Rissoina bruguieri, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Rissooidea.

Rissoina is a cosmopolitan genus of small, high-spired marine gastropods in which the aperture of the last whorl extends distinctly beyond the curve of the spire. Ornamentation of the shell varies between species from clathrate to smooth.

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell rissoiform, ribbed or cancellated, whorls numerous, apex mamillated; aperture semilunar, lip thickened within, a little reflected, anteriorly effuse or faintly channeled. Operculum corneous, thick, semilunar, paucispiral, with claviform process on internal face.

<==Rissoina d’Orbigny 1841BR17
|--*R. inca d’Orbigny 1841BR17
|--R. achatina Odhner 1924P61
|--R. achatinoides Powell 1937P61
|--R. anguina Finlay 1927P61
|--R. aupouria Powell 1937P61
|--R. bakeri Bartsch 1902O27
|--R. bertholleti (Issel 1869)BD86
|--R. bruguieriPP64
|--R. californica Bartsch 1915O27
|--R. cancellataWE63
|--R. cardinalis Brazier 1877H09
|--R. catesbyanaO27
|--R. chathamensis (Hutton 1873)P61
|--R. chesnelii (Michaud 1830)S11
|--R. clandestinaC64
|--R. clathrata Adams 1853H09
|--R. cleo Bartsch 1915O27
|--R. coronadoensis Bartsch 1915O27
|--R. crassa Angas 1871H09
|--R. curtisi Smith 1881H09
|--R. dalli Bartsch 1915O27
|--R. dorbigniM54
|--R. dyscrita Faber 1990BC01
|--R. efficata Brazier 1877H09
|--R. elegantula Angas 1880H09
|--R. evanida (Laseron 1956)JG19
|--R. exasperata Souverbie 1866H09
|--R. expansaC64
|--R. fasciata Adams 1853H09
|--R. fictor Finlay 1930P61
|--R. firmata [incl. R. scalariformis]C64
|--R. fortisC64
|--R. fucosa Finlay 1930P61
|--R. gertrudis Tenison Woods 1876TW76
|--R. gigantea Deshayes 1848WBS-S15
|--R. hanleyi Schwartz 1860F27
|--R. honoluluensis Watson 1886 [incl. Austrosina quinita Laseron 1956]JG19
|--R. imbricata Gould 1861WBS-S15
|--R. inconspicua Brazier 1877H09
|--R. inermis Brazier 1877H09
|--R. infrequensC64
|--R. interfossa Carpenter 1864C64
|--R. isolata (Laseron 1956) [=Costalynia isolata]JG19
|--R. janusC64
|--R. kelseyi Dall & Bartsch 1902O27
|--R. kershawi Tennison Woods 1877P79
|--R. larochei Finlay 1930P61
|--R. manawatawhia Powell 1937P61
|--R. montrouzieri Souverbie 1862H09
|--R. newcombei Dall 1897O27
|--R. niveaTW76
|--R. nodicincta Adams 1853H09
|--R. obeliscus Schwartz 1860H09
|--R. onobiformis Rolán & Luque 2000BC01
|--R. powelli Finlay 1930P61
|--R. pulchella Brazier 1877H09
|--R. reticulata (Sowerby 1834) [=Rissoa reticulata]H09
|--R. rufolactea Suter 1908P61
|--R. scalarina Adams 1853H09
|--R. scolopax Souverbie 1877H09
|--R. semiplicata Pease 1863K65
|--R. spirata (Sowerby 1834) [=Rissoa spirata]H09
|--R. strictaC64
|--R. suprasculpta Tennison Woods 1877P79
|--R. teres Brazier 1877H09
|--R. thaumasia Melvill & Standen 1898H09
|--R. triangularis Watson 1886H09
|--R. triticea Pease 1861 [=R. (Schwartziella) triticea]K65
|--R. turricula Pease 1861 [incl. R. cernica, R. ceylonica]K65
|--R. woodwardiiC64
`--R. zonata Suter 1909P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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