicheiana]R04
    |--R. rivularis Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. rosmarus Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. rubicunda Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. rubra Aubé 1844R04
    |--R. rufa Schmidt-Göbel 1838NG05
    |--R. rupestris Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. sagax Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. sallei Sharp 1887R04
    |--R. sarcinaria Schaufuss 1887R04
    |--R. scabra Brendel 1865R04
    |--R. schaufussi Reitter 1882NG05 [incl. R. extuscurvataR04]
    |--R. schlerethi Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. semipunctata Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. semirugosa Brendel 1895R04
    |--R. semisanguinea [incl. R. minassanae]R04
    |--R. singapuriensis Raffray 1895NG05
    |--R. sinuatipes Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. snowiC90
    |--R. sodalis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. spatulifer Casey 1897R04
    |--R. spinipes Reitter 1884R04
    |--R. spiniventris Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. sternalis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. stussineri Reitter 1882R04
    |--R. subfoveolataR04
    |--R. subnitidaR04
    |--R. subpubescens Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. subsimilis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. subtilisR04
    |--R. subvalida Reitter 1883R04
    |--R. suffarcinata Shaufuss 1882R04
    |--R. sulcicornis Raffray 1895R04
    |--R. tanalensis Raffray 1903R04
    |--R. taphrocera [incl. R. deformata Casey 1886 non Leconte 1880]R04
    |--R. telangensis Reitter 1883NG05
    |--R. tenuicornisR04
    |--R. trigona Leconte 1880R04
    |--R. truncaticornis Raffray 1896R04
    |--R. tubericollis Raffray 1891NG05
    |--R. tumida Leconte 1880 [incl. R. complectens Leconte 1880]R04
    |--R. tumidicornis Casey 1886R04
    |--R. tumorosa Casey 1886R04
    |--R. turgidicornis Casey 1897R04
    |--R. ursina Casey 1897R04
    |--R. usitataR04
    |--R. viduana Raffray 1897R04
    |--R. villosula Raffray 1882R04
    |--R. vincentiana Raffray 1904 [=R. vincentania (l. c.)]R04
    |--R. vulnerataR04
    |--R. wickhami Brendel 1893R04
    |--R. zambeziana Raffray 1898 [incl. R. decipiens Raffray 1897 non Raffray 1896]R04
    `--R. zanzibarica Raffray 1896R04

Reichenbachia achillis [incl. R. achillis var. bimucronata Raffray 1897, R. crassipes Raffray 1887 non Sharp 1874, R. achillis var. inferior Raffray 1897]R04

Reichenbachia melina Solsky 1869 [incl. R. rubra Motsch 1851 non Aubé 1844, R. talyschensis Reitter 1884, R. tychoides Reitter 1877]R04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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