Ringicula auriculata, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.
Contains: Doridina, Aeolidacea, Dendronotina, Arminina.

The Ringipleura are a clade of marine molluscs supported by molecular data including the nudibranch sea slugs and related taxa. The basal Ringiculidae retain an external shell whereas members of the clade Nudipleura are shell-less. Ringiculid shells are solid and moderately high-spired with heavy spiral sculpture, a thick outer lip and strong folds on the columella. Within the Nudipleura, the Pleurobranchoidea have the external gill located on the right side of the body whereas that of the Nudibranchia is located dorsally. The Cladobranchia are a clade of Nudibranchia characterised by a more or less branched digestive gland.

    |--Ringiculidae [Ringiculacea, Ringiculida, Ringiculimorpha, Ringiculoidea]BR17
    |    |--Cinulia Gray 1840TTE93, BS00
    |    |    |--C. globulosaTTE93
    |    |    `--C. pusilla Whiteaves 1884BS00
    |    |--Ringinella albensis (Orbigny 1842)TTE93
    |    |--Avellana d’Orbigny 1843 [Avellaninae]BR05
    |    |    |--*A. (Avellana) avellana (Brongniart 1822) [=Cassis avellana]BR17
    |    |    |--A. (Eriptychia Meek 1876)KB01
    |    |    |    |--A. (*E.) decurata (Sowerby 1835) [=Auricula decurata]KB01
    |    |    |    |--A. (E.) chilensis Orbigny 1846 [=Cinulia chilensis]BS00
    |    |    |    |--‘Eriptycha’ punamutica Wilckens 1922 [=Biplica punamutica]S98
    |    |    |    `--‘Eriptycha’ ringens (Orbigny 1842)TTE93
    |    |    `--A. (Oligoptycha Meek 1876)BS00
    |    |         |--A. (O.) americanaBS00
    |    |         `--A. (O.) corrugata Sohl 1963BS00
    |    `--Ringicula Deshayes 1838BR05 [incl. Ringiculopsis Chavan 1947KB01; Ringiculinae]
    |         |--*R. auriculata (Ménard de la Groye 1811) [=Marginella auriculata]BR17
    |         |--R. abundanta Kiel & Bandel 2001KB01
    |         |--R. abyssicola Brazier 1877H09
    |         |--R. arctata Gould 1860H09
    |         |--R. assularum Watson 1883H09
    |         |--R. caron Hinds 1844H09
    |         |--R. clarki Gardner 1916KBP02
    |         |--R. coronai Kiel, Bandel & Perrilliat 2002KBP02
    |         |--R. delecta Murdoch & Suter 1906P61
    |         |--R. lactea [incl. Pyramidella sulcata Johnston 1880 non Adams 1855]F27
    |         |--R. larteti Chavan 1947 [=R. (*Ringiculopsis) larteti]KB01
    |         |--R. multidenta Kiel & Bandel 2001KB01
    |         |--R. pulchella Shumard 1861KB01
    |         |--R. pusilla Watson 1883H09
    |         |--R. ringens (Lamarck 1804) [=Auricula ringens]KB01
    |         |--R. torquata Marwick 1926F27
    |         |--R. uniplicataF27
    |         `--R. yochelsoni Sohl 1964KB01
         |--Nudibranchia (see below for synonymy)BR05
         |    |  i. s.: TrapaniaHS01
         |    |           |--T. fuscaPP64
         |    |           `--T. rudmaniHS01
         |    |         Angasiella edwardsiBRW98
         |    |         Peplidia Lowe 1842L42
         |    |           `--*P. maderae Lowe 1842L42
         |    |--DoridinaBR05
         |    `--Cladobranchia (see below for synonymy)BR17
         |         |  i. s.: Goniaeolis Sars 1861 [Goniaeolididae]BR05
         |         |           `--*G. typica Sars 1861BR17
         |         |         Hero Lovén 1855BR05, BR17 [Heroacea, Heroidae, Heroinae]
         |         |           `--*H. formosa (Lovén 1844) [=Cloelia formosa]BR17
         |         |         Bonisa nakaza Gosliner 1981KM17
         |         |         Doridoxa Bergh 1899BR05 [Doridoxida, Doridoxidae, DoridoxoideaBR17, Pseudoeuctenidiacea]
         |         |           `--*D. ingolfiana Bergh 1899BR17
         |         |         Laniogerus blainvilliiG20
         |         |--AeolidaceaBR05
         |         |--DendronotinaH01
         |         `--ArmininaH01
         `--Pleurobranchoidea [Pleurobranchida, Pleurobranchomorpha, Subaplysiacea]BR17
              |--Quijote Ortea, Moro & Bacallado 2016 [Quijotidae]BR17
              |    `--*Q. cervantesi Ortea, Moro & Bacallado 2016BR17
              |--Pleurobranchaea Leue 1813 [Pleurobranchaeidae, Pleurobranchaeinae]BR17
              |    |--*P. meckeli (Blainville 1825) [=Pleurobranchidium meckeli]BR17
              |    |--P. californica (MacFarland 1966)RD77
              |    |--P. maculata (Quoy & Gaimard 1832)P61
              |    |--P. novaezelandiae Cheeseman 1878P61
              |    |    |--P. n. novaezelandiaeP61
              |    |    `--P. n. granulosa Berg 1900P61
              |    `--P. tardaB26
              `--Pleurobranchidae [Pleurobranchinae]BR05
                   |--Berthellina citrina (Rüppell & Leuckart 1828)BW09
                   |--Bathyberthella Willan 1983 [Bathyberthellini]BR05
                   |    `--*B. zelandiae Willan 1983BR17
                   |--Berthella Blainville 1824 [Berthellinae, Berthellini]BR05
                   |    `--*B. plumula (Montagu 1803) [=Bulla plumula]BR17
                   |--Bouvieria Vayssiere 1896P61
                   |    |--*B. aurantiaca (Risso 1818) [=Pleurobranchus aurantiacus]P61
                   |    `--B. ornata (Cheeseman 1878)P61
                   `--Pleurobranchus Cuvier 1804 [Pleurobrancheae, Pleurobranchini]BR05
                        |--*P. peronii Cuvier 1804BR17
                        |--P. areolatus (Mörch 1863)PP78
                        |--P. californicus Dall 1900O27
                        |--P. delicatus Pease 1861K65
                        |--P. forskalii (Ruppell & Leuckart 1828)BW09
                        |--P. hilliBRW98
                        |--P. marginatus Pease 1860K65
                        |--P. pellucidus Pease 1860K65
                        |--P. reticulatus Pease 1860K65
                        |--P. rufus Pease 1860K65
                        `--P. varians Pease 1860K65

Cladobranchia [Abranchia, Actenidiacea, Archidexia, Cerabranchia, Ceratobranchia, Ceratonota, Cladohepatica, Dexiarchia, Dexioprocta, Exotenobranchia, Heterohepatica, Inferobranchia, Inferobranchiata, Leptognatha, Papillifera, Polybranchia]BR05

Nudibranchia [Bifaribranchiata, Gnathodoridacea, Gnathodoridoidea, Gymnobranchia, Gymnobranchiata, Hypobranchia, Hypobranchiata, Nudibranchi, Superobranchiata, Tergibranchiata, Tergobranchiata]BR05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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