Darling plum Reynosia septentrionalis, from the Leon Levy National Plant Preserve.

Belongs within: Rhamnaceae.

Reynosia is a genus of shrubs and small trees found in the West Indies and adjoining regions of North and Central America.

Characters (from Flora of North America): Shrubs or small trees, unarmed; bud scales present. Leaves persistent, opposite; blade not gland-dotted; pinnately veined, secondary veins straight nearly to margins, higher order veins forming adaxially raised reticulum enclosing isodiametric areoles. Inflorescences axillary, fascicles or flowers solitary; pedicels not fleshy in fruit. Pedicels present. Flowers bisexual; hypanthium cupulate, 2–4 mm wide; sepals [4–]5, spreading, yellow-green, triangular-ovate, small-keeled adaxially, not crested; petals 0[4–5]; nectary fleshy, filling hypanthium, margin entire; stamens 5; ovary superior, 2-locular; style 1. Fruits drupes, 10–20 mm; stone 1, indehiscent.

|--R. affinisSK93
|--R. barbatulaSK93
|--R. cuneifoliaSK93
|--R. domingensisSK93
|--R. guamaSK93
|--R. jamaicensisSK93
|--R. krugiiSK93
|--R. retusaSK93
|--R. revolutaSK93
|--R. septentrionalisSK93
|--R. uncinataSK93
`--R. wrightiiSK93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[SK93] Schirarend, C., & E. Köhler. 1993. Rhamnaceae Juss. World Pollen and Spore Flora 17/18: 1–53.

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