Obruchevella sp., about 0.2 mm across, from McMahon (2018).

Belongs within: Life.

The Reitlingerellidae are an assemblage of tubular microfossils known from the Cambrian and Ordovician periods (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Shell free, consisting of narrow tubular chamber of constant diameter (0.016–0.017 mm) coiled in expanding spire, cylindrical helical spire, or with early glomerate coil.

<==Reitlingerellidae [Reitlingerellida]
|--Reitlingerella Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*R. densa Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Bostrychosaria Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*B. bistorta Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Cavifera Reytlinger 1948LT64
| `--*C. concinna Reytlinger 1948LT64
|--Flexurella Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*F. obvoluta Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Glomovertella Reytlinger 1948LT64
| `--*G. firma Reytlinger 1948LT64
|--Kordeella Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*K. campylodroma Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Lebedevaella Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*L. involventis Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Lukaschevella Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*L. spiralis Vologdin 1958LT64
|--Parasyniella Bykova 1961LT64
| `--*P. geniculosa Bykova 1961LT64
|--Rectangulina Antropov 1959LT64
| `--*R. tortuosa (Antropov 1950) [=Syniella tortuosa]LT64
|--Syniella Reytlinger 1948LT64
| `--*S. invenusta Reytlinger 1948LT64
|--Turbienta Bykova 1961LT64
| `--*T. bifida Bykova 1961LT64
|--Tuvaellina Vologdin 1958LT64
| `--*T. prima Vologdin 1958LT64
`--Obruchevella Reytlinger 1948LT64
|--*O. delicata Reytlinger 1948LT64
`--O. parva Reitlinger 1948X04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LT64] Loeblich, A. R., Jr & H. Tappan. 1964. Sarcodina: chiefly “thecamoebians” and Foraminiferida. In Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt C. Protista 2 vol. 2. The Geological Society of America and The University of Kansas Press.

[X04] Xiao, S. 2004. New multicellular algal fossils and acritarchs in Doushantuo chert nodules (Neoproterozoic; Yangtze Gorges, south China). Journal of Paleontology 78 (2): 393–401.

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