Rhinogobius flumineus, copyright Seotaro.

Belongs within: Gobiidae.

Rhinogobius is a genus of fairly generalised gobies largely defined by the absence of features of other genera.

Characters (from Herre 1927): Dorsal VI, 1–8 to 11; anal I, 7 to 9; scales in longitudinal series 23 to 38. Body slender and elongate or bulky and subcylindrical anteriorly, laterally compressed, head always rather large, 3 to 4 times in length, convex above; body covered with ctenoid scales, largest posteriorly, nape entirely naked or partly scaled, or scaled to eyes, anterior scales very small; preopercles entirely naked and smooth, or may have two to several longitudinal lines of minute papillae, which may be connected by one to many crosslines and with few or many radiating down and back from eye; opercles naked, may also be lined as preopercles sometimes are, may have small patch of minute scales along upper margin; base of pectoral and breast scaled; mouth small to moderate, oblique, jaws equal or lower jaw projecting; teeth in bands of three to nine rows in each jaw, those of outer row enlarged and fixed; lower jaw usually with posterior pair of canines, may have a pair at center of outer row; tip of tongue rounded or truncate; spines of first dorsal may or may not have elongated thread-like tips; dorsals close together, second dorsal and anal short; pectorals without silky rays above; caudal varying from truncate to round pointed, shorter than, equal to, or slightly more than head.

<==Rhinogobius Gill 1859H27
    |--R. baliuroides (Bleeker 1849) [=Gobius baliuroides]H27
    |--R. brunneusT90
    |--R. calderae (Evermann & Seale 1907) [=Gobius calderae]H27
    |--R. chlorostigmatoidesJR10
    |--R. cyanoclavisJR10
    |--R. flumineusT90
    |--R. giurinusJR10
    |--R. hongkongensis Seale 1914H27
    |--R. leftwichiG75
    |--R. multifasciatus Herre 1927H27
    |--R. schultzei Herre 1927H27
    `--R. similis Gill 1859KC-L22

*Type species of generic name indicated


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