Trident leaf-nosed bats Asellia tridens, photographed by Drew Gardner.

Belongs within: Chiroptera.
Contains: Rhinolophus, Hipposideros.

The Rhinolophidae, Old World leaf-nosed bats, get their vernacular name from the well-developed leaf-like structure at the end of their muzzle.

<==Rhinolophoidea [Yinochiroptera]
    |--+--Rhinopoma Geoffroy 1813M07 (see below for synonymy)
    |  |    |  i. s.: R. cystopsM07
    |  |    |--+--*R. microphyllumM07, FS15 [=Vespertilio microphyllumM07]
    |  |    |  `--R. muscatellumFS15
    |  |    `--+--R. hardwickei Gray 1831FS15, BS72
    |  |       `--R. macinnesiFS15
    |  `--+--CraseonycterisLA02 [CraseonycteridaeMJ11]
    |     |    `--C. thonglongyaiLA02
    |     `--Megadermatidae [Megadermata, Megadermatini, Megadermidae, Megadermina, Megaderminae]MJ11
    |          |  i. s.: Afropterus gigas Lavocat 1961B78
    |          |         Necromantis Weithofer 1887SM93
    |          |           `--N. adichaster Weithofer 1887LA02
    |          |         MiomegadermaKJ70
    |          |         SaharadermaMJ11
    |          |--+--Cardioderma Peters 1873FS15, M07
    |          |  |    `--*C. cor [=Megaderma (*Cardioderma) cor]M07
    |          |  `--Macroderma Miller 1907FS15, HDA88
    |          |       |  i. s.: M. malugara Hand 1996LA02
    |          |       |--M. godthelpi Hand 1985HDA88, LA02
    |          |       `--+--*M. gigas (Dobson 1880)LA02, HDA88, LA02 [=Megaderma gigasM07]
    |          |          |    |--M. g. gigasR64
    |          |          |    `--M. g. saturata Douglas 1962R64
    |          |          `--M. koppa Hand, Dawson & Augee 1988HDA88
    |          `--+--Lavia Gray 1838FS15, M07 [=Livia Agassiz 1846 non Latreille 1802M07]
    |             |    |--*L. frons [=Megaderma (*Lavia) frons]M07
    |             |    `--L. rexM07
    |             `--Megaderma Geoffroy 1810FS15, LA02 (see below for synonymy)
    |                  |--*M. spasma (Linnaeus 1758)LA02 [=Vespertilio spasmaM07, M. (*Spasma) spasmaG66]
    |                  |--M. carimataeM07
    |                  |--M. lyraST01 [=*Lyroderma lyraM07; incl. *Eucheira schistaceaM07]
    |                  |--M. philippinensis Waterhouse 1843W43
    |                  |--M. richardsi Hand 1995LA02
    |                  `--M. trifoliumM07
    `--+--Rhinolophidae [Rhinolophi, Rhinolophineae, Rhinolophinae, Rhinolophini]MJ11
       |    |--RhinolophusKJ70
       |    |--PaleonycterisKJ70
       |    `--RhinomegalophusKJ70
       `--Hipposideridae [Hipposiderinae, Phyllorhinae, Phyllorhininae]HG99
            |  i. s.: Miophyllorhina Hand 1997LA02
            |           `--*M. riversleighensis Hand 1997LA02
            |         Riversleigha Hand 1998LA02
            |           `--*R. williamsi Hand 1998LA02
            |         Xenorhinos Hand 1998LA02
            |           `--*X. halli Hand 1998LA02
            |         Brachipposideros Sigé 1968LA02
            |           |--*B. collongensis (Depéret 1892) [=Hipposideros (*Brachipposideros) collongensis]LA02
            |           |--B. aguilari Legendre 1982LA02
            |           |--B. branssatensis (Hugueney 1965)LA02
            |           |--B. dechaseauxi Sigé 1968LA02
            |           |--B. khengkao Mein & Ginsburg 1997LA02
            |           |--B. nooraleebus Sigé, Hand & Archer 1982LA02
            |           |--B. omani Sigé et al. 1994LA02
            |           `--B. watsoni Hand 1997LA02
            |         PalaeophyllophoriniKJ70
            |           |--PalaeophyllophoraKJ70
            |           `--ParaphyllophoraKJ70
            |         Pseudorhinolophus bouziguensisHG99
            |--Asellia Gray 1838FS15, M07
            |    |--*A. tridens [=Rhinolophus tridens, Hipposideros (*Asellia) tridens, Phyllorhina (*A.) tridens]M07
            |    |--A. mariaetheresae Mein 1958HG99
            |    |--A. murraianaM07
            |    |--A. patriziiIT07
            |    |--A. tricuspidataG66
            |    `--A. vetus Lavocat 1961B78
                 `--+--+----Cloeotis Thomas 1901FS15, M07
                    |  |    `--*C. percivaliM07
                    |  `--+--Rhinonicteris Gray 1847FS15, LA02 [=Rhinonycteris Gray 1866KJ70, M07; Rhinonycterina]
                    |     |    |--*R. aurantius (Gray 1845)LA02 [=Rhinolophus aurantiusM07, *Rhinonycteris aurantiusG66]
                    |     |    `--R. tedfordi Hand 1997LA02
                    |     `--Triaenops Dobson 1871FS15, M07
                    |          |--+--*T. persicus Dobson 1871M07, FS15, K92 [incl. T. aferK92]
                    |          |  `--T. rufusFS15
                    |          `--+--T. auritusFS15
                    |             `--T. furculusFS15
                       |    |--A. stoliczkanusIT07
                       |    `--A. tricuspidatusIT07
                       |         |--A. t. tricuspidatusM72
                       |         `--A. t. novehebridensisM72
                            |--Paracoelops megalotisKJ70, IT07
                            `--Coelops Blyth 1849FS15, B88
                                 |--C. hirsutusFS15
                                 `--+--*C. frithiiM07, FS15 [incl. C. bernsteiniM07]
                                    `--C. robinsoniFS15

Megaderma Geoffroy 1810FS15, LA02 [=Spasma Gray 1866M07; incl. Eucheira Hodgson 1847 non Westwood 1836M07, Lyroderma Peters 1872M07]

Rhinopoma Geoffroy 1813M07 [=Rhinopomus Gervais 1854M07, Rhynopoma Bowdich 1821M07; Rhinopomata, RhinopomatidaeMJ11, Rhinopomatini, Rhinopomidae, Rhinopomina]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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