Champia parvula, copyright Pauline Poisson.

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.
Contains: Rhodymenia.

The Rhodymeniales are marine red algae in which carpogonial branches are borne in association with auxiliary cell branches on inner cortical cells.

Characters (from Womersley 1996): Thallus usually erect, foliose to complanately or radially branched, branches terete to compressed or flat, solid or hollow and often segmented; some genera parasitic, minute, pulvinate or lobed. Structure multiaxial, pseudoparenchymatous, developing a small-celled cortex and larger-celled medulla, often with secretory cells on inner cells; hollow genera often with longitudinal filaments within the medulla, in some families with transverse diaphragms or partitions. Pit-plugs without cap layers. Gametangial thalli usually dioecious, procarpic. Carpogonial branches 3- or 4-celled, borne on inner cortical cells together with 2- (or 3-) celled auxiliary cell branches, with the auxiliary initial often being a cortical cell; auxiliary cells produced before fertilization but usually maturing afterwards, often containing a spherical proteinaceous globule; diploid nucleus transferred to auxiliary cell directly or via a connecting cell. Carposporophyte developing outwards, with a basal, erect, fusion cell(s) and with most gonimoblast cells, or only the terminal ones, becoming carposporangia; basal nutritive tissue present or not, with numerous connections to the auxiliary initial cell or supporting cell, with erect filaments of cells from the nutritive tissue to the pericarp remaining as the “tela arachnoidea” of slender elongate cells, or as more or less separated stellate cells around the developing carposporophyte, or in many genera disintegrating. Cystocarps protuberant or largely immersed, with a well-developed pericarp, usually ostiolate. Spermatangia cut off from surface cortical cells via initials. Tetrasporangia cut off laterally or terminally from mid cortical cells, or transformed from cortical cells, cruciately, decussately or tetrahedrally divided. Life history triphasic, with isomorphic gametophytes and tetrasporophytes.

<==Rhodymeniales [Lomentariaceae]
    |  i. s.: Erythrocolon podagricumSK02
    |         Erythrymenia minutaSK02
    |         Hymenocladiopsis crustigenaHSA03
    |         Sparlingia pertusaHSA03
    |--Champiaceae [Lomentarieae]HL09
    |    |--GastrocloniumS57
    |    |    |--G. clavatumPP64
    |    |    |--G. coulteri (Harvey) Kylin 1931 [=Lomentaria ovalis var. coulteri]S57
    |    |    `--G. ovatumHSA03 [=Lomentaria ovalisG64]
    |    |--LomentariaG64
    |    |    |--L. articulataG03
    |    |    |--L. hakodatensisN10
    |    |    |--L. kaliformisG64
    |    |    `--L. reflexaG64
    |    `--Champia Desvaux 1809HL09
    |         |--C. affinisMS02
    |         |--C. compressaHK90
    |         |--C. novae-zelandiaeL27
    |         |    |--C. n. var. novae-zelandiaeL27
    |         |    `--C. n. var. tumescens Laing 1902L27
    |         |--C. parvula (Agardh) Harvey 1853 [=Chondria parvula Agardh 1824]HL09
    |         `--C. stipitata Huisman 2000HS14
    `--Rhodymeniaceae [Hymenocladiaceae]HL09
         |--Faucheocolax attenuata Setchell 1923S57
         |--Fryeella gardneri (Setchell) Kylin 1931 [=Fauchea gardneri, Rhodymenia gardneri]S57
         |--Rhodymeniocolax botryoidea Setchell 1923S57
         |--Gloiohymenia ornata (Montagne) Agardh 1899L27
         |--Asteromenia Huisman & Millar 1996HL09
         |--Wormskioldia sanguineaG64
         |--Cordylocladia erecta [=Gracilaria erecta]G64
         |--Gloiodermatopsis Lindauer 1949L49
         |    `--*G. setchellii Lindauer 1949L49
         |--Ceratodictyon Zanardini 1878HL09
         |    |--C. intricatum (Agardh) Norris 1987HS14
         |    |--C. scoparium (Montagne & Millardet) Norris 1987HS14
         |    `--C. spongiosum Zanardini 1878HL09
         |--Coelothrix Børgesen 1920HL09
         |    `--C. irregularis (Harvey) Børgesen 1920 [=Cordylocladia irregularis Harvey 1853]HL09
         |--Gelidiopsis Schmitz 1895HL09
         |    `--G. intricata (Agardh) Vickers 1905 [=Sphaerococcus intricatus Agardh 1822]HL09
         |--Chamaebotrys Huisman 1996HL09
         |    |--C. boergesenii (Wber-van Bosse) Huisman 1996 [=Coelarthrum boergesenii Weber-van Bosse 1928]HL09
         |    `--C. lomentariaeD03
         |    |--H. chondricolaHSA03
         |    |--H. lanceolata Agardh 1870L27
         |    `--H. polymorpha (Harvey) Agardh 1870 [=Rhodymenia polymorpha Harvey 1860]L27
         |    |--E. acuta Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
         |    |--E. obtusa (Greville) Kützing 1849L27
         |    `--E. wilsonis Sonder 1853L27
         |    |--C. asperata (Hooker & Harvey) Cotton 1909 [=Callophyllis asperata; incl. Ch. apiculifera Agardh 1876]L27
         |    |--C. polydactyla Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
         |    `--C. saccata Agardh 1899L27
         |    |--C. clavellosa [=Chrysymenia clavellosa]G64
         |    |--C. rosea [=Chrysymenia rosea]G64
         |    |--C. secunda Hooker & Harvey 1855l27
         |    |--C. umbellata Hooker & Harvey 1855 [=Lomentaria umbellata]L27
         |    `--C. uncinataL27
         |    |--B. leptopoda (Agardh) Kylin 1931HS14
         |    |--B. neushuliiN10
         |    |--B. pseudodichotoma (Farlow) Kylin 1931 [=Chrysmenia pseudodichotoma]S57
         |    |--B. sonderiG05
         |    `--B. uvaroidesLA03
         |    |--F. coronata (Harvey) Agardh 1876 [=Callophyllis coronata Harvey 1859]L27
         |    |--F. fryeana Setchell 1912S57
         |    |--F. hoshawsiiN10
         |    |--F. laciniata Agardh 1884S57
         |    `--F. repensHSA03
         `--Coelarthrum opuntia (Endlicher) Børgesen 1937HS14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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