Dorsum (left) and venter of Rhinonyssus coniventris echinipes, from Evans & Till (1979).

Belongs within: Gamasina.
Contains: Ptilonyssus.

The Rhinonyssidae are a group of endoparasitic mites found in the respiratory tracts of birds (Evans & Till 1979). At least some species use the claws of the first legs to tear the host’s nasal membrane, the chelicerae being only weakly membranous.

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Sternal shield reduced or absent but with distinct, and often distinctive, sternal setae, epigynal shield well developed or reduced, stigmata dorsal, peritremes greatly reduced or absent. Tibia and genu I each with two anterolateral setae.

    |--Rhinonyssus Trouessart 1894 [Rhinonyssinae]H98
    |    |  i. s.: R. himantopus Strandtmann 1951H98
    |    |         R. minutus (Bregetova 1950) [=Sternostomum minutum]H98
    |    |         R. poliocephali Fain 1956H98
    |    |         R. rhinolethrum (Trouessart 1895) [=Sternostomum rhinolethrum, R. rhinolethrus]H98
    |    |--*R. (Rhinonyssus) coniventris Trouessart 1894ET79
    |    |    |--R. c. coniventrisET79
    |    |    `--R. c. echinipesET79
    |    `--R. (Neonyssoides Hirst 1923H23
    |         `--R. (*N.) nucifragae Hirst 1923H23
Rhinonyssidae incertae sedis:
    |--N. columbae Crossley 1950LKW09, H98 [=Mesonyssus columbaeH98, Tinaminyssus columbaeH98]
    `--N. intermediusH23
  Cas angrensis (de Castro 1948)LKW09, H98 [=Rhinonyssus angrensisH98, Ptilonyssus angrensisH98]
  Larinyssus Strandtmann 1948H98
    |--L. benoiti Fain 1961H98
    `--L. orbicularis Strandtmann 1948H98
  Rhinoecius Cooreman 1946H98
    |--*R. oti Cooreman 1946ET79
    `--R. cooremani Strandtmann 1952H98
  Ruandanyssus Fain 1957H98
    |--R. artami Domrow 1969H98
    `--R. terpsiphonei Fain 1957H98
  Rallinyssus Strandtmann 1948H98
    |--R. caudistigmus Strandtmann 1948H98
    |--R. congolensis Fain 1956H98
    `--R. gallinulae Fain 1960H98
  Sternostoma Berlese & Trouessart 1889H98 [=Sternostomum Trouessart 1895E57]
    |--*S. cryptorhynchum Berlese & Trouessart 1889ET79
    |--S. cooremani Fain 1956H98
    |--S. cuculorum Fain 1956 [incl. S. zosteropus Domrow 1966]H98
    |--S. dureni Fain 1956H98
    |--S. gliciphilae Domrow 1966H98
    |--S. loxiaeET79
    |--S. neosittae Domrow 1969H98
    |--S. paddae Fain 1958H98
    |--S. technaui Vitzthum 1935 [=Sternostomum technaui]H98
    |--S. thienponti Fain 1956H98
    `--S. tracheacolum Lawrence 1948H98
  Tinaminyssus Strandtmann & Wharton 1958H98
    |--T. aprosmicti (Domrow 1964) [=Mesonyssoides aprosmicti; incl. M. platycerci Domrow 1964]H98
    |--T. belopolskii (Bregetova 1950) [=Neonyssus belopolskii, Mesonyssus belopolskii]H98
    |--T. daceloae (Domrow 1965) [=Mesonyssus daceloae]H98
    |--T. geopeliae (Fain 1964) [=Mesonyssus geopeliae]H98
    |--T. halcyonus (Domrow 1965) [=Mesonyssus halcyonus]H98
    |--T. hirtus (Wilson 1966) [=Mesonyssus hirtus]H98
    |--T. kakatuae (Domrow 1964) [=Mesonyssoides kakatuae, Mesonyssus kakatuae]H98
    |--T. macropygiae (Wilson 1966) [=Mesonyssus macropygiae]H98
    |--T. megaloprepiae Domrow 1969H98
    |--T. melloi (de Castro 1948) [=Neonyssus melloi, Mesonyssus melloi]H98
    |--T. myristicivorae Domrow 1969H98
    |--T. ocyphabus (Domrow 1965) [=Mesonyssus ocyphabus]H98
    |--T. phabus (Domrow 1965) [=Mesonyssus phabus]H98
    |--T. tanysipterae (Wilson 1966) [=Mesonyssus tanysipterae]H98
    |--T. trichoglossi (Domrow 1964) [=Mesonyssoides trichoglossi, Mesonyssus trichoglossi]H98
    `--T. welchi Domrow 1969H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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