Rhopalum (Rhopalum)

Female Rhopalum clavipes, copyright Jeremy Early.

Belongs within: Crabronini.

The type subgenus of the genus Rhopalum is a widespread group of wasps characterised having the first gastral segment usually apically nodose, and a dull pygidial plate in the female (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Elongate form, head and thorax shining; eyes bare, inner orbits convergent below; scapal basin ecarinate dorsally; orbital foveae indistinct; occipital carina not forming a complete circle, separated from hypostomal carina; male antenna with 13 articles; scape ecarinate; palpal formula 5-3; mandible apically bidentate, externoventral margin entire, inner margin edentate; pronotal collar ecarinate anteriorly; axillae, scutellum and metanotum simple; propodeum finely sculptured; midtibia with an apical spur; basal segment of gaster usually nodose apically; male genitalia with gonobase U-shaped in dorsal view; pygidial plate of female dull, punctate.

<==Rhopalum Stephens 1829 (Rhopalum)C85
|--R. (R.) clavipes (Linnaeus 1758)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
| |--R. c. clavipesBM76
| `--R. c. jessonicum (Bischoff 1922) [=Crabro jessonicus]BM76
|--R. (R.) angulicolle Cameron 1904BM76
|--R. (R.) antillarum Leclercq 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) austriacum (Kohl 1899) [=Crabro austriacus]BM76
|--R. (R.) avexum Leclercq 1963BM76
|--R. (R.) beaumonti Móczár 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) calixtum Leclercq 1957C85
|--R. (R.) calverti (Pate 1947) [=Euplilis calverti]BM76
|--R. (R.) claviventre (Cresson 1865) [=Crabro claviventris]BM76
|--R. (R.) decavum Leclercq 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) dineurum Leclercq 1957C85
|--R. (R.) diopura (Pate 1947) [=Euplilis diopura]BM76
|--R. (R.) domesticum Williams 1928BM76
|--R. (R.) ebetsuense Tsuneki 1952BM76
|--R. (R.) eucalypti Turner 1915C85
|--R. (R.) gracile Wesmael 1852 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--R. (R.) grahami Leclercq 1957C85
|--R. (R.) grenadinum (Pate 1947) [=Euplilis grenadinus]BM76
|--R. (R.) hakodatense Tsuneki 1960BM76
|--R. (R.) kedahense Leclercq 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) macrocephalum Turner 1915C85
|--R. (R.) minusculum Leclercq 1963BM76
|--R. (R.) mushaense Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--R. (R.) nicaraguense Cameron 1904 [incl. R. opacum Rohwer 1914]BM76
|--R. (R.) oriolum Leclercq 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) parcimonium Leclercq 1963BM76
|--R. (R.) plaumanni Leclerq 1970BM76
|--R. (R.) potosium Leclercq 1970BM76
|--R. (R.) prisonium Leclercq 1970BM76
|--R. (R.) quitense (Benoist 1942) [=Crabro quitensis]BM76
|--R. (R.) rotolum Leclercq 1970BM76
|--R. (R.) succineicollarum Tsuneki 1952BM76
| |--R. s. succineicollarumBM76
| `--R. s. taiwanum Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--R. (R.) sumatrae Leclercq 1950BM76
|--R. (R.) tayalum Tsuneki 1966BM76
|--R. (R.) tenuiventre (Turner 1908) [=Crabro (R.) tenuiventris]C85
|--R. (R.) tepicum Leclercq 1957C85
|--R. (R.) testaceum Turner 1917C85
|--R. (R.) tongyali Tsuneki 1963BM76
|--R. (R.) transiens (Turner 1908) [=Crabro (R.) transiens]C85
|--R. (R.) tristani (Pate 1947) [=Euplilis tristani]BM76
|--R. (R.) tsunekiense Leclercq 1957BM76
|--R. (R.) tuberculicorne Turner 1917C85
|--R. (R.) venustum Tsuneki 1955BM76
|--R. (R.) verutum (Rayment 1932) [=Dasyproctus verutus]C85
`--R. (R.) yercaudi Leclercq 1963BM76

Rhopalum (Rhopalum) clavipes (Linnaeus 1758)BM76 [=Sphex clavipesBM76; incl. Crabro rufiventris Panzer 1799BM76, *Euplilis rufiventrisBM76, *Physoscelus rufiventrisBM76, *Rhopalum rufiventreC85]

Rhopalum (Rhopalum) gracile Wesmael 1852 [incl. Crabro kiesenwetteri Morawitz 1866, R. nigrinum Kiesenwetter 1849 non Crabro nigrinus Herrich-Schaeffer 1841, Corynopus simplicipes Morawitz 1888]BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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