Dichodontium flavescens, copyright Michael Lueth.

Belongs within: Bryopsida.

Cynodontium is a genus of relatively tall mosses with recurved margins on the leaves (Dixon 1924).

Rhabdoweisiaceae [Cynodontieae, Cynodontioideae, Oncophoreae, Oncophoroideae, Rhabdoweisieae, Rhabdoweisioideae]S04
| i. s.: ‘Dicranum’ ferrugineum (see below for synonymy)SK02
|--Holodontium (Mitt.) Broth. 1924SK02
|--Oreoweisia De Not. 1869S04
| |--O. bruntonii (Sm.) Milde 1860S04 (see below for synonymy)
| `--O. serrulataD24
|--Cnestrum Hagen. 1915OZB-O03
| |--C. alpestre (Huebner) Nyholm ex Mogensen 1980OZB-O03 (see below for synonymy)
| `--C. schistii (Gunnerus ex Weber & Mohr) Hagen 1914OZB-O03 (see below for synonymy)
|--Rhabdoweisia Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & Gümbel 1846S04
| |--R. crenulata (Mitt.) Jameson 1890S04 (see below for synonymy)
| |--R. crispata (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb. 1871S04 (see below for synonymy)
| |--R. fugax (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch et al. 1846S04 (see below for synonymy)
| `--R. laevidensB-OO10
|--Oncophorus (Brid.) Brid. 1826S04
| |--O. fuegianusD03
| |--O. virens (Hedw.) Brid. 1826OZB-O03 [=Bryum virensD24, Cynodontium virensS04; incl. C. virens var. serratumOZB-O03]
| `--O. wahlenbergii Brid. 1826S04 [=Cynodontium virens var. wahlenbergiiD24]
| |--O. w. var. wahlenbergiiD24
| `--‘Cynodontium’ w. var. compactumD24
|--Cynodontium Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch et al. 1856S04
| |--C. fallax Limpr. 1886S04
| |--C. gracilescens (Weber & Mohr) Schimp. 1856OZB-O03 [=Dicranum gracilescensD24, Oncophorus gracilescensD24]
| |--C. jenneri (Schimp.) Stirt. 1906S04 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. polycarpon (Hedw.) Schimp. 1856S04 [=Dicranum polycarpumD24, Oncophorus polycarpusD24]
| |--C. strumiferum (Hedw.) Lindb. 1869S04 (see below for synonymy)
| `--C. tenellum (Bruch & Schimp.) Limpr. 1877S04 [=C. polycarpum var. tenellumOZB-O03; incl. C. torquescensOZB-O03]
`--Dichodontium Schimp. 1856S04 [incl. Diobelonella Ochyra in Ochyra, Żarnowiec & Bednarek-Ochyra 2003OZB-O03]
|--D. flavescens (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb. 1879S04 (see below for synonymy)
|--D. jamesoniD03
|--D. olympicumOZB-O03
|--D. paludellaD03
|--D. palustre (Dicks.) Stech 1999S04 (see below for synonymy)
`--D. pellucidum (Hedw.) Schimp. 1856S04 (see below for synonymy)
|--D. p. var. pellucidumD24
`--D. p. var. strictumD24

Nomen nudum: Dichodontium pellucidum var. compactum Schp. in Dixon 1924D24

Cnestrum alpestre (Huebner) Nyholm ex Mogensen 1980OZB-O03 [=Cynodontium gracilescens var. alpestreD24, OZB-O03, Dicranum alpestreOZB-O03, Cy. subalpestreD24]

Cnestrum schistii (Gunnerus ex Weber & Mohr) Hagen 1914OZB-O03 [=Bryum schistiOZB-O03, Cynodontium schistiiOZB-O03, Dicranum schistiD24, Grimmia schistii Gunnerus ex Weber & Mohr 1803 (nom. cons.)OZB-O03, Rhabdoweisia schistiiOZB-O03, Weissia schistiiOZB-O03]

Cynodontium jenneri (Schimp.) Stirt. 1906S04 [=Didymodon jenneri Schimp. 1868D24; incl. C. polycarpum var. laevifoliaD24, C. polycarpum var. laxireteD24, C. laxirete Grebe 1901D24]

Cynodontium strumiferum (Hedw.) Lindb. 1869S04 [=Dicranum strumiferumD24, C. polycarpon var. strumiferumS04, Oncophorus strumiferD24]

Dichodontium flavescens (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb. 1879S04 [=Bryum flavescensD24, D. pellucidum var. flavescensS04; incl. D. fulvescensD24, D. pellucidum var. serratumD24]

Dichodontium palustre (Dicks.) Stech 1999S04 [=Bryum palustre Dicks. 1801OZB-O03, Anisothecium palustreS04, Dicranella palustrisS04, *Diobelonella palustris (Dicks.) Ochyra in Ochyra, Żarnowiec & Bednarek-Ochyra 2003OZB-O03; incl. Anisothecium squarrosumD24, Aongstroemia squarrosaOZB-O03, Dichodontium squarrosumOZB-O03, Dicranella squarrosaS04, Dicranum squarrosumD24, Diobelon squarrosumOZB-O03, Oncophorus squarrosusOZB-O03]

Dichodontium pellucidum (Hedw.) Schimp. 1856S04 [=Aongstroemia pellucidaOZB-O03, Bryum pellucidumD24, Dicranum pellucidumOZB-O03, Tridontium pellucidumOZB-O03; incl. Dichodontium pellucidum var. fagimontanumOZB-O03]

‘Dicranum’ ferrugineum [=Anisothecium ferrugineum, Blindia ferruginea (Wilson) Broth. 1901, Dichodontium ferrugineum, Ditrichum ferrugineum, Leptodontium ferrugineum (nom. inv.), Leptotrichum ferrugineum; incl. Blindia wellingtonii (n. n.)]SK02

Oreoweisia bruntonii (Sm.) Milde 1860S04 [=Cynodontium bruntonii (Sm.) Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & Gümbel 1846S04, OZB-O03, Dicranoweisia bruntoniD24, Dicranum bruntoniD24, Didymodon bruntoniiOZB-O03, Oncophorus bruntoniD24, Trichostomum bruntoniiOZB-O03; incl. Did. obscurusOZB-O03]

Rhabdoweisia crenulata (Mitt.) Jameson 1890S04 [=Oncophorus crenulatusD24, Didymodon crenulatusD24; incl. Leptodontium rossiiD24]

Rhabdoweisia crispata (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb. 1871S04 [=Onchophorus crispatusD24; incl. R. denticulataS04, Weissia denticulataOZB-O03]

Rhabdoweisia fugax (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch et al. 1846S04 [=Weissia fugaxOZB-O03; incl. Oncophorus striatusD24, R. striataOZB-O03, Weissia striataOZB-O03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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